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SOLD~~VP Nan'Yehi vom Besten (Red)

Red is SOLD to Kim & Mike in New York !!!

For Sale: Selling to an approved loving forever inside home. VP Nan'Yehi vom Besten (Red) is for sale. She is VP show rated. Black/Red West German, Show line German Shepherd female. Recently spayed. Red is the daughter to World Sieger, VA Peik vom Holtkamper Hof Schutzhund lll. Photo taken 10/09/18.

Red is an AMAZING dog with a impeccable temperament, she is confident, loyal, trusting, loving and protective. She loves other dogs, I have owned her for 2 years the day I picked her up from the breeder, she was napping in a crate with a cat! She was on a farm with chickens and other animals.

Red is the type of dog you can do anything to, bathe her (she just got a bath last night) clip her nails, clean her ears, groom, brush, blow dry, nothing phases her, she loves it.  She tolerates anything and is sooo good natured !!! 

Her temperament is flawless !!!  She is a fun dog, she loves to play, go for walks/rides or just hang out.

Red is obedience trained, crate trained, on leash she pees and poops on command. She knows her basic commands in German or English. She is very outgoing !!! She LOVES to go for rides in the car or truck. She LOVES to swim and if there's a mud puddle around she'll find it. She is EXTREMELY, EXTREMELY intelligent, she adores my 3 yr old granddaughter, very gentle around the young and elderly. VERY VERY well behaved. She was an excellent mama to her pups. She is no longer a breeding female and was spayed.

Red is OFA hips and elbows good and DM clear. Red is also UTD on Heartgard (heartworm preventative) She is micro-chipped.  Red just turned 4 years old and weighs 73 pounds.

Red will make someone or a family the ULTIMATE companion/protector.  She is loyal to the core !!!

She MUST be picked up here at our residence as we will NOT ship her.



Red 10/09/18.


Red 10/09/18


Red 10/09/18


Red 10/09/18.

Red 10/03/18


Red 10/03/18


Red reading the signs on the gate :)  10/03/18.


Red ready to go for her morning walk.  Photo taken 10/03/18.


Red 10/03/18.


Red ready to go for a ride.  She LOVES, absolutely LOVES to go for rides and behaves extremely well.  Photo 10/03/18.

Red sitting 10/03/18.



Meet "Red" she just joined our family today Sunday, April 24, 2016 !!!  She did excellent on her 3 hour drive home, she acts like she's been here her entire life, she is sweet as can be.  Gets along wonderful with the other dogs.  Look how well behaved she is posing for a photo for the first time being here!!!  She is a very happy dog, with a superb temperament !!!  She is a gorgeous Black and RED German Shepherd.

Red is the daughter of World Sieger VA Peik vom Holtkamper Hof and the grand-daughter of World Sieger Rocco vom Mittelwest.  We are extremely excited to add this gorgeous girl to our breeding program.  Red has an outstanding pedigree of World Class West German bloodlines.

Red had a litter of 7 puppies earlier this year from the previous breeder.  Former breeder informed me that Red was a wonderful mom to her puppies.  Red will be in heat January 2017 and we will be breeding her to "Ruger".  We look forward to this litter !!!

Update:  We will be breeding "Red" sometime early 2017 !!!

Red is DM cleared, Pre-lim OFA good hips and elbows.

"Red" head shot 4/24/16


Photo of "Red" taken September 02, 2016


Photo or "Red" taken 09/02/16


Photo of "Red" standing taken 09/02/16


Beautiful head shot of "Red" photo taken 09/02/16.


My beautiful girl Red, I love her dark mask, beautiful expression.


"Red" standing photo taken 6/26/16.


"Red" running after it stopped raining here.  Photo taken 4/27/16


"Red" running like the wind after her ball.  Photo taken 4/27/16


Nan'Yehi vom Besten (Red) pedigree.  Red's dad is World Sieger/Champion VA Peik vom Holtkamper Hof SchH3 and Red's mother is Uhoo vom Mittelwest SchH2/IPO2.



Red's dad VA8 World Sieger Champion Peik vom Holtkamper Hof SchH3 Kkl1

SZ  2191689  Hip: SV: HD a-normal (a1) - Elbows: SV: ED a-normal (a1)


Red's dad, Peik vom Holtkamper Hof (head shot)


This is Red's mom, Uhoo vom Mittelwest SchH2/IPO2.  Daughter of VA1 Rocco vom Mittelwest, the 2012 Sieger Winner !!!


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