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Photos and emails received 11/26/15


This is "Blue" a male pup from Coco x Ben's 2014 litter.  Blue resides in GA.







Happy Thanksgiving and greetings from Atlanta! I hope you and yours are doing well, no doubt about ready to celebrate someone's first Birthday!

I wanted to share a few pictures of Blue and let you know that he is just as amazing as we had hoped. He's been in obedience training since he was 12 weeks old (we purchased the lifetime plan) and he is very smart, loving and STRONG.

He loves the water, loves to fetch anything and is poetry in motion when he runs. He loves his long walks and goes to work with me almost every day.

Simply put, we love him and are so thankful for him.

I would love to see photos of his brothers if any other buyers have shared them with you. Feel free to share these with anyone you choose or post them for general view.

Best Regards,




Photos and emails received 9/24/15


This is "Kaya" a pup from Dakota x Ginny's 2006 litter.  Kaya resides in MO.


Hi Kathy!

Just wanted to say hi and send you a current picture of Kaya at the farm. Other than taking walks with the horse her favorite thing in the world is taking a ride in the back of the Polaris down the dirt road. Hope all is well. I'll be looking to get a dog next fall and I can't wait. Talk to you soon. Have a good day.





Photos and emails received 7/27/15


This is Jimbo in Hawaii sold to Jim Nabors and Stan.

Jimbo is a pup from Ulta x Bo's 2011 litter.


Hi Kathy,

Dogs running in mac it fields





Photos and emails received 07/18/15


This is Roxy a pup from Bella x Ben's 2013 litter.  Roxy resides in AZ.




Photos and emails received 07/17/15


This is Jimbo (front and center) Candy behind him.  Jimbo is a pup from Bo x Ulta's June 26, 2011 litter.  Jimbo resides in Hawaii with Jim Nabors and Stan.


Jimbo laying and Candy standing.




Photos and emails received 07/05/15


This is Heidi a pup from Coco x Ben's November 2013 litter.






Hi Kathy wanted to send you some pictures of Heidi for your gallery. She is doing great. We love her so much. As you can see she has a few best friends.

The Youngbergs



Photos and emails received 07/02/15


This is Jimbo's yard...500 acres !!!  Jimbo was sold to Jim Nabors in Hawaii.

That is the top of Haleakala in the clouds.


Jimbo (left) a pup from Ulta x Bo's June 2011 litter.  Jimbo lives with Jim Nabors and Stan in Hawaii.  Josh on the right.  :)


Hi Kathy and Willy,

Jimbo has had a Great birthday week. We are on the farm in Hana for another week. It's been Great! Pictured is Josh our farm manager, looking silly. Jimbo is beautiful and looking serious.

All the Best,

Jim & Stan




Photos and emails received 05/09/15


Abby (left) Artie in the middle and their puppy.  Abby is a pup from Bella x Ben's 2013 litter.  Abby had a litter of 15 puppies!!!  Gjon kept some pups back.


Chase, a pup from Abby x Artie.


Kaiser, a pup from Abby x Artie.


Max, a pup from Abby x Artie


Rocco, a pup from Abby x Artie


Sasha, a pup from Abby x Artie


Hi Kathy,

Here are a couple of pics that I was able to take this afternoon. Our little Skye with mom and dad. She is an alpha dog like her mom. I will be going over to my son's tomorrow. I will take some pics of Rocco. He is a good looking boy. I always knew that Abby and Artie would have gorgeous puppies.

The weather has been crappy around here to say the least. About to storm again her soon.

Take care and I will write again soon.





Photos and emails received 4/28/15


This is "RUGER" he is our newest family member since Feb 2015. 

He is our future stud, he is one FABULOUS dog, more pics and info about Ruger on "Our dogs" page, just click his picture and it goes directly to his page. 

Or just click here....




Photos and emails received 4/26/15


This is "Miah" she is a pup from Ben x Ulta May 2013 litter.

Miah resides in Oklahoma.




Photos and emails received 4/20/15


This is "Calypso" a dog from Calla x Dakota's March 2008 litter.

Calypso resides in Virginia Beach.


Calypso having fun on the beach.




Calypso running


Hello Kathy,

We just celebrated Calypso’s birthday several weeks ago and were thinking about you.

As you can see by the pictures Calypso is doing fantastic, not at all acting like a seven year old.

She is absolutely incredible being the most loving and most protective dog we have ever had.

Her favorite place to go is to the beach so of course we take her each Sunday morning year round.

Hope all is well with you.





Photos and emails received 4/18/15


This is "Abby" (standing) a dog from Ben x Bella's Jan 2013 litter.  Artie is the one laying.  Abby had a litter of 15 puppies in February !!!

Abby resides in Texas. 


Hi Kathy,

We found all puppies forever homes. My son Chris kept the 1st pick male and Travis fell in love with a female that he decided to keep. She is just like her mom.
Abby is putting back on weight and she is doing much better.

I am attaching a picture of Abby and Artie.

I hope life is treating you and Willy good.





Photos and emails received 4/18/15


This is "Brandy" a dog from Ben x Ulta's May 2013 litter.

Brandy resides in NJ.



Just checking in and saying hello.

Hope all is well.

Brandy and Chuck




Photos and emails received 3/11/15


This is "Jimbo" a dog from Ulta x Bo's June 2011 litter.

Jimbo resides in Hawaii with Jim Nabors & Stan.




Photos and emails received 3/07/15


This is "Roxy" a female dog from Ben x Bella's November 2013 litter.

Roxy resides in Arizona.




Photos and emails received 2/27/15


This is "Oakley" a pup from Coco x Ben's October 2014 litter.  Pictured with Oakley is his best pal, and partner in crime Holden.  :)  This pic is precious!!!!

Photo taken January, Oakley just 12 wks old.


Nap time with "Oakley" and Holden. 


Hello Kathy,

When Holden found out Oakley wanted to take a nap, he went and got his bunny and blankie and laid down with Oakley. Holden doesn't get too excited about naps, but if that's what Oakley was doing he would do it too (just so he could be close to his dog)

Wow! Ruger is GORGEOUS! His temperament sounds like the kind of dog we love (we don't like it when their in overdrive either lol) Playful yet well behaved is our perfect dog. I'm so glad you found him. Ruger and Ava will make beautiful puppies together. As I said before, we'll be customers for as long as you're in business and I'll always recommend you to anyone looking for a German Shepherd.

Oakley is just amazing. While I was reading your description of Ruger on his page, it sounded like you were describing Oakley. He loves to play but then he also loves to snuggle. His colors are changing almost daily it seems...and just when I think he can't look any better, he gets more color and looks even more beautiful than the day before! Oakley and Holden love each other so much. He's been in the house A LOT through the cold weather and Holden hates it when he has to go out and potty. It's amazing how gently Oakley plays with Holden. Holden lays on the floor and Oakley jumps on top of him and licks his face and Holden laughs so hard!

We can't thank you enough for being such a good breeder, it's obvious you want to raise exceptional puppies because that's exactly what Oakley is..he's truly exceptional in his manners, temperament, and beauty. I can't wait to see Ruger and Ava's pups. Please keep us updated, we enjoy your emails.





Photos and emails received 02/12/15


This is "Bogey" a pup from Coco x Bo Dec 2009 litter. 

Bogey now resides in CA.


Hi Kathy,

I enjoy checking out your website to see your beautiful dogs. Ben and Bella! Wow! Bogey is doing wonderfully. Just turned 5. (Bo and Coco–12/28/09). We have a 20 month old grandchild now, and Bogey thinks he’s the Dad. Can’t stop licking the baby. I hope you are well.





Photos and emails received 02/05/15


This is "Oakley" and Holden.  Oakley is a pup from Ben x Coco's Oct 2014 litter.

Oakley resides in MO with Alex, Marsha & Holden.


Hi Kathy, we're doing great and hope you and your family are doing well..and you're enjoying your granddaughter. We couldn't be happier with Oakley, we love him SO much!! He has the best temperament we've ever seen on a puppy. My son and I took him to the fire station to visit Alex. Alex's crew thought we had already been doing training with him because he's so focused and well behaved. He loves the huge yard. At first he stayed really close to the house, but now he's exploring with Holden (when it's warm enough for Holden to be outside) and where Holden goes, Oakley goes...you don't see one without the other. One night I was wrestling with Holden on the floor, and Oakley didn't like that AT ALL, he looked at me so serious and barked his head off...so I know he's going to be protective of his "brother". Those 2 are so good together & are crazy about each other.

Before I go, Alex wanted me to tell you about how much trouble I have sweeping with Oakley in the house, you're right....he loves brooms! Lol.
The picture I'm sending is from the fire station. Holden and Oakley were standing on the bumper of the fire truck. If you ever want to use our photos on your website to show "puppies sold" we're fine with that. We're so happy with you and our furry baby, we'd love to show people how awesome your dogs are. When we're ready for our next puppy we won't even think about any other breeder...we'll be customers for as long as you sell puppies.

Thanks again it's easy to see that you truly care about your dogs.
I'll send some more pics as Oakley gets bigger.





Photos and emails received 02/02/15


This is "Elsa" a pup from Bo x Ulta.


Hi Kathy,

Just wanted to let you know that today is Elsa's 3rd birthday and
she is doing great. We went to an agility trial over the weekend and
she did very well. I will attempt to upload a photo-kinda dark but
it has been gloomy all weekend.

Hope you and Willy and all of the pups are doing well.

Take care,




Photos and emails received 01/30/15


This is Candy (L) Josh w/"Daisy" & Jim Nabors and "Jimbo" (R)

Jimbo is a pup from Bo x Ulta.  Jimbo now resides in Hawaii with Jim Nabors & Stan.


Hi Kathy & Willy,

Pictured : Candy, Josh, Daisy, Jim & Jimbo (never far from Jim's side).





Photos and emails received 01/16/15


This is "Jimbo" from Ulta x Bo.  Jimbo resides in Hawaii with Jim Nabors and Stan.




Photos and emails received 01/12/15


This is "Oakley" a pup from Coco x Ben's litter. 


Hi Kathy,

I'd say he's settled in and feeling right at home wouldn't you? Lol. He's taking his afternoon nap in this picture. He's the best little guy, we love him so much! He's very smart and has a great temperament. He's exactly what we were looking for. Hope all is well with you and your family and I'm sure you're enjoying that granddaughter. I'll send more pics in the future.



We got him into our vet on the 18th of December per contract. I know you wanted proof of him being seen, so here is a copy of the receipt.

Thanks again so much! We absolutely love and adore him.... Can't believe how much he has grown!




Photos and emails received 01/06/15


This is "Fidel" a pup from Coco x Ben.






Dear Kathy,

Puppy Fidel is doing great.  He is very smart.  From the first day he could hold himself for several hours (potty).  Already knows "sit," "let go," "come," "down," and look to my eyes when his name is called.  I am sending you his vet receipt per your request.  He went to vet 12-19-14.  Healthy vet exam.  He had his booster shot first two days after I brought him home, he goes back this week for more. 

Thanks so much,





Photos and emails received 01/06/15


This is "Roxy" from Bella x Ben.  Roxy resides in Arizona.


Hi Kathy,

Sorry for all the pictures, but she still thinks she's a puppy!  lol




Photos and emails received 01/03/15


This is "Roxy" a pup from Ben x Bella's Nov 2013 litter.  Roxy resides in AZ.


Hi Kathy,

Roxy thinks she's a puppy but really a lap dog.  lol.



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