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This is Chaos' web page...

April 19, 2007 - February 20, 2019

R.I.P. Chaos, you were one in a million !!!

Chaos joined our family on December 2, 2007 he's our newest stud!  What a gorgeous VERY blk/red boy he is!  He has an awesome temperament!  He is very protective and loyal to his family.  He's obedience trained, knows German/English commands.  This dog is EXCEPTIONAL!  Chaos is AMAZING!!!  His desire and devotion is to please!  He has produced several litters of EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY pups!  These pups sell out fast.  We are planning fall litters of Chaos babies.  The 2 litters he sired this summer of 2009 sold out quickly!

Chaos has the DEEPEST RICH RED color of any dog I have EVER seen!

The puppies he produces are AWESOME, extremely intelligent, EASILY trained, beautiful conformation, superb temperaments, and the richest red color he puts in to every litter produced!  (view the gallery link, to see past pups produced)

Chaos' sire (dad) is a German import: 

Rashid Aus Der Neuen Hauffstrasse.

Chaos' Dam (mother) is Maizy vom Fleischerheim she comes from the famous Fleischerheim Kennels. 

Chaos is a grand-son of world famous 2xWorld Sieger, VA1 Rikkor von Bad-Boll, Schutzhund III, KKl1a.  He is also a great grandson to World Sieger, VA Ulk von Arlett, SchH3 on his mom's side.  He is a great grandson to VA Yasko vom Farbenspiel, SchH3 on his dad's side.

Chaos, Our Hero...

Our Hero Chaos....

Chaos and I helped locate for law enforcement a wanted fugitive that was hiding out in an old camper just north of our property (near our property line) the night of August 14, 2014 at 11 pm. This was going on night 2 as the wanted fugitive ran from police when they tried to arrest him the evening before. Having no sleep for 2 nights and very concerned for the safety of our neighborhood I knew action had to be taken. This fugitive had to be found.

Many law enforcement officers were surrounding the house where the fugitive had been staying, while other law enforcement officers were in the area as well trying to locate the wanted fugitive. This was now a man hunt.

August 14, Willy and I had been outside for over 3 hrs by now sitting, watching and waiting. I was in my pajamas as I thought we could get to bed early that night. Before 11 pm I took Willy's flashlight, Chaos was off leash in our fenced yard, I called for Chaos to be by my side and we walked to the back of our property, once we got to the back we were in complete darkness the only light was from my flashlight, I gave the command for Chaos to go find him. IMMEDIATELY Chaos runs to the north fence property line and he KNOWS someone is there, I am giving commands to Chaos VERY LOUDLY to encourage him to find him. I then proceed to where Chaos is. Chaos begins to pace back and forth rapidly at that moment I KNEW someone is near! Suddenly I hear a noise and I stop dead in my tracks as I wanted to be sure 100% that the noise I heard wasn't from a raccoon, fox, rabbit etc., I surely didn't want to yell for law enforcement prematurely if this was a false alarm. So I waited...then I hear someone coming out of the old camper and I yell LOUDLY "HEY!!! HE'S HERE, BACK HERE!!!" Willy is behind me and he runs back to the front of our property and peeks his head over the fence as our front gate is padlocked and no time to unlock, and he tells law enforcement that "he's back here north of the property." In no time at all several law enforcement officers arrive on the property. One officer ask me, "did you see him?" I replied "no, but I heard him and my dog knows." Within a few minutes he was apprehended. What happened was the wanted fugitive was exiting the camper as he knew Chaos, he was trying to get away, for all he knew Chaos and I were on the property, (a fence prevents that) so when he exited the camper, he ran in the weeds to hide just a few feet from the camper and that's where law enforcement took him into custody and now he's back in the DOC. You can't run from Chaos!

There were many law enforcement officers there that night from many different agencies including members of our Fire Dept using thermal imagining trying to apprehend the fugitive as it was a very chaotic night but Chaos remained calm and cool he trusted the officers completely as they were right up to our fence and Chaos knew they were the "good guys." A uncontrollable dog would have bitten them, not Chaos he knows friend from foe. I put complete trust in my dog that night and Chaos acted out of undying love and loyalty for his family.

That is what a true German Shepherd does!

After this incident as they had the fugitive in handcuffs, the officers began thanking us, and one officer told us to buy Chaos a steak as they lead the fugitive to the patrol car. The girlfriend of the wanted fugitive where they both were staying at a residence across the street, was arrested as well for aiding and abetting.  The officers told us they needed our statements, which we provided. We put Chaos back in his kennel and opened the front gate for the officers. What a sight to behold to see law enforcement officers all lined up in front of our property and thanking us and Chaos. Many were shaking my hand, Deputy Devon Willis asked permission to give me a hug, he kept saying "its exhilarating isn't it?" Yes indeed it was.  I wouldn't trade that moment for a million dollars. How rewarding was that, to help assist our wonderful men in law enforcement that night. Truly an amazing night! I would proudly do it all over again.

On Saturday, August 16 a friend called me and said they ran into someone who works for the local newspaper, and she asked him what happened. So that the story was told accurately I called her and told her what happened on Thursday night. Her reply back to me was that she wasn't interested in that story but interested in a story about the dog I sold to a celebrity. Really, I thought, if I do a story I want the public awareness of what a TRUE GERMAN SHEPHERD is and how they will lay down their life for their family if need be, that's the story that needs to be told, and should have been told.  What Chaos and I did was not only for us but for the safety of the entire neighborhood. Don't get me wrong selling one of our pups to a celebrity in itself is grand, a once in a life time opportunity. But for a dog with no former tracking experience to locate a wanted fugitive that's practically right in our own backyard and within minutes upon command that is epic!!! Chaos is an asset to the community! He is unique and truly one of a kind. I want everyone to know how PROUD we are of him!!! Kudos to you Chaos!!!

On Wednesday, August 20, 2014 when our local newspaper came out we read the article about the Manhunt in LaGrange but not one mention of us and our dog who located the wanted fugitive for law enforcement. In my opinion that's pretty sad, most of all hurtful as we did not think of our safety first when Chaos and I went out into the dark alone to help find this wanted fugitive. So I decided to post the story here, where it matters so everyone knows what a wonderful breed the German Shepherd dog truly is. 


This is looking out our front door on August 13, 2014. Law enforcement from many agencies were across the street, trying to locate the wanted fugitive.  This was night one.  He wasn't apprehended until the following night August 14, 2014 at approx 11 pm.


This is our yard (north property line) where Chaos tracked him.

Right smack to the fence line is where Chaos went.


This is the camper that the fugitive was hiding out in (next door to our property)


After the wanted fugitive exited the camper he was apprehended near this junk car.


Here are just some of the emails received after this was posted...

Thank you all for your love and support !!!



Hi Kathy,

What a great story! Good for Chaos, and his hidden talents! You have quite a legacy going down! Beautiful dogs from superior breeding that can go to a family with so many talents, ie....intelligence, intuition, protection, couch buddy, companion, loving hearts, playfulness, but in an instant ready to defend his family. I think any dogs we have in the future will be German Shepard Dogs. That's all because of you, Kathy. We have learned so much from you, and that really enriched our relationship with Bear. I can't remember what we did for fun before Bear arrived in our lives. He charms anyone he comes in contact with! Children just love him, and he's so smart....he knows to lay on the ground so no one gets knocked over by his huge tail. He gives kisses, and children just giggle. We just love him so much, and are thankful that God sent us your way. Bear has been a welcomed addition to our family! Thank you so much for the love and devotion you give all your dogs and puppies!

Debbie C in Kansas



Oh Kathy,

I was browsing thru your gallery and saw the news that Ulta
passed away. I am so sorry for your loss!!! I think of her
whenever Elsa cocks her head to the side.  I remember you
saying that Ulta did that also. She was such a beautiful
dog.  Some of my friends have lost their dogs this year- it is
so sad.  Elsa is doing well. She has earned 5 titles in agility
now and will be competing in the GSD trial at Purina Farms
this October. She isn't the fastest dog, but she sure does
try very hard and I am very proud of her.

I also read the article about Chaos - what a great dog.
I'm sure that you are very proud of him. I know no one
would try to enter our house with Elsa and our other two
dogs in the house.

I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you
and your family.

Take care of yourself- I will try to take photos of Elsa
after I give her a bath and send you some.

Cathy in IL




First you must be very proud of Chaos.  I will be telling that story for a long time. As for Ulta, we are so fortunate / proud to have one of of her pups. We are without words for your loss.

Kathy, Chuck, and Brandy in NJ.



Kudos to both you AND Chaos, Kathy!! Great story, and so glad it turned out the way it did. You and Chaos both put your lives on the line that night, and it could have been a terrible outcome, so glad you are both OK.

I am in awe daily of our lovable Bullet. He is such a great dog,.. loyal and ever vigilant! He will lie at the entrance to the hallway leading to our bedroom as it’s his job to guard his humans. I was saddened to hear of his mother’s passing. Ulta gave us a wonderful gift, and I thank God every day for this amazing specimen of a dog.

Thank you for sharing your story with all your GSD family. It truly reinforces how superb these animals are!

Hope all is well with you, Willy and the rest of the pack!

Betsy, Bob, Bullet and Sasha in MO


Bullet son of Ulta x Bo




Good morning Kathy,

The article is really good… !!!!! And it gave you a chance to get it out … what a perfect thing to do it on your website…

Love all the pictures that people send to you of their dogs they got from you… that, I would imagine, is a very special thing To you… Beautiful dogs !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sue in Quincy, IL



Hi Kathy,

Chaos, Way to Go! Truly a Hero!

Thanks for all the pictures really enjoyed them.

Zeus & Mike on the Quad runner,the Best!

All the Best,

Jim & Stan in Hawaii



Hi Kathy,

That sucks the paper never mentioned a word about you and Chaos, they should make Chaos a honorable police officer K-9 unit and give him a medal!!

At least you got a hug and the thrill of the hunt!! Gee, nothing exciting ever happens here.

I've been meaning to say hi to you all summer, how have you been?? I can't believe it's already past Labor Day!!! How did that happen?? We wait so long for summer here, then it's over before you know it. I even saw some fall colors in the trees today. My Brother's here for a visit, he's out bike riding in the mountains today. We've just had two weekends of rain and thunder showers and cold. Not fun, I had to get the Levi's out of the closet!! It's sunny today but only in the 70's which really isn't quite that bad. I'm just hanging out, waiting to leave for a Drs. appt soon. Glad you e-mailed me : )) I'll write you some more later xxoo hero

Sally & Bill F in Montana



Kathy ... What a great story on what happened that night! I'm so proud of you and what you and Chaos did. Thank you for sharing.

Love ya,

Karen in Georgia




Thank you for sending the pics and stories. We love seeing Kalli's family.

They are all so beautiful. We just wanted to say how sorry we are to hear about the passing of Ulta. I hope you are finding peace in knowing you gave her a good life filled with love.

Take care!

Rhonda Johnson in St. Louis



Chaos relaxing on the deck...photo taken 3/02/09.  He is one EXCEPTIONAL dog!

Chaos absolutely positively GORGEOUS!!!!  Photo taken 3/02/09.


Chaos photo taken 3/02/09


This is my gorgeous big black/RED male, Chaos photos taken 1/25/09 it was snowing this morning, Chaos LOVES it.  Chaos has sired 4 litters of extraordinary pups, each litter produced pups with OUTSTANDING temperaments, deep rich red color, and beautiful conformation.  Exceptional pups produced!  Look for future litters sired by Chaos summer of 2009.

Chaos photo taken 1/25/09


Chaos photo taken 1/25/09

Chaos and his daughter, Jetta in the background.

Chaos, photo taken 1/25/09

Chaos, photo taken 1/25/09


"Chaos vom Rainbow" Chaos is a absolutely stunning Black/RED male. 

Chaos produces fabulous puppies, with outstanding temperaments, beautiful conformation, and with extreme intelligence, naturally protective. 

Very deep rich red stunning pups produced.  New photos taken 10/09/08.

Chaos photo taken 10/09/08.

Gorgeous BIG boy!  Chaos.  Photo taken 10/09/08.

Chaos our beautiful Black/Red male.  Photo taken 9/01/08

Chaos, photo taken 9/01/08


Chaos relaxin' after a game of fetch photo taken 8/17/08.

Our big gorgeous blk/RED boy--Chaos, photo taken 8/17/08.

Chaos, one amazing dog!  He produces some AWESOME puppies!!!

Photo taken 8/17/08.

Chaos--Our GORGEOUS very red/blk big boy--photo taken 3/12/08

What a wonderful dog he is!  Very intelligent, outstanding protective nature.

Super temperament. 

Chaos joined our family on December 2, 2007 he is our future stud!  What a gorgeous VERY blk/red boy he is!  He has an awesome temperament!  He is very protective.  He's obedience trained, knows German commands at only 7.5 months  of age.  This dog has GREAT potential.  Chaos is AMAZING!!! His desire and devotion is to please!  He has produced pups with Ginny and Anji and what fabulous puppies he produced!

Chaos has the DEEPEST RICH RED color of any dog I have EVER seen!

The puppies he produces are AWESOME, extremely intelligent, EASILY trained, beautiful conformation, superb temperaments, and the richest red color he puts in to every litter produced!

Chaos' sire (dad) is a German import: 

Rashid Aus Der Neuen Hauffstrasse.

Chaos' Dam (mother) is Maizy vom Fleischerheim she comes from the famous Fleischerheim Kennels. 

Chaos is a grand-son of world famous 2xWorld Sieger, VA1 Rikkor von Bad-Boll, Schutzhund III, KKl1a.  He is also a great grandson to World Sieger, VA Ulk von Arlett, SchH3 on his mom's side.  He is a great grandson to VA Yasko vom Farbenspiel, SchH3 on his dad's side.

Chaos--our big-beautiful-extremely intelligent-blk/RED boy!!! Pic taken 1/29/08

Chaos has won my heart, I have never loved one dog so much!  He has a such a WONDERFUL temperament, he has SO much personality!!!

Chaos on our 2 mile walk--1/29/08

I LOVE this picture!  This is where after about a mile and a half into our walk,

Chaos decides to walk me!  He takes the leash and HE does the leading!

This is so hillarious that even the park rangers laugh at his antics!

Photo taken 1/29/08.

Chaos leading the way!  Photo taken 1/29/08


He's proud to walk his owner!  : )


Chaos in charge!  : )


Chaos decides its time for a game of tug o war with the leash.  1/29/08


Chaos relaxin'--photo taken 3/12/08



Chaos 3/12/08


Just beautiful!!!                                                 01/29/08


Chaos taking a break--1/29/08


My baby Chaos!!!   1/29/08





Our short-cut to the truck!


Chaos having fun!!!


Chaos having fun climbing the BIG hill!!!                   1/29/08


I LOVE this photo of Chaos, what I see in this photo, is a very noble German Shepherd, he shows courage and confidence to face any circumstance with bravery.  His focus is so intense.



Chaos, photo taken on Christmas day 2007--A real beauty he is!!!

Chaos--1/24/2008--my gorgeous big baby!




Chaos took my glove and decided to have FUN with it!

He put the glove in his mouth, shook his head-back and forth

(I would have been dizzy :)   He's a big goof-ball !

We play a game, he takes the item, and if I want it, he makes sure he

keeps me from getting it!  He's a ton of fun, and LOVES play-time!

This dog has so much personality, it's unbelievable! 


Chaos with the glove!


Chaos having fun with the glove!                            1/24/08


Chaos stomping that glove!


Chaos relaxin'---he LOVES the snow!!!



Chaos--BIG--GORGEOUS--Blk/RED boy!!!        1/11/08


Chaos relaxin'  1/11/08


Chaos--BIG--GORGEOUS Boy!  1/11/08




Chaos  1/11/2008

Chaos relaxin'

True beauty captured in this photo

Chaos--ready for a nap.  1/11/08


Noble-brave-fearless                                          1/11/2008



                             Loyalty for life!




Chaos in the snow--Christmas Day 2007!!!


Chaos' first Christmas!!!                        8 mos old--12/25/07


Chaos Christmas day--2007


Chaos having fun in the snow--Christmas day!


Chaos "King of Snow Mountain!"   Christmas Day 2007!


Chaos having a blast in the snow!  He LOVES the snow!!!


Chaos smiling as he's playing in the snow on Christmas Day!




Chaos, just back from the groomers!  Gorgeous!       12/20/07


Chaos--watching Judge Judy on tv, he doesn't like her... 12/20/07


Chaos looking out the window at the other dogs.  : )


Chaos in the kitchen--12/20/07


Chaos' first snow--12/06/07


Chaos' first snow!  12/06/07


Chaos' first snow 12/06/07


Chaos 12/06/07


Chaos sitting in the snow!  12/06/07


Chaos the night we brought him home!  He's gorgeous!


Chaos at home.  12/04/07


Chaos trotting--12/04/07


Chaos head shot--12/04/07


Chaos head shot--12/04/07


Chaos at 6 months of age.  Nov 2007

this is "Rashid" Chaos' dad


Rashid--Chaos' dad


Rashid--Chaos' dad


"Maizy" Chaos' mother








This is Cairo, Chaos' litter-mate brother.

This photo is from the NASS (North American Sieger Show) it was held in St. Louis in October of 2007.  Chaos wasn't entered in this show, as they only took Cairo.

Cairo placed VP-19 in the 4-6 month old class.  


2xWorld Sieger, VA1 Rikkor von Bad-Boll, SchH3, KKl1a

This is Chaos' grand-father!


Chaos' pedigree

















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