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Welcome to SG CARYS VOM LIGHTNER Page...

We welcome Carys to our family on 12/16/18.  Pronounced (Care Us).

Carys is SG (Very good) show rated.  She is obedience trained, BH training.  Carys' German pedigree speaks for itself, generation after generation of Outstanding German bloodlines.  Carys is the daughter to the famous V KARLO VOM TEAM ARLETT in Germany.  Carys hips are A stamped normal from the SV in Germany.  Elbows normal.  Carys is DM clear.



Here are two videos of Carys' dad, KARLO VOM TEAM ARLETT in Germany.  Worth the watch he is an AMAZING dog and so is Carys, and so are her puppies they are SUPERB !!!

We welcome this Big Beautiful Black and Red German Shepherd girl (79 pounds) to our breeding program.  She has an excellent temperament, very alert, eager to please.  Very expressive, and what a personality !!!

Carys should come in heat sometime in Feb/March 2019 and we will be breeding her to Ruger when the time comes. We are VERY excited and can't wait for puppies from these two!  What GORGEOUS BIG Boned, Black and Red German Shepherd puppies they will have !!!


Carys Pedigree


Karlo vom Team Arlett (Germany) Carys dad.


Anka Haus Juris (Carys mom)


Anka Haus Juris (Carys mom)


Carys 09/04/19--Our big beautiful Black and RED German Shepherd !!!  Carys has personality out of this world.  Her intelligence is phenomenal !!!  She is loving, protective, fun, she reminds me of Ulta a dog we had many years ago, I adore this dog !!!  She is absolutely GORGEOUS, pictures do not do her justice !!! She is VERY protective and loyal to her family.  She is the total GSD !!!


Carys 09/04/19


Carys head shot 09/04/19


Carys waiting for the tug...


Carys with her tug 09/04/19


Carys up in the air to get her tug !!!  09/04/19


Carys going after the tug...09/04/19


Carys she's a power house for that tug !!!


Carys has her eye on the tug..09/04/19


Carys head shot photo taken 07/16/19.  She is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS !!!  Her puppies are just like her, beautiful, smart, personality out of this world!  We can't wait until she has another litter of phenomenal puppies again !!!


Carys sitting pretty :)  Photo taken 07/16/19.


SG Carys photo taken 03/16/19.


Carys 03/16/19.


Carys head shot 03/16/19


Carys 03/16/19


Carys snow pic 03/07/19


Carys LOVES the snow!!!  3/07/19


Carys wants to play in the snow.  3/07/19


Carys trying to break out her partner in crime...Ruger LOL.  03/07/19.  She's giving him kisses through his kennel.


Carys photo taken 12/17/18.  I LOVE her GORGEOUS face !!!!!


Carys photo taken 01/05/19  GORGEOUS deep red & black German Shepherd !!!


Carys 01/05/19


Carys running with her toy 01/05/19


Carys 01/05/19






Carys 12/17/18


Carys on alert.  12/17/18




Carys 12/17/18


Carys the greeter...


Carys sitting


Carys 12/22/18 today we were playing a game of tug...she's a BEAST !!!  LOL


Carys going after the tug on the whip.  12/22/18


Carys caught it in mid air.  12/22/18


Carys running with the tug, going so fast she's a blur lol.  12/22/18


Carys caught it :)  12/22/18


Carys now that she's got it she wants to shred it.  12/22/18.


Carys oh my gosh is she S T R O N G !!!!  She can pull a full grown man she won't let go.  12/22/18.


Carys in motion 12/22/18


My beautiful girl Carys.  12/22/18















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