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                 SG-1 Mademoiselle von Selten Ruhe  (Coco)

Coco has been retired from breeding and now lives in Springfield, MO.  We miss you Coco but know you are in a wonderful home !!!

International & National Champion Titled !!!

Coco came in #1 Best of Breed !!!

Scroll down this page to see Coco's titles...

Coco is a SG-1 rated female with International and National Champion Titles! 

This is "Coco's" page.  She is a BIG gorgeous black/red female.  Coco is an awesome dog with great structure and pigmentation.  Solid nerves, outstanding temperament.  Outstanding play drive.  Her German pedigree is filled with many VA rated dogs with Schutzhund titles.

Coco entered the 2008 Sooner Sieger Show in Oklahoma City, OK.  She received high marks from the Judges. (see below)

Per her previous owner "she exceeded my expectations in the show ring this year."  Her titles:  National & International CHAMPION titles.  (see below)

Hips and Elbows Pre lims from OFA "good."  (see below)

Coco has tremendous ball drive!  She also LOVES the tug, she LOVES to play. 

She is VERY fast on her feet.  Coco is a POWER-HOUSE of a dog, she has the strength of a male dog.  She will chase the ball all day long if you let her.  She can turn it off too, and be the best laid back dog.  Very loving, social, and what a dog she is, we couldn't be prouder of her and the pups she's produced!

Update:  12/29/12...Coco is expecting a litter due 01/24/13. 

Coco produces the most awesomest puppies you have ever seen!  Big, gorgeous black and red pups, temperaments to die for, expressive, confident, out going personalities, well socialized, you couldn't ask for a better dog.  She produces nice big boned pups, blocky heads.  Coco is a nice larger female with nice large blocky head she has a masculine build for a female, she is fabulous and so are her puppies!  All of our pups are hand raised.

Coco photo taken 10/08/11.

Coco photo taken 10/08/11

Coco pregnant, due Nov 22, 2011.  Photo taken 10/08/11.

Coco pregnant, due November 22, 2011.  Photo taken 10/08/11.

Coco head shot, photo taken 10/08/11.

Coco photo taken 10/08/11.

Coco with her tug, she has intense tug and ball drive, she excels in Schutzhund!!!



                                            Coco's head shot


Coco, photo taken 5/18/11.

Coco, photo taken 5/18/11.

Coco, photo taken 5/18/11.

Coco, photo taken 5/18/11.


Coco off the ground for HER ball.  Photo taken 5/18/11.

Coco, photo taken 5/18/11.

Coco x Bo running after 2 (TWO) balls (left, silver and red balls) Photo taken 5/18/11.


Coco photo taken 10/31/09

Coco photo taken 10/31/09

Coco fall 2009

"Coco" photo taken 11/21/09

Coco photo taken 11/21/09

Coco says "Merry Christmas"   one of santa's helpers  :)  11/21/09


                             Above is a copy of Coco's pedigree

Coco's National Champion Title

Coco's International Title

Coco International Best of Breed



These are just some of "Coco's" reports from the Judges. 

Comments were... "correct structure", "nicely formed", "alert", "expressive", "good development", "well assembled", "proper carriage", "nice motion", "well angulated", "nice bone", "nice full chest", "very typey bitch", "very nice breed quality", "nice eye color", "good rear", "nice topline", "correct firm topline", "strong straight good bone", "covers ground effortlessly", "shows very good promise."

Coco's OFA certification Prelim Report...good hips, normal elbows.


Dabsi von Bellus (Coco's mother) IPO 1 Hips & Elbows A Stamped.

UFO vom Farbenspiel (Coco's father) SchH3/KKL1 Hips A Stamp2/Elbows normal.


                              Ufo's head shot (Coco's dad)












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