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     Coco x Bo Litter Born November 24, 2011...

                       Bo x Coco's Puppy...


Photo of "Izzy" female puppy from Coco x Bo.  Photo taken 1/12/12 @ 7 wks old.

Izzy was sold to Leane & Greg in Missouri !!!


Coco gave birth on Thanksgiving night to one BIG female pup.  We were sure expecting more, but nonetheless we have one beautiful female weighed in at 1 pound and 3.2 oz.  Mom and baby are doing great!  Deposits will be rolled over to the next litter...

The Following Puppies Are Being Reserved With Deposits...

1st pick female reserved with deposit for Greg & Leane C in Missouri !!!

2nd pick female reserved with deposit for Ben O in Louisiana !!!

Roll over deposit to 1st pick female Ulta x Bo's next litter in 2012.

1st pick male reserved with deposit for Linda K in Colorado !!!

Roll over deposit to 1st pick male Coco x Bo's next litter in 2012.

2nd pick male reserved with deposit for Caleb & Crystal B in St. Joseph, MO !!!

Roll over to 1st pick male from Ulta x Bo's next litter in 2012.


  You Won't Find This Quality at These Prices Anywhere Else !!!

   Germany's Finest Imported World Sought After Bloodlines !!!

            Temperament, Health our #1 Priority, Beauty...an added bonus.

                            ~~Upcoming Litter Due 11/22/11~~

                                  Deposits being accepted...

               Ready to go the first week of January 2012 at 8 weeks old.

                Big, Gorgeous, Black and Red German Shepherd Puppies!!!

           The Finest in Home Security...Dependable, Loving, Loyalty for Life.

                               Price:  $1800 each, plus shipping.

                            Deposit of $300 is required to reserve.

                   We will NOT hold/reserve any puppy without a deposit.

     Full AKC registration on select puppies at additional cost per our discretion.

            ~~ These puppies are from CHAMPION TITLED Parents ~~

                            ~100% West German Show Lines~

                    To see photos of Coco x Bo's last litter click here

           NO American lines~NO working lines~NO mixing show and working lines!

Note:  Don't be fooled by other "breeders" who sell puppies at "cheaper" prices, and claim "champion bloodlines."  While this may be true, the "champions" are usually 3-4 generations back.  Usually they are "breeding" working lines "mixed" with show lines, or American lines mixed with German bloodlines.  Our puppies that we sell are 100% West German Show Lines and are from a V-1 Champion titled sire.  Our puppies are hand raised on a full time basis to ensure you are getting a well structured German Shepherd of sound mind and body.  After all, we are not selling you "just a dog," we are selling you a family member. 

As the old saying goes..."You get what you pay for."

Expect to pay $2500-$3500 and up elsewhere for the Quality we are selling at only $1800 each.  These pups are pure 100% West German Show Lines of Top World Class GERMAN bloodlines~Simply the Best at a more affordable price.

Elite puppies produced.  Beautiful noble appearance, very intelligent, eager to please.  Focused and attentive to your needs.  Our pups possess impeccable temperaments with correct social behavior.  Extremely intelligent, easily trained, a loyal family companion for life. 

Our pups are hand raised, fed a holistic diet, vet examined, and sold w/vet health certificate in buyer's name.  AKC registered, micro-chipped for permanent identification, current on all vaccinations and de-wormed. Started in crate training/house-breaking.  Absolutely gorgeous top notch puppies!

                           Serious Buyers ONLY need to reply!

                      This page was last updated on:  02/04/12.


           V-1 International Champion Titled "Bosse vom Century" (Bo)

  V-1 International and National Champion Titled Bosse vom Century (Bo)


About Bo...Bo is the ambassador of his breed.  This "dog" doesn't think he's a dog he thinks he's human.  He represents the true meaning of what a "German Shepherd" should be, loving, loyal, confident and completely trust-worthy.  The mould was truly broken when he was made, there is no other dog like him, nor will there ever be one like Bo !!!

Often we have small children that come with their parents to pick up their puppies.  Small children do not know any better, and they will tug at Bo's ears, pull them, poke him, try to ride him, and Bo never bats an eye!  The children's parents are amazed by this.  Bo knows that kids are being "kids."  Our dogs are kid tested and parents approved.  Talk about SUPERB temperament!!! Bo is "bomb-proof" he fears nothing, and is a very confident mature dog. He is very respectful and well behaved.

Bo is a V-1 rated Champion dog, with International Champion titles. 

They don't come any nicer than this!!!  To sum this dog up in one word...AMAZING.  Bo has an outstanding GERMAN pedigree that consist of TOP World Class German bloodlines!  He is an extremely very nice large black and RED male that produces AWESOME pups, he's a proven producer.  Bo can easily be certified as a K-9 therapy dog as he is gentle around every-one, extra gentle around the elderly and young toddlers.  He loves everyone, he has a Impeccable temperament, yet protective over his family and property.  He is EXTREMELY intelligent! 

Bo's pups are highly sought after with superb temperaments, well balanced drives, easily trained, confident, very attentive and focused pups. 

Bo produces pups that are beautiful deep red and black with beautiful pitch black saddles with beautiful conformation.

Bo is a perfect example of what a "true" German Shepherd should be, Loving, Loyal and Protective.  He has a temperament to die for.  He is a dog of very fine structure and caliber, dog's such as Bo are few and far between.  This dog truly amazes me!  He's so patient, extremely intelligent, very gentle, he's the real deal!!!  His puppies are truly top notch just like Bo.

Bo's sire is "Bosse vom Whirling Thunder."  Bo is a grand-son to VA-1 UNIVERSAL SIEGER TRIUMPHS GUCCI, Schutzhund III.  You can view Bo's photos, pedigree, titles by going to "our dogs" link and click on Bo's name. 

Bo is OFA hip/elbows certified good.  He is also OFA DM clear.



This is Bo's International Champion Title.  He is a V-1 rated Champion and placed 2nd in the International All Breed Canine Associate (IABCA) He also qualified for the UCICB.



             SG-1 Mademoiselle von Selten Ruhe  (Coco)

Coco is a SG-1 Champion female with International and National Champion Titles!

Photo taken of Coco on 10/08/11.

Coco is a BIG GORGEOUS girl that produces Big boned BEAUTIFUL Awesome Pups!

Coco is a SG-1 Champion female, with International and National Champion titles! 

She has a phenomenal GERMAN pedigree FULL of VA dogs with Schutzhund titles.  Germany's finest imported world sought after bloodlines.  Her German pedigree consist of world famous dogs such as Farbenspiel, Arlett, and Arminius just to name a few.

Coco has a to die for temperament, amazing play drive, she's the real deal, the Ultimate German Shepherd!  Coco has very nice bone structure and beautiful expression and conformation!  She's a nice larger female with nice head and nice bone.  She is a power house of a dog!!!  VERY athletic!  What a mover she is!!!  

Coco is OFA hips/elbows.  For more info on Coco, go to "Our Dogs" link and click on "Coco's" name.

Coco produces the most awesomest puppies you have ever seen!  Big, gorgeous black and red pups, temperaments to die for, expressive, confident, out going personalities, well socialized, you couldn't ask for a better dog.  She produces nice big boned pups, Coco is a nice larger female with nice large blocky head she has a masculine build for a female, she is fabulous and so are her puppies!  All of our pups are hand raised.

For more info on the parents of these pups view "Our Dogs" link and click on the name under each dog's photo, it will take you to their page.



Coco placed #1 and received "Best of Breed" in the IABCA in all 4 shows!!!!



  Coco's International AND National Champion Titles, see full view on Coco's page.


      This is "Gunner" a BEAUTIFUL 10 mos old male pup sired by Bo !!!


This is a male puppy from Coco x Bo's December 2010 litter.  Gorgeous!!!


Male puppy from Coco x Bo's December 2010 litter.


A young male pup from Coco x Bo's previous litter.


This is a young male pup from Coco x Bo's litter.  Big, Gorgeous Pup!!!


Bo in motion....


Coco pregnant, due Nov 22, 2011.  Photo taken 10/08/11.

Coco pregnant, due November 22, 2011.  Photo taken 10/08/11.

Coco guarding the pumpkins.  :)  Photo taken 10/08/11.

Coco LOVES tug.  Photo taken 10/08/11.

Coco photo taken 10/08/11

Coco and her ball !!!

Coco in the lead (and Bo) chasing the ball.

Coco in the lead, and Bo right behind, chasing TWO balls (red and silver balls to the left)

Coco May 2011.

Coco after her ball.

A gorgeous male pup from Coco x Bo's December 2010 litter at 5 mos old.

Beautiful pups from Coco x Bo's litter.  "Lucy" (L) "Jaxx" (middle) and "Minos" (R)

They now reside in NY.  Lucy and Minos was from Coco x Bo's June 2010 litter and Jaxx was from December 2010 litter.

This is "Bogey" a male pup from Coco x Bo's December 2009 litter.  Bogey now resides in California.

You can see more puppy photos from past customers by going to the "gallery" link.



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