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Ruger has been retired from our breeding program and now resides in NC.


Ruger photo taken 6/01/16.  Ruger at 103 pounds!!!  BIG head, BIG boned!!!

This is my precious boy RUGER .... I named him after my favorite gun, the Ruger Match Champion .357 magnum!  Ruger my dog is similar to my Ruger guns, he's POWERFUL, dependable, drop dead gorgeous, tough, protective and reliable !!!  He is AMAZING!!!  Ruger is thick boned, HUGE boy!  Ruger is built like his dad, Amore weighs 125 lbs, big heavy boned GORGEOUS Black and RED German Shepherd.  His mother, Heidi is nice large boned female, she is the patrol dog at the business they own.  (photo of Ruger's parents below, just scroll down)  

Ruger has a Big blocky head, deep chest.  Beautiful gait, loves the ball, has nice balanced drives.  He has beautiful rich red color, deep black saddle.  Dark pigment with a BEAUTIFUL dark mask! Thick boned beautiful boy!!!

Ruger is extremely intelligent, obedient and sooo loving and protective.  Ruger has a personality that's out of this world!!!  We adore him!!!  His temperament is to die for, loving around kids and other people.  Yet very protective of his family and his home and property.  Ruger does ANYTHING you ask of him.  His intelligence is over the top!!!  He really thinks he's human!!!

We will hopefully be breeding Ruger to Ava very soon, what GORGEOUS pups they will produce!  Ava is the daughter of our GORGEOUS imported champion dogs Ben x Bella.  We can't wait for this litter!!!

Everybody should own a "Ruger!" :)

Ruger x Ava had a litter of 8 pups on April 30, 2016.  ALL puppies were BIG Gorgeous Black & RED pups!!!  Exceptional puppies!!!  Pups were sold out before 8 weeks of age.  You can see photos of the puppies by clicking here...

Ruger has sired MANY litters and produces BIG boned, BIG blocky head, deep chest, strong straight back, drop dead GORGEOUS black and red German Shepherd puppies !!!  Extremely intelligent, awesome termperaments and personalities to die for !!!  We couldn't be prouder of the puppies Ruger sired.  When customers come to pick up their pups at 8 weeks of age they are absolutely AMAZED by Ruger, they all say "pictures do not do him justice"!  Two doctors who bought a Ruger puppy in 2018 (husband and wife) said OMG his head is so big, he looks like a lion LOL.  Ruger is very impressive.  We LOVE him and the pups he's produced !!!


Ruger--photo taken 04/08/20.  Ruger is a VERY masculine dog, with a HUGE head, Strong bone, He is a VERY well structured GSD.  Absolutely amazing intelligence, VERY loyal and protective.  DEEP chest, THICK boned.  Over 100 pounds.  He went to the vet in March for his yearly rabies and the vet was soooo impressed with him.  The vet said Ruger is a phenomenal GS, she said that most GS's over 100 pounds are fat, she said he is built !!!  Yes he is.  She also said that GS's like him are rare, I agree.  She said do you realize what you have here, I said yes I do.  He is so loving, loyal he just amazes me !!!  As I was loading him in the truck a gentleman was going in with his pet and he said to me WOW I would hate to make him mad.  Lol.  His size alone is very intimidating to ward off any potential threat.  He has that deep bark that alerts us immediately.  He is very, very obedient.  He will pee/poo on command whether on leash or off.  As I said his intelligence is absolutely AMAZING !!!  Everyone comments on how beautiful he is.  We are so proud of him !!!  His puppies in every litter were absolutely FABULOUS !!!!


Ruger photo taken 04/08/20.  Our beautiful BIG handsome boy Ruger.


Ruger photo taken 07/16/19.  He has a Massive BIG Blocky head !!!  Every one wants a pup because they all turn out like him!!!  Strong-thick big boned, Gorgeous Black and Red German Shepherds !!!


Ruger photo taken 07/16/19


Ruger photo taken 07/16/19



Ruger 07/16/19  BIG head, Big deep broad chest, nice thick strong bones, Ruger produced, BIG boned, GORGEOUS Black and Red German Shepherd Pups !!!




Here is Ruger...BIG boned, BIG head, GORGEOUS Black and Red German Shepherd.  Photo taken 01/26/19.


My GORGEOUS BIG handsome boy Ruger !!!  01/26/19.


Everyone wants a Ruger puppy and can you blame them?  Look at what he produces...Puppies are just like him, BIG blocky head, deep chest, thick big boned just look at his legs!  Strong straight back.  Nerves of steel, sound temperaments, extremely intelligent and GORGEOUS to boot, you can't get better than that!  :)   


Our BIG BEAUTIFUL BOY...Ruger  6/26/16


Ruger 6/26/16


Ruger 6/01/16


Ruger waiting for me to throw his ball...6/01/16


Ruger photo taken 04/27/16 at 103 pounds !!!



Ruger photo taken 4/28/16~~BIG blocky head, masculine male.  Gorgeous boy!!!


Ruger running off the deck photo taken 4/28/16. 


Ruger photo taken 4/28/16


Ruger photo taken 4/27/16.  He is ready to pounce for his beloved ball !!!

Ruger is an AWESOME boy, VERY protective of his family, home and property!!!


Ruger photo taken 4/27/16


Photo taken 4/27/16.  No fat, just muscle and nice BIG bone masculine male !!!


Ruger photo taken 4/27/16



Photo taken January 01, 2016 !!!


Ruger 01/01/16


Ruger 01/01/16


As you can see Ruger is a BIG boy, with thick bones, deep broad chest, huge head, overall strong masculine male !!! 01/01/16


This is Ruger I happened to take this as he was walking down off the deck :)

Photo taken 08/01/2015.



                Ruger 4/28/15


Ruger using the pumpkin as a chew toy LOL.  9/21/15


Ruger 9/21/15


Ruger photo taken 08/04/15


Ruger getting ready to fetch his ball...08/04/15


Ruger patiently waiting...08/04/15


My precious boy Ruger.  Photo taken 08/04/15


Ruger sitting photo taken 4/28/15~BIG~GORGEOUS Black/RED German Shepherd!


Ruger pic taken 4/28/15


Ruger 4/28/15


Ruger pic taken 4/28/15


Rugger 4/28/15  Big yawn :)


Ruger 4/28/15


Ruger 4/28/15


Ruger my baby!!!!!!!!


Ruger 4/28/15


A photo of Ruger's parents, Amore (dad) on top of their fence and Heidi down below.  Both parents are big boned gorgeous black/red German Shepherds!


Ruger our BIG Gorgeous Black/RED German Shepherd.  Photo taken 4/18/15.




Ruger photo taken 4/18/15


Ruger photo taken 4/18/15


Ruger photo taken 4/18/15


Ruger photo taken 4/18/15


Ruger photo taken 4/18/15



Here is Ruger, telling me to hurry up and take this picture as he has better things to do.  (he LOVES to talk)  He is sooo funny and what a personality!!!  He is such a awesome dog, he is HUGE, big boned, big head, outstanding temperament, very protective, he IS the total package.  He is loving, playful, just your best pal. 

He is a GORGEOUS GORGEOUS black and RED boy!!!  He is so intelligent its amazing!!!  We adore him!!!!  I can only imagine the gorgeous pups he will produce!!!  Photo taken 3/29/15.


Ruger is HUGE!!!!  BIG head, BIG boned, look at those paws!!!

Photo taken 3/29/15.  Look at those paws, this gives you an idea how big this gorgeous boy is !!! What a awesome dog he is.  He's got it all, beauty, brains, temperament, he is everything I could hope for in a German Shepherd !!!!

We adore him !!! 


Ruger running with his ball.  3/29/15


I'm a BIG boy !!!!  :)  Look at those paws!!!  He's a beast.  :)


Look at the size of my BIG boy!!!


My BIG handsome boy Ruger !!!  3/29/15


Meet Ava's future boyfrined..."RUGER"  Photo taken 2/27/15. 


Ruger is a BIG Boned, Black and RED GORGEOUS German Shepherd !!!  We got him last Thursday and I am so amazed by him.  His intelligence is phenomenal!!! 

I taught him to potty on command outside and he does, which is so nice during these brutal cold days/nights we been having.  He does his business on command and ready to go back inside.  :)  He has his basic obedience down, house broke, wonderful house manners.  Very obedient.  All around super super nice dog!!!

He LOVES ball and I taught him to fetch and bring it back.  He has good play drive yet laid back which I love.  I don't like hyperness or over high drive. I like a dog to be playful yet calm especially in the house.

He LOVES the snow and while I was shoveling yesterday he made sure he took the snow out of my shovel, sat on the shovel after he pawed away all the snow from it and thought the shovel was a sled so that I would pull him around all day long.  lol.  He is sooo sweet and so personable!!!  Very, Very lovable.  One encounter with Ruger and you are hooked!  Everyone comments on what a GORGEOUS BIG boy he is!!!  Our vet was just as impressed with him as we are.

When we come in from outside he offers his paws to me, so that I can wipe them down as we do not wear our shoes inside our home, so he already knows the drill, before we enter the house.  He is AMAZING! 

When you talk to him he just sits in front of you and cocks his head and listens to every word.  He LOVED his first bath which he got last Saturday and he was sooo good, never moved or shook the suds from his many shampoos he got :) he's just the perfect dog.  Its almost like he's too good to be true!  He is everything I wanted in a GSD, and has exceeded my expectations, I been looking for a long time for a partner for Ava and almost gave up, and by accident I found him or did he find me, I don't know, but whatever it was I am sure it was meant to be, we adore him! He is one loyal dog for sure!!!

He is an awesome guard dog, nothing gets past him.  He obeys on command.  His personality is superb as well as his temperament.  He was raised with a 5 month old baby on a family farm, he's use to it all.  :)

Look at the size of those feet lol.  Ava and Ruger should produce some very very nice BIG boned Black and RED German Shepherd pups!  Check back in the future for litter announcement on Ruger's future litter!


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