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Introducing... V-1 Bosse Vom Century (Bo)

Bo has been retired from breeding and placed in a wonderful home in Tennessee, he is enjoying his retirement years there.  He's the one and only dog in the family has acres fenced for his pleasure and a pool !!!  We miss Bo terribly as he was the BEST dog ever but knowing he's in a loving home that's what matters to us...


              V-1 Champion Titled Bosse vom Century


                       V-1 Champion Bosse vom Century

              V-1 Champion "Bosse vom Century"

This is V-1 Champion "Bosse vom Century" (BO)

Bo is a V-1 rated Champion, with National and International Titles!

Bo is a large Black and RED male.  Bo has a IMPECCABLE temperament, he has one of the sweetest personalities who loves everyone, especially good with small children.  His temperament is A-1 top notch.  There is no other dog in this world like Bo.  

He is the perfect example of what a "true" German Shepherd should be, loyal, loving and protective.  His temperament is to die for, he's gentle, patient, extremely intelligent, he truly amazes me!  He's the Ultimate German Shepherd, he can lay with a new born baby and chase down the bad guy, that's how sound this dog is.  I trust Bo with my life because I know he will protect mine with his.

Bo has an outstanding German pedigree, Bo's father is "Bosse vom Whirling Thunder."  Bo is a grand-son to VA-1 Universal Sieger TRIUMPHS GUCCI, Schutzhund III, IP3, BHP3.

Bo is OFA hips certified "good" and OFA elbows "normal."

Bo has competed in many shows and entered the 2008 Sooner Sieger show last fall.  The Judges gave Bo very high remarks such as..."strong male specimen," "good pigmentation," "nice bone," "well angulated,"  "very nice breed quality."  You can view the Judges reports below this page.

Bo came in 2nd in the International All Breed Canine Association (IABCA) he qualified for the UCICB as well.

Bo is a proven producer and produces outstanding puppies! 

We are thrilled to have Bo in our family. He is just that, part of the family!!!!

The mould was broken when he was made because this dog is one in a million!!!!!!

Bo chasing his ball, photo taken 5/18/11.

Bo at play, chasing his beloved ball.  Photo taken 5/18/11.

Bo after the ball.

Bo with his paw on HIS ball.  Photo taken 5/18/11.

Bo jumping for HIS ball.  Photo taken 5/18/11.

Bo in motion, photo taken 5/18/11.

Bo going after his ball.  Photo taken 5/18/11.

Bo--photo taken 5/18/11.

Bo running, photo taken 5/18/11.

Coco and Bo running after 2 (TWO) balls!!!  Photo taken 5/18/11.

Bo in motion, can this dog move!!!!!!!  Photo taken 3/12/11


Bo ready to get his jolly ball


got it!!!!!!!!  He will go to the end of the earth after his beloved ball!!!!  He is one powerful dog!!!!!


Bo in action, pic taken 02/13/11.


Bo after his ball, pic taken 02/13/11.


Bo running after his ball, pic taken 02/13/11.


Bo LOVES the snow!!!  Pic taken 02/13/11.


Bo, pic taken 02/13/11.


Bo on the move, pic taken 2/13/11.


Bo, pic taken 2/13/11.


Bo going after his ball.


Bo in motion, pic taken 2/13/11.







Bo focused on that ball!!!!  Pic taken 2/13/11.





Bo waiting for the ball to be thrown, Bo is ball driven!!!!  He LOVES that ball !!!!


Bo running towards Willy


Bo running fast!!!!


Bo sees his red ball in the snow!!!


Bo and his 8 week old son (Max) nose to nose.  Bo LOVES his puppies!!!!


Bo running after his ball !!!  Photo taken 2/13/11.


Willy and Bo running, 2/13/11.


Bo having a blast in the frozen snow--pic taken 2/08/11.





Bo running  2/08/11.


Bo loves the snow!!!!  Photos taken 2/08/11.


Bo having fun in the snow 2/08/11.


Bo making it up snow mountain





This was icy frozen snow, bitter cold today, 2/08/11.


Bo waiting for command


man down


Bo sees man down and he goes to his rescue


Bo arrives on the scene


Bo stays by his side, loving, loyal and true that's who Bo is!!!


Bo making it up snow mountain


Bo getting his belly rubbed--he LOVES that!!!


Bo relaxin' with his toy


Bo loves giving and getting hugs, we call this "huggy huggies"


Bo on a mission.


Bo in motion...5/08/10

Bo, photo taken 1/15/2010. 

Bo, asleep with all "his" toys around him. 

This is Bo, he is one AMAZING dog!!!  He lives in our home, and respects it fully.  He is brilliant when it comes to intelligence, listens, obeys immediately.  He has wonderful toy drive and his purpose in life is to please YOU!  He's a big boned male, with beautiful expression, very loyal, loving and most of all COMPLETELY trustworthy!  Dogs like Bo are one in a million.  His puppies are just like him!  Quality such as Bo's are a rare find. 

You must see Bo in person to appreciate a dog of this fine, fine structure and caliber.  He is truly top notch and one in a million dog.  The puppies he produces are just like him.  His puppies won't last long!   (photo taken 01/01/10)


Bo photo taken January 01, 2010


Bo photo taken 01/01/10.

Bo LOVES watching "The Dog Whisperer" Cesar Millan !!!

Bo photo taken 12/29/09

Bo LOVES his KONG !!!

Bo asleep at my feet.

Bo photo taken 10/31/09

Bo photo taken 10/31/09

Bo photo taken 10/31/09

Bo photo taken 10/31/09

Bo photo taken 10/31/09

Bo's head shot photo taken 10/31/09

Bo says "Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas!" 


Bo's pedigree

Bo's Champion title

Show 1 Judge's report

Show 2 Judge's report

Show 3 Judge's report

Show 4 Judge's report

Bo's OFA good hips/elbows

Bo's OFA certification that he is clear for (DM)










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