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Ava is a dog from Imported Champion parents Ben x Bella.  Photo taken 6/05/15

Ava is the grand-daughter of World Sieger in Germany--World Champion VA2 Quenn vom Löher Weg.  Ben vom Bonihaus is a direct son of World Champion VA2 Quenn vom Loher Weg.  Ben is Ava's dad.  Ben is VV2 Cro Sieger.

Ava is a large, big boned, substantial female overflowing with substance and extremely impressionable. Ava has gorgeous anatomy, absolutely correct in every way. Movement is breathtaking. Ava is the type of female to earn a top show rating! Ava has much interest in schutzhund sport, she is a very confident female, outgoing and happy, very social with all people, dogs.  Ava is a top notch, world class German Shepherd female !!!

Ava is a GORGEOUS Black and RED German Shepherd.  BIG boned, beautiful blocky head for a female, gorgeous anatomy!  She has a beautiful show gait.  She is very protective, outstanding guard dog.  EXTREMELY intelligent!  Very focused, loyal, confident, loving dog.  She has a great potential for Schutzhund as she loves bite work, has much prey drive, her favorite is tug on a whip, she can do it all, all day long! Her passion is to please!

Ava was the pick of the litter of 5 girls and 1 boy from Imported Champion titled parents, Ben x Bella's November 2013 litter. We hand raised her from birth and we KNOW the QUALITY we have in this very unique gem of a German Shepherd.


Ava has been retired from our breeding program and is now living in VA with one of her son's !!!

Ava is currently for sale.  Photo taken 04/11/2020.

We are selling our beautiful girl Ava to a loving forever home.  Ava has been with us since I assisted our vet delivering Bella's pups via c-section 6 years ago.  Ava is an amazing, super intelligent dog !!!  She is VERY well trained, very obedient, very loyal, very loving.  She is the real deal.  Photos taken 04/11/20.

Ava is obedience trained, leash trained, crate trained, will pee/poo on command while on leash.  She has NEVER soiled her room when she whelped puppies.  She is the epitome of what a true GSD should be.  I can go on and on about her.  If you are seeking a loyal, loving protective companion then look no further.  She is UTD on heartworm preventative.  She is micro-chipped.  AKC registered. If you are serious about purchasing her please contact me directly.  Pick up is at our home in Missouri. 

Ava is a beautiful girl, daughter of our imported champions Ben x Bella.  Ava just turned 6 in November and she has NEVER slowed down!  She has NEVER been ill a day in her life.  The only time she's been to the vet was for yearly rabies vacc.  She is now retired from our breeding program.  With the increasing crime it pays to have extra protection!  Nothing gets pass her, she can smell someone 1/2 block away!  She helped nab the wanted fugitive next to our property back in 2014.  She has an amazing knack for searching things as we have over 2 acres here and when the other dogs lose the ball all I have to tell her go find it and she can distinguish between the big ball and small ball. She LOVES her jolly ball.  We have always communicated to her like a person and she understands everything you tell her.  She LOVES the tug rag on the whip she will go and go, that is her favorite.  She travels well.  She gets along well with all of our dogs here.  She will make someone a wonderful family companion, so if you know someone who's alone and needs a best friend, a walking buddy, a travel buddy well look no further.  She is a very sound dog!


Ava enjoying time with Olivia and Allen.  04/11/20


Ava on right, and her son Ryder on the left.  Ryder is her pup from Feb 14, 2019 litter with her and Ruger.  She hasn't seen him since he was a puppy and OMG she KNEW he was hers she kissed him and hugged him with her head it was soooo sweet.  Pic taken 04/11/20.


Ava standing at attention 04/11/20


Olivia and Ava 04/11/20


Ava, Olivia :)  04/11/20


mother and son reunion :)  04/11/20


Ava and Olivia 04/11/20


Ava and her son.  This pic Ryder was giving her kisses. 


Ava and Olivia.  Olivia giving her hugs.  :)  04/11/20


Ava shaking hands with Allen, you know your worthy when she shakes hands with you.  LOVE it. 


Ava absolutely GORGEOUS head shot.  04/11/20


Ava enjoying the day.  04/11/20


Ava standing 04/11/20


Ava on deck watching, loyal protector.  GORGEOUS Girl !!!  04/11/20


Ava having a fun day 04/11/20


Ava and Olivia :)  04/11/20


Ava sitting 04/11/20


Ava given the command to "watch".  04/05/20



Ava sitting


Ava on gurad 04/05/20


Ava sitting 04/05/20


Ava head shot 04/05/20


Ava 04/05/20


Ava sitting 04/05/20


Photo taken 4/03/20 not the best stacked photo but its a current photo :)



Ava 3/07/19 she has a litter of pups at 3 weeks old today.


Ava wanting to play.  3/07/19.


Ava waiting on me to play 3/07/19.


Ava wanting to play with her toys on this snowy day. 


Ava's head shot photo taken 4/10/18 she looks just like her dad Ben.  Big blocky head for a female, she produces AWESOME puppies !!!!

Ava's boyfriend Ruger, together they produce AWESOME puppies !!!


Update 4/23/16 Ava is pregnant.  Ava x Ruger pups expected on or about

May 01, 2016.  Click here for more info about this upcoming litter.


Update 02/20/15...we found a boyfriend for Ava!!!  Meet "Ruger" these two should produce some AWESOME, BIG boned, Black/RED German Shepherd puppies!!!  Check back for future updates....


Meet Ruger, Ava's future mate.  They should produce some GORGEOUS BIG boned black and RED German Shepherd pups !!!!



           AVA                                   RUGER

We plan on breeding Ava to Ruger in 2016 !!!  What GORGEOUS BIG Boned Black and RED German Shepherd pups these two will produce!  A match made in heaven for sure! 


Ava our BEAUTIFUL girl...Photo taken 06/05/15


Ava photo taken 06/05/15


Ava photo taken 06/05/15


Ava photo taken 06/05/15

Ava 06/05/15


Ava looks like her GORGEOUS dad, Ben.  Photo taken 06/05/15


Ava 4/28/15


Ava pic taken 4/28/15


Ava 4/28/15


Ava 4/28/15


Ava 4/28/15


Ava 4/28/15


Ava 4/28/15


Ava 4/28/15


Ava head shot 4/28/15


Ava 4/28/15


Ava 4/28/15


Ava 4/28/15


Ava 4/28/15



Ava 02/08/15


Ava 02/08/15.  Ava enjoys running through the melting snow!!!  :)

She doesn't mind getting wet as you can clearly see.  :)


Ava 02/08/15


Ava 02/08/15


Ava photo taken 02/08/15


Ava in October 2014


Ava pic taken May 2014


Ava running May 2014


Ava in May 2014


Ava 04/05/14


Ava February 02, 2014


Ava at 8 wks old


Ava 01/01/14


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