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V Pedro von der Jahnhohe, SchH3, KKl1               V Pia vom Ortskern, SchH3, KKl1

The above photos are of Calla's parents, both "V" rated and Schutzhund III titled, and hips certified.


Calla vom Krafthaus 

D.O.B. 10/04/04

Calla has been retired from breeding and she was placed in a new loving home where she will continue her therapy work.  We will miss her dearly. 

Calla, photo taken 01/14/12 right before she left for her new home.  Playing fetch in the snow.



Calla rolling around her favorite thing to do :)

Calla vom Krafthaus, photo taken 10/10/08

Calla is a beautiful Black/RED girl, she has one of best temperaments in the world!

Calla produces thee best pups you'll ever find!  She is a one in a million dog!

Calla, photo taken 10/10/08


Calla vom Krafthaus~photo taken 9/01/08


This is Calla's page, we purchased Calla on 4/25/06.  She is a gorgeous black/red girl!  Calla has been trained in German commands.  She is obedience trained, crate trained, and had Schutzhund training.  She has done therapy work at the local nursing home, since she has gained popularity by being featured in our local newspaper.  She was the star of the show and all the residents and staff loved her.  She has been asked to make another appearance real soon.  Calla is a very special & social dog, she loves people.  She loves to go for rides in the car or truck.  She is very well mannered and very obedient. 

In one word to describe Calla she is an "amazing" dog.  The ultimate German Shepherd dog, that can do anything that is asked of her.  She has the drive for the protection work, she bites hard on the sleeve.  She can put a man down fast and hard.  She loves a game of "tug" you will never win.  She is extremely intelligent, her desire and drive is to please.  She has intense ball drive, she is very focused.  Her temperament is superior, this trait is passed on to her puppies.  She is completely trustworthy and very loyal to her family.

Calla produces outstanding puppies.  She whelped 5 pups in September 2006.  The puppies she produced are the kind of pups that every customer desires, such as A-1temperaments, sound health, beautiful conformation, intelligence and color.  The "total" German Shepherd dog. 

(view Calla's pups on the "gallery" link)    

Calla's German pedigree consist of top World Class German bloodlines.  Her parents are both "V" rated and Schutzhund III titled.  Her mother is a German import and her father remains in Germany.  Calla's mother Pia, was imported to the U.S. from one of thee top breeders in Germany.  

Calla's German pedigree consist of "VA" or "V" ratings with Schutzhund titles.  Calla's parents' hips are rated "a" normal.  This is a German hip rating.  (highest rating) Every generation of Calla's pedigree has a German hip rating of "a" normal.    

Calla is a devoted, loving family dog.  She is a therapy dog, protection dog, loving, loyal companion, she is the most "versatile" dog I have ever seen!  We are very proud of Calla and love her dearly.  She is a top notch German Shepherd.  Or is she?  Some days I think she's human!

On 1/31/07 Calla and I visited a Missouri Nursing home.

This was such a treat for all of us.  Here's how our day went...

(scroll down for pics dated 1/31/07)

Calla and I do volunteer work at nursing homes--she brings much happiness to those who are bedridden and shut in, those folks welcome her with hugs and kisses, seeing Calla reminds them of days of not so long ago, when they recall fond memories of their pets.

2/07/07 Calla was featured in the newspaper! 

Calla the most versatile dog in the world...

The prettiest too!!!  Dogs like Calla are a true rareity!  She is one-of-a-kind!!!

Calla's head shot photo taken 9/08/07


She can drive a truck, and wear shades to look cool!!!

She can heal the lonely...

She can shovel snow by using her nose to push!

She can play dead

She guards our home and property with her life!

Most of all, she's the BEST dog in the world!!!

Some Fun Photos...

"Can I take your order please?"  Calla says "Yes, 6 big macs and 4 super sized fries, and a apple pie."  Calla's pregnant and eating for more than one.  (LOL)  Photo taken 3/02/08

"Quiet kids, can't you see mom's trying to park."  :)      3/2/08

Calla ready to go 03/02/08

Calla ready to go!  8/28/07

Cool Calla 8/28/07

Calla, only 3 days until whelp and she's playing ball!  9/15/07

Calla running with her ball.  9/15/07


Calla playing with her ball.  9/15/07


Calla vom Krafthaus                                           7/15/07




Calla vom Krafthaus                               4/22/07


Calla                                                    4/22/07


Calla                                                    3/18/07

Calla                                            3/18/07


Calla, a woman on a mission ; )               3/18/07

I think she could really drive this truck!


Calla getting ready for her debut at the nursing home

Calla getting a shampoo, condition, blow-dry            1/31/07


Calla getting blow-dried


Getting Calla's "good side"  ; )


Calla greeting a resident


Calla giving "kisses" to a resident


As you can see the residents LOVED Calla!!!


Calla LOVES people, she's a love-bug


Calla shaking hands with a resident




Calla making herself at home


Calla visiting residents rooms


Calla and bedridden resident


This resident said, seeing Calla made his day


Calla walking the halls, making her "rounds"


Calla NEVER puts herself on any bed, but in this case she must have

"sensed" the need.  This resident is bedridden, so Calla had to make herself

accessible to the resident.  This scene brought tears to many eyes.

This touched my heart.


Calla visiting another resident


Calla put many smiles on several faces today! 

This was a truly enjoyable experience to the residents, myself and Calla.


After a hard days work....

Calla lives inside our home, she indeed is the baby of our family.


Calla's Snow Removal Services at your service.....

2/13/07  Calla helping shovel the drive

Calla can actually help push the shovel with her nose!

She can do about anything. She is one amazing dog!

no, she says its MY shovel  ; )



Calla is rewarded for being such a good helper!


A good helper indeed!!!



Calla running through the snow on a scent of a squirrel


2/13/07  Calla sees the "squirrel"


2/13/07  Calla chasing a squirrel


2/13/07  Calla chasing a squirrel


2/13/07  Calla being called back, returning on command.

She obeys immediately.


2/13/07  Calla rolling in the snow--she LOVES snow!


2/13/07  Calla buried in the snow!


Calla having a blast in the snow!


2/13/07  Calla knee deep!


2/13/07  Calla shakin' it off


2/13/07  Yippee!!  No school!  : )


Calla    1/21/07  Calla LOVES the snow!

IT'S SNOWING!..... 1/21/07

Calla "snow angel"               1/21/07


Calla airborne

Calla searching for her buried ball




Calla is "ball crazy" here she is bringing the ball back to me.



Calla vom Krafthaus taken 7/09/06

Calla, hearing someone pull in our drive

Calla, looking all serious  7/09/06

Calla, taken 7/09/06

Calla, a beautiful blk/red girl!!!  7/09/06

Calla, being goofy--playing dead


Calla in my office looking at the computer


Calla--jumping for the ball  (5/29/06)


Calla (5/29/06)

Calla--she won't let go... (5/29/06)

Calla  (5/29/06)

Calla vom Krafthaus (fall of 2005)

Calla vom Krafthaus (4/26/06)

Calla vom Krafthaus (4/26/06)


Calla's Dad:  V Pedro von der Jahnhohe, SchH3, KKl 1


Calla's mother:  V Pia vom Ortskern, SchH3, KKl 1



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