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Bella has been retired from our breeding program and has now joined Bo in their new home in Tennessee!!!

Bella x Bo are in a wonderful loving home!!!  We are so happy for them both!!!



International Champion AND UKC Champion...

Viernheimi Isabelle (Bella)

Our newest Import...


International Champion Viernheimi Isabelle (Bella)

DOB:  11/16/09  ~~ Photo taken 10/12/12

Bella joined our family on September 30, 2012.

Bella was imported from Hungary, pink import papers from the TOP West German bloodlines! Germany's Finest !!!

Bella is AKC registered, she is IABCA International Champion AND UKC Champion titled.

Bella is a proven producer, she whelped a litter January 2012, previous owner stated she was an exceptional mom, kept her babies fed and clean.

Bella is Penn Hip certified normal (hips are good)

Bella is DM clear.

Bella is a beautiful female, with deep, deep mahogany RED and black.  She has an outstanding temperament, we are very excited to add her to our breeding program.


                       Bella, photo taken 10/12/12


Bella LOVES the snow.  Here she is very much pregnant!  13 more days to go !!!

She is a beautiful black and RED girl !!!  Photo taken 01/01/13 !!!


Bella, head close up.  Photo taken 01/01/13


                 Bella in motion, photo taken 10/13/12


                    Bella running after the ball


                    Bella and Bo running--10/13/12


                        Bella with her ball--10/13/12


Bella, I LOVE her intense look she has, always alert and focused!  Photo taken 11/23/12.


Bella, she has beautiful expression, alert and focused!

Absolutely beautiful girl.  Rich Mahogany RED & black female!

Photo taken 11/23/12.


                     Bella, photo taken 10/01/12




                        Bella photo taken 10/01/12



                         Bella, photo taken 10/02/12



                       Bella on the deck, 10/01/2012



                         Bella photo taken 10/02/12



        Bella on the deck looking below at some rabbits playing 10/02/12



             Bella in motion, airborne.  Photo taken 10/03/12



                           Bella, running  10/03/12



       Bella (left) and Bo (right) running and playing-10/03/12



                      Bella (left) and Bo (right)   10/03/12



                          Bella's International Champion Title


                                       Bella's UKC Championship Title


                            Bella's pink import papers




                                 Bella's AKC Certified Pedigree



                                               Bella's pedigree


Bella's report that she is DM clear (degenerative Myelopathy)


                                    Meet Bella's parents...

Bella's dad--VA-2 Gorby Schwarzwald, Schutzhund II, KKL1



                           Bella's dad, Gorby's head-shot



                             Bella's dad, Gorby standing



                        Bella's dad, Gorby doing bite work



                Bella's dad, Gorby running 2009                Gorby sitting


Bella's mom--V Viernheimi Boszi VK1-KKL1


                             Bella's West German Pedigree


              Bella at 18 months old


          I just ADORE her BEAUTIFUL GORGEOUS face and expression !!!

Photo taken late in evening on 9/30/12 after just getting home with Bella.  :)
























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