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Welcome to Anji Zum Alten Hof's page.

Anji's DOB:  02/10/2004

OFA Hips certified "good"

Anji is retired from breeding and was placed in a loving home with some friends of ours.  She is being a pampered princess.

Anji photo taken 01/10/12

Anji photo taken 01/10/12

Anji running

Anji tracking


Anji zum Alten Hof (Anji) photo taken 10/27/10.

Anji has an impeccable World Class German pedigree.  BOTH of Anji's parents are

"V" rated with Schutzhund titles.  Anji is a VA NEPTUN VON BAD-BOLL and VA VANDO VOM MOORBECK grand-daughter!  EVERY ancestor in Anji's pedigree has a VA or V rating with a Schutzhund title!!!  Other World Famous dogs in her

pedigree are of World Siegers such as World Sieger VA ULK VON ARLETT, and World Sieger VA JECK VOM NORICUM, World Sieger EIKO VOM KIRSCHENTAL, and World Sieger LASSO VOM NEUEN BERG.


Anji Zum Alten Hof~~photo taken 10/10/08.

Anji is a big beautiful, black/red female.  Anji has an impeccable World Class German pedigree, (see below) every generation of "VA" "V" rated dogs with Schutzhund titles.  Many World Famous dogs, and World Siegers in her pedigree. 

Anji has one of the best temperaments in the world.  She produces OUTSTANDING puppies.  The puppies Anji had in her last litter were stunning blk/red pups, beautiful conformation, extremely intelligent, training was a breeze! 

We kept 2 of those pups, Olivia and Jetta.  Anji's puppies display superb temperaments.  Awesome litter indeed!  Anji is everthing I could ever want in a German Shepherd.  She exceeds my expectations.


Anji~~photo taken 10/10/08

Anji photo taken 10/10/08.


                    ANJI ZUM ALTEN HOF

Anji is a beautiful black/red female.  We purchased Anji on 4/11/07.  Anji is obedience trained and has a great desire to please. Anji has produced several litters for us, absolutely top Quality puppies. 

Anji has an outstanding World Class German pedigree, she is a "Neptun von Bad Boll" and "Vando vom Moorbeck" granddaughter. Anji is from "V" rated and Schutzhund titled parents.  Every ancestor of Anji's is either "VA" or "V" rated and Schutzhund titled!  Outstanding German pedigree of World Class German bloodlines! (see "pedigree" link)  Anji's pedigree speaks for itself.

Anji is very nice big boned female, nice big head.  She produces nice large puppies, with beautiful color.  Anji has excellent bone and head. She weighs 90 pounds, she is extremely nice large STRONG girl, with beautiful color.  Anji has an outstanding temperament.  She has nice drive, loves to track, what a nose on this girl.  One of her daughter's (Olivia) is a drug detection dog, I see why!

You can visit the "gallery" page where you will find many photos of Anji's puppies.

Anji was pick of the litter female of 5 in Floh and Indo's litter.  Anji was one of the best pups of Floh's litters.  Anji's littermates have gone on to do great things such as, one of Anji's sisters is a bomb detection dog in NY and was certified at a very young age.  Another one is working at a Schutzhund club in FL, and another in Chicago.  One of Anji's brothers is a handicapped assistant/therapy dog in the Chicago area. 

Anji Zum Alten Hof                          

Anji in my office--11/13/07--She is GORGEOUS!


Anji in our living room                       11/13/07


Anji at the lake                                   10/12/07


Anji                                                    10/12/07


V Indo Vom Geesthugel, Schutzhund III 

(Anji's dad)

V Floh Brebe Am See, Schutzhund II, KKl1a 

(Anji's mom)


Below is Anji's Top World Class German pedigree


Floh Brebe Am See          (Anji's mom)


Floh Brebe Am See (head shot)

Anji at 5 wks old, taken 3/14/04


V Indo vom Geesthügel
VA9 Vando vom Moorbeck
VA1 Ulk von Arlett
HD-SV: HD a-Ausland (a6)
V Merri vom Hirschel

V Ora vom Simonhof
HD-fast normal

(no photo available of "Ora")

V2 Ulf von Basilisk
HD-SV: HD a-Ausland (a6) 
V Hera aus der Hauffstraße

SCHH2, KKl1a
V Floh Brebe am See


VA8 Neptun von Bad-Boll

V2 Yassko von der Roten Matter
V26 Eibe von Bad-Boll
V Tami Brebe am See
VA7 (VA1 -IT) Quartz dei Templari
V Orle vom Kirschental


Anji comes from TOP German VA dogs!!!

VA8 Neptun von Bad-Boll, Schutzhund III

Neptun is Anji's grand-father on her mother's side.

Neptun von Bad-Boll is a multiple "VA" rated dog and is very well respected throughout the world.  He currently resides in Germany.


VA9 Vando vom Moorbeck, Schutzhund III

Vando is Anji's grand-father on her father's side.


This is Neptun's World Class German Pedigree of World Famous German Bloodlines.  Many World Siegers in his pedigree. 

Germany's finest, world sought after bloodlines.


















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