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Photos and emails received 12/23/13


This is Melissa and Bear.  Bear is a male pup from Calla x Dakota.

Bear & Melissa reside in Lenexa, Kansas.


This is "Bear"  LOL.  He looks just like his beautiful late dad, Dakota.

Big Gorgeous boy!!!  Merry Christmas Melissa & Bear!!!!





Photos and emails received 12/22/13


This is "Greta" a female pup from Bella x Ben's January 2013 litter.

She now resides in the St. Louis area with Susan.


Hi Kathy,

No longer 8 pounds. She's 80 lbs.  Big and very strong.

Watching the turkey carving.





Photos and emails received 12/14/13


This is "Zeus" a big beautiful handsome male pup from Coco x Ben.

Zeus now resides with Mike in Peoria, IL


Merry Christmas from Zeus a male pup from Coco x Ben.






Photos and emails received 12/13/13


This is "Brandy" a 6 mos old female pup from Ben x Ulta.

Brandy now resides in NJ.  A big gorgeous girl !!!




Photos and emails received 11/29/13


This is "Brandy" a 6 months female pup from Ben x Ulta.

Brandy now resides in NJ.






Photos and emails received 11/25/13


This is "Jimbo" a male pup from Ulta x Bo

Jimbo now resides with Jim Nabors & Stan in Hawaii.


Hi Kathy,

I had him setting up nice, balancing the Ming vase on his head. Then he slumped over.  Just got back from the Vet's that's up from 82 lbs last visit to 89.6. You can see he looks Great! 

All the Best,   

Jim & Stan





Photos and emails received 11/25/13


Before...This is "Zeus" at 8 wks old a male pup from Ben x Coco.


This is Zeus happily ever after...at 10 mos old.





Photos and emails received 11/21/13


This is "Berlin" a female pup from Anji x Chaos' 2008 litter.

Suzanne is showing Berlin how much she loves her.  Berlin resides in FL.


"Berlin" and Suzanne.  :)))


Best buddies


Happy Berlin


Sleepy Berlin


Berlin with her owl.  :)))


Good morning Kathy,  

Can you believe that this little girl is 5 already?! Crazy! She is my special girl and I just wanted to say thank you so much for giving me such a beautiful gift of love, friendship, and protection. Berlin is an amazing dog :)  

Oh and we are closing on our house tomorrow! Yahoohoo! So she will have a big, cozy house with pool to swim her little heart out and a big yard to romp around. I can't tell you how excited I am to close. I'll send you over some pics. I think once we're all settled in it will time to finally get another puppy from you.  

I hope all is well, the new pups are just adorable. Makes my heart melt every time I see the emails you send me.  

Talk to you soon,

Suzanne and Berlin  

Happy Birthday to you, Berlin :)





Photos and emails received 11/17/13


This is "Zeus" a pup from Coco x Ben's January 2013 litter.

Zeus now resides with Mike in Peoria, IL.




Zeus and kitty :))  Tooo cute!!!


Zeus has personality!!! 


Zeus waiting for his bath.


Awww look at Zeus!!!!  :)






Zeus having fun in the leaves!






Photos and emails received 11/10/13


This is "Abby" a 10 month old female pup from Ben x Bella's January 2013 litter.

Abby now resides in Texas.


"Abby" sitting




Hi Kathy,
Here are some pictures of Abby that were taken today. Enjoy!

I am so happy that I kept my pick as Abby is such a sweet girl.

We love her so much.






Photos and emails received 11/01/13


This is "Miah" a female pup from Ben x Ulta's May 2013 litter.

Miah now resides in Oklahoma.


Miah having fun...



Hope everything is going well. It's been a while since we've updated you on Miah. She just came back from the vet today and is doing great.  She is 23 weeks old now and is 52.2 pounds. She is extremely energetic and is Very athletic! 

We play hide and seek in the yard and she can track you at full speed with her nose to the ground.  She loves this game very much! Probably because she always wins! Lol. She is spoiled rotten and when it's time to go to bed she whines for you to pick her up and put her on the bed. She jumps up and down off the bed all day long by herself. Tell Ben and Ulta thanks for such a wonderful pup.

Have a great day!


Earl & family




Photos and emails received 10/30/13


This is "Brandy" a female pup from Ben x Ulta's May 2013 litter.

Brandy is now 5 months old in this photo.  She resides in NJ.




Photos and emails received 10/26/13


This is "Brandy" a female pup from Ben x Ulta's May 2013 litter.

Brandy now resides in NJ.  She is 5 months old in this photo.





Photos and emails received 9/20/13


This is "Ace" a male pup from Ben x Coco's January 2013 litter.

Photo taken at 5.5 months old.




Ace inside the pool store


Ace swimming in the river.


Ace as a small puppy on the job.  :)


Ace when he was younger puppy.  :)


Ace asleep.


Ace off-duty.  :)


Hi Kathy,

Here are some more pictures of Ace. Feel free to put whatever ones you want on the website. He loves the water. One pic is on a boat on the Mississippi. The others are on the local river. I swim with him in our display pools a couple of times a week. He is a real people person dog. He is always by my side. I know all dogs have different characters. But he never runs off. No matter where we are at outside he is always a few feet away. I think I've had him on a leash a few times. People are amazed. We take him with us everyday to our pool store. In the mornings our employees are loading up. Ace hangs out in the parking lot. Before the store is open we leave the door open for him. He just sit's there watching everything going on. He minds extremely well. I work with him a little bit as far as obedience. He just listens. It doesn't take much, he is a natural. I will keep sending pictures as I get them.

Thank You,  






Photos and emails received 9/18/13


This is "Brandy" a 3.5 month old pup from Ben x Ulta May 2013 litter.

Brandy now resides in NJ.




Photos and emails received 9/17/13


In this video is "Gunner" a pup from Bo x Ulta.

Mike is pretending to hit his wife to get Gunner's reaction

and then you see him give him a big ole kiss!  Tooo cute!!!

Gunner now resides in North Dakota.  He is 2 + yrs old.




Photos and emails received 9/08/13


This is "Tiger" a male pup from Ben x Ulta's May 2013 litter.

Tiger now resides with Yang & family in California.


Yum this is good, Tiger says!  LOL.


Tiger enjoying his food!


What's this?...its almost all gone!  Look at those BIG paws!!!


Tiger says..."all gone and I want more!"  :)


Hello Kathy, 


Thanks for this amazing puppy.  He is very playful, and we all love him, include our neighborhood, and pet store employee around our area.

I saw "Brandy's" pics. So  here are some of Tiger's pics. Last time when he was at 12 weeks old, his weight was at 29lbs.  I believe he is around 35lbs - 40lbs.

The next ver visit is at next Tuesday, on 9/10/2013. 

Other than that all is very well.






Photos and emails received 9/07/13


This is "Zeus" a male pup from Ben x Coco.

Zeus now resides with Mike & family in Peoria, IL.

He is sooo funny, just cocking his head.  Precious!!!





Photos and emails received 9/06/13


This is "Zeus" with his owner Mike.  "Zeus" is a pup from Coco x Ben.

Zeus now resides in Peoria, IL.




"Zeus" being ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE !!!!!


"Zeus" wearing it proudly!  :)


Everyone needs a co-pilot...Zeus.  :))


"Zeus" at school.  Focused!


Mike & "Zeus" you go guys!!!  :)


Zeus after a ruff day...relax time.  LOL.  What a dog !!!





Photos and emails received 9/05/13


This is "Brandy" a pup now 15 wks old from Ben x Ulta.

She now resides in NJ.  15 wks and 40 + pounds!!!




Photos and emails received 8/30/13


This is "Jimbo" a pup from Ulta x Bo

Jimbo now resides in Hawaii with Jim Nabors & Stan.


Jimbo in the office. He's wanting to play and "Daisy" wants to sleep.  :)






Photos and emails received 8/23/13


This is Suzanne & Berlin.  Berlin is a pup from Chaos x Anji.

Berlin will be 5 yrs old in November.  She resides in Florida.


Berlin is soooo cool.  :)


Berlin up close.  :)


Berlin on beach watching sunset.  Beautiful photo!!!


Berlin being funny


Berlin with friend


Berlin sleep


Berlin watching


Berlin being funny


Berlin peeking :)








Photos and emails received 8/22/13


This is Lucas a pup from Ulta x Bo.  Lucas is now 2 yrs old. 

Here he is giving a horse a kiss.  :)  Lucas now resides in Wentzville, MO.


This is "Abbey" (L) and "Lucas" (R) wearing life jackets.

Lucas and Abbey are litter-mates from Ulta x Bo.






Lucas standing





Photos and emails received 8/17/13


This is Miah a pup from Ben x Ulta.  Photo taken 7/26/13

Miah now resides in Oklahoma.


Miah sitting.  8/11/13


Miah in a shopping basket.  8/15/13.



I've been meaning to send some photos but have been really busy lately. 

Miah is doing really well and doing great on her training.  She sits, stays, crawls, shakes, plays dead when "shot" and will sit at door until you tell her it's ok to come outside. Hate to tell you that she is spoiled rotten. Lol. We are also very happy that she loves the water and going boating.  We'll keep you updated on her progress and send photos regularly. 

Thanks from Earl & family.





Photos and emails received 8/17/13


This is "Brandy" a pup from Ben x Ulta.  Brandy is almost 3 mos old in this pic.

She now resides in NJ.



Brandy expression when she wants something. Just checking in.

Hope all is well with you and your family.





Photos and emails received 8/05/13


This is "Greta" a female pup from Ben x Bella's January 2013 litter.

Greta now resides in the St. Louis area.






Photos and emails received 7/29/13


This is "Jimbo" a pup (now 2 yrs old) from Ulta x Bo.

Jimbo now resides with Jim Nabors & Stan in Hawaii.





Photos and emails received 7/26/13


This is "Jimbo" on left a pup (now 2 yrs old) from Ulta x Bo.

On the right is "Barney."  Jimbo now resides in Hawaii with Jim Nabors & Stan.

My what a BEAUTIFUL view.  This dog has it sooo ruff!!!  :)





Photos and emails received 7/12/13


This is "Jimbo" a pup (now 2 yrs old) from Ulta x Bo.

Jimbo now resides with Jim Nabors & Stan in Hawaii.

Photo taken at their beautiful farm in Hana Maui.

Also shown in the photo with Jimbo is "Daisy." 


Jimbo waiting to go for a ride.


Hi Kathy,
Jimbo & Daisy Chilling on the farm.
He sure had a good time!
Stan & Jim



Photos and emails received 7/09/13


This is "Jimbo" from Ulta x Bo.  Now 2 yrs old. 

He resides with Jim Nabors & Stan in Hawaii. 

I am told his favorite toy now is coconuts, he loves to shred them.  LOL.


Look how focused Jimbo is on Jim's food !!!  LOL.


Jim rewards Jimbo for his patience.  :)


Hi Kathy & Willy

We are on the farm in Hana Maui.
Look at Jimbo's concentration on Jim's bourbon chicken, it was worth the wait!

All the best,

Jim & Stan




Photos and emails received 7/03/13


This is Abbey and Lucas, litter-mates from Bo x Ulta.  Now 2 yrs old.

Abbey and Lucas reside with Rita & Mike in Wentzville, MO.


Lucas & Abbey


Lucas air-born.  You go Lucas!


Abbey off all fours.  You go Abbey!


What's in the box???




Photos and emails received 6/28/13


This is "Greta" a pup from Ben x Bella.  Greta at school.

Greta now resides with Susan in Webster Groves, MO.


Greta laying.




Photos and emails received 6/26/13


This is a video from Mike in North Dakota of his 4 year old daughter walking "Gunner"  Gunner is a pup (now 2 yrs old) from Ulta x Bo.

I am impressed...I have seen adults that have a hard time walking their dogs.  You go little girl, you go Gunner!  :)




Photos and emails received 6/20/13


This is "Jimbo" a pup from Bo x Ulta

Jimbo now resides in Hawaii with Jim Nabors & Stan.


Hi Kathy,

I have never seen a dog cradle his head like this, have you?
You would have been proud of Jimbo at Jim's Birthday party. 

I usually put him up. But decided to let Him work the party. 

50 people for a poolside buffet.

He was a perfect gentleman!  He greeted everyone! 

He went to "His Spot" on the lawn and watched us.  What a Guy!

Stan & Jim



Photos and emails received 6/20/13


Abby is a pup from Ben x Bella.

Abby now resides in Texas with Gjon.


Hi Kathy,
Abby has grown so much and she is a beautiful girl. We went to see the veterinarian last week and got her last round of shots. She weighed 46 pounds. We have been going to the park and for walks and she loves being outside. 

I can no longer grab my keys without Artie and Abby beating me to the front door. They both love going for rides and visiting Roxy. Artie and Abby have become very close and this what I wanted for him. Abby is such a sweet girl and we love her very much.  My back has healed from surgery and I finished PT today so now I can spend more time with the dogs.  I am planning on taking them to the beach in a couple of weeks. Hopefully, I will get some good pictures. 





Photos and emails received 6/13/13


This was once our precious baby boy "Jimbo" from Bo x Ulta.

Jimbo now resides in Hawaii with Jim Nabors.


Hi Kathy,

Jim loved your birthday card!
Jimbo just wanted to say Woof!

All the Best,

Jim & Stan




Photos and emails received 5/29/13


This is "Lucas" a pup from Bo x Ulta

Lucas now resides in MO with Rita & Mike.


Lucas and Abbey litter-mates from Bo x Ulta.


Lucas and Abbey


Come on in...


Lucas diving right in.  lol.


testing the water...lol


Hi Kathy,

I know I just sent you pictures, but these were taken this morning.

The first three is Abbey's first swim in the deep end of pool.

She did so good.  Lucas, he was just being silly!

Hope you enjoy.





Photos and emails received 5/28/13


This is Greta a 4 mos old pup from Ben x Bella

Greta resides in the St. Louis area with Susan.




Photos and emails received 05/25/13


This is Apollo from Anji x Chaos' June 2009 litter.




Hi  Kathy!

It’s been a while but just letting you know Apollo is doing great and coming upon his 4th B-day…. He’s healthy and happy.  He needs a little brushing tho…   :)





Photos and emails received 05/22/13


This is Abbey (L) and Lucas (R) litter-mates from Bo x Ulta.

They reside in Wentzville, MO with Rita & Mike.


Abbey & Lucas playing




Lucas relaxin'


Abbey sit-stay


Lucas sit-stay


Abbey down-stay


Big German Shepherd Lucas


Lucas running


Hi Kathy,
How is everyone?  Hope doing very well..We are all good.
Congratulations on all the puppies.  They are just too cute.  Hard to believe Abbey and Lucas will be 2 next month.  Lucas is doing well, still HUGE.., but a real mom's boy.  He is just so laid back, loving, and very very protective of me.  Abbey is now at 80 lbs, smart as ever, sweet when she wants to be and also very, very protective of me.  I started agility classes with Abbey about a month
ago with a trainer.  Abbey is doing great.  She just loves it.  I can't hardly keep up with her.  She has so much drive, and knows when she is good at what she does. Everyone always tells me that Abbey adores me, and always wants to please.  (I try not to get a big head..lol)  Abbey and Lucas both are very loyal, even at such a young age.  Sent a few extra pictures of Lucas as he continues to grow.  Thanks for the update on Jimbo, he looks like such a Happy Puppy, I'm sure Jim is very proud of him. 
Have a safe and Happy Holiday Weekend.

Hugs To All,





Photos and emails received 05/15/13


This is Jim Nabors, with "Jimbo" (pup from Ulta x Bo) and Stan.

"Jimbo" now resides in Hawaii with Jim & Stan. 

I absolutely LOVE this picture!!!!


Jim Nabors, Jimbo and Stan.  (Big yawn for Jimbo)  :)


"Jimbo" giving a big yawn, enough with the pics he says.  ;)


Hi Kathy,

Here are a few more pictures. They were just taken by a friend. The pictures will be used at our Hawaiian humane society event April 5th, 2014.  Jim and I will be the co-chairs for the event.

All the best,

Jim & Stan




Photos and emails received 05/13/13


This is "Jimbo" a male pup from Ulta x Bo's June 2011 litter.

Jimbo now resides in Hawaii with Jim Nabors. 

To the left and right of Jimbo is LuLu and Barney.  (too funny)


Hi Kathy & Willy,

Just had Jimbo Vet checked. He is well!
He is a little upset in this picture.  He is not use to being confined to the
porch.  I have workmen on board trimming the coconut trees.

So the street gates are open. 

Jimbo did not bust that hole in the gate.
That is Lulu's work.
Jimbo is such a gentleman.  He could easily jump over the gate.  He knows I
want him to stay.

All the Best!
Jim & Stan




Photos and emails received 05/10/13


This is Abby a pup from Ben x Bella January 2013 litter.


Abby now resides in Texas.


Artie and Abby playing.


All 3 playing.  Artie with ball in his mouth, Roxy at the gate and Abby at far right.




all 3 playing.


Hi Kathy,

Here's 3 more pictures.  Abby is indeed going to be a big girl and she is already 1/2 the size of Artie LOL!. Abby, Artie and Roxy all get along well and are best of friends. I've actually observed Abby with both her ears up so it wont be to much longer before she is done teething. Roxy is an American GSD and my son rescued her from returning to a shelter or far worse. We can only estimate she is between 4 and 5 years old. She is a very loyal, protective and loving dog. 
Abby enjoys playing and chewing on just about anything. Not to mention she loves going for rides in the truck. 



Email received 4/27/13

Hi Kathy,
I just want to let you know that Abby is doing fine and she is very happy. Artie and Abby grow closer together each passing day and we all love her very much. 
I weighed Abby today and she is 34.6 lbs. What a big girl. Dr. Carver just loves Abby and he says she is one fine looking dog. I will do my best to take some pictures now that the weather is getting nice.  We have had some really crappy weather for the month of April. 





Photos and emails received 05/06/13


This is "Greta" a female pup from Ben x Bella.  3 months old.




Photos and emails received 05/04/13


This is "Zeus" a male pup from Coco x Ben.






Like father like son, he loves sticks !!!




Loving tribute, his dad always wanted a German Shepherd.


First bath...


Zeus playing






Photos and emails received 04/18/13


This is "Maddie" a female pup from Coco x Ben.


Hey Kathy,

I had have been thinking about you and thought it would be good to send you an update. Life has been busy so it’s hard to make time to send even a simple email. We named her Madeline and are calling her Maddie. She is doing great. She is such a good, sweet, social dog and our family is enjoying her. She has been potty trained since the first week. My husband and I took turns staying home that first week and I think that helped a lot. She really is such a beautiful girl. Her ears have been erect like that since a few days after we got her and they make her look so regal. She has gained about 8 lbs. At first I thought she wasn’t eating enough or gaining enough but the last week or two she is starting to have a good appetite. I leave food out all day and where all of my friends dogs gobble their food down before the food hits the ground, Maddie takes her time and eats a little here and a little there. She is a great dog. Thank you again. Well all is well here and I pray all is well with you.





Photos and emails received 04/12/13


This is "Lucas" (L) and "Abbey" in driver's seat.  Both are litter-mates from

Bo x Ulta June 2011 litter.  They reside in Wentville, MO with Rita & Mike.

"Lucas" is a BIG boy of 121.9 pounds!!!


Lucas and Abbey ready to mow the grass.  :)


Hi Kathy,
Thought I would send you a picture to make you smile!!

Hope you have a great weekend.




Photos and emails received 04/03/13


This is "Valor" a 9 wk old male pup from Ben x Coco.  "Valor" now resides in CA.


"Dexter" and "Valor" now home in California.  "Dexter" is 2 yrs old from Coco x Bo.  "Valor" is a pup from Coco x Ben.


"Dexter" 2 yrs old from Coco x Bo.


Dexter and Valor playing ball.


Dexter (L) and Valor (R) and Maher


"Valor" sound asleep.  :)


Maher and "Valor"


Hello Kathy,

I just wanted to let you know that we got the results from Valor's fecal sample and with that we can officially say he is a healthy, happy puppy! Our vet and her staff absolutely LOVED Valor. He's a head turner everywhere we go and literally stops traffic! Our vet has a puppy program that they offer where you pay a sum up front that covers all shots, vaccines and any medications up to the age of 6 months so we've got him on that program. They sell individual frontline doses so every month he will go to the vet, get weighed and get his frontline dose - that's a very convenient option and more cost effective then buying different boxes every time his weight changes to a new range.  We also wanted to let you know that Valor's vet who is also Dexter's new vet was very impressed with how thorough and organized all of Valor's paperwork was. As you know, that was the same reaction we got from Dexter's vet when we provided that information to them after we got him. You're very popular and well respected with the vets around here so thank you for making us look good lol!

We went and ran errands yesterday and took Valor with us, it gave Dexter a much needed break from his very energetic little brother. They both slept the entire time they were apart lol It is amazing to watch how they interact with one another. They are such smart, smart dogs! Anything Dexter is doing, Valor wants to do. If there are 100 balls outside, Valor wants the one in Dexter's mouth and Dexter just gives it to him. It looks like they're forming a very special bond. Valor saw a lot of dogs while he and Maher were waiting for me in the car yesterday and we've learned that he only squeeks for Dexter which is interesting in itself because it shows us that he knows and loves his brother. Dexter is taking advantage of that love by taking Valor's bones when Valor becomes interested in something else and finishing them before Valor even notices they're gone lol. It reminds me of how I used to take advantage of my little sister's kindness and love for me by getting her to give me (all) her candy on halloween or the toys she got for her birthday when we were kids. Crate training is going great, I got Valor a crate just like Dexter's and when he wants to rest or take a time out from all of the fun he goes in it, which is what he see's Dexter doing when he needs a bit of a break from all that spunk hahaha Valor also knows which house is ours now which is cool because he's only been there what, 2 days now, if that??

I have attached a few photos from the last few days that I thought you may enjoy.

I hope you all are doing well. We miss you guys!





Photos and emails received 3/31/13


Mother and son reunion.  Coco (R) and Dexter (L) is her son she hasn't seen in almost 2 yrs!  Samar, Maher drove from California to purchase "Valor" in the middle.  :)  Coco is hugging and kissing him.  AWWW what a beautiful reunion!

Dexter is 2 yrs old from Coco x Bo, and Valor is 9 wks old from Coco x Ben.


This is Maher, "Valor" a 9 wk old pup from Coco x Ben.

This is father and son.  Ben is on the right.  :)


Happy Dexter.  2 yr old beautiful boy from Coco x Bo.


Saying goodbye...Willy, Valor, and Maher.


Valor on left and Dexter on right, enjoying the snow...what's left of it.  :)


"Dexter" and Willy reuniting.


Hello Kathy, 

You are unbelievable. We miss you all very much and really enjoyed spending the afternoon with you and your wonderful family. May God protect and preserve your family. You are all so kind and generous and we absolutely love you all from the bottom of our hearts. We've been talking about you all nonstop since yesterday. When I finally got cell signal and saw all the photos I got really

Valor is doing great on the car ride - as long as Dexter is in his direct line of vision God forbid if Dexter changes where he is sleeping in his crate and Valor can't see him - you know exactly when that happens because he starts squeeking lol Maher says thank you for all the generous gifts and for bestowing so much of your knowledge to him yesterday he learned so much from you and he promises you this is not the last time we will see each other and he looks forward to seeing you again and reuniting us all again. He sends his best regards to Willy and your lovely (his word) daughter and son in law. It was an honor to meet them yesterday. Thank you for everything - I have no words that can describe how much that means to me - you are so kind and generous and it is a true reflection of the purity of your heart. Mama Kathy (as Maher calls you) if you need anything, please do not hesitate to ask. 

Your photos are phenomenal! Mine are crappy but I do have a couple that I thought you would like, I have attached them to this email.

I am proud to relay the following story: last night we stopped at a rest area to sleep for an hour or two - when we woke up we realized that we had slept for 5-6 hours as soon as we got up we freaked out thinking we may have caused Valor to have an accident - he didn't!! He waited till we took him to the grass - pee'd and pooped immediately! What a good puppy he is - Maher could not possibly be happier. 

Happy Easter to you all.  May God shower your family with endless love, happiness and success.

All our love and respect,





Photos and emails received 3/30/13


I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this photo.  This is Maher and his dogs,

the puppy is 9 wk old, "Valor" (black collar male) from Ben x Coco

The big dog is "Dexter" 2 yrs old from Bo x Coco.  Maher and Samar drove from California both times to pick up their pups.  This was a wonderful, wonderful day to see them again and see Dexter!  God has truly blessed us with wonderful friends that we have met through our dogs.  Photo taken 3/30/13.


Family reunion...Coco (mom) on left, "Dexter" with Maher and Valor.


"Valor" on the right trying to give kisses to his mama (Coco) and Dexter

is directly behind his mom.


"Valor" watching big brother "Dexter"


"Dexter" giving his mama (Coco) kisses.


"Dexter off all fours for his ball !!!


"Dexter" caught his ball !!!  You go Dexter !!!


This is Allen (son in law) saying goodbye to "Valor"


Coco & Valor on left and Dexter and Maher on right.


"Dexter" what a BIG beautiful boy Dexter is !!!


"Valor" watching his brother "Dexter"


BEAUTIFUL family!!!  Samar, "Valor" and Maher. 


"Valor" chasing his brother, "Dexter"


Saying goodbye, Willy and "Valor" and Maher.


"Valor" conked out and ready to go to California !!!  :)




Photos and emails received 03/29/13


This is "Seven" a male pup from Ulta x Bo.  Seven now resides in Maryland Heights, MO with Rob and Andi.  Seven is now 13 mos old.


Seven playing in the snow.


Hello Kathy
Just wanted to let you know Seven is doing great.

Here are some pictures of him playing in the snow.




Photos and emails received 03/26/13


This is 9 wk old "Greta" a pup from Ben x Bella

Greta now resides with Sue in MO !!!




Photos and emails received 3/25/13


This is 8 wk old "Mamba" a female pup from Ben x Coco.

This photo was taken 03/25/13 after Mamba's flight from STL to Duluth, MN.

She was tired.  :)  Mamba now resides in Duluth, MN with Andrea & family.




Photos and emails received 03/24/13


This is "Poe" 8 wks old.  A male pup from Ben x Coco.

Photo was taken on their ride home after leaving our home on 3/23/13.

Poe now resides in Peoria, IL with Mike and family.


Poe tuckered out.


8 wk old "Poe" and Mike.  Teaching him to walk on leash.

Poe looks very happy and proud walking side by side with his new family

member.  :)




Photos and emails received 03/22/13


This is "Jimbo" a pup from Ulta x Bo.  Jimbo now resides in Hawaii with

Jim Nabors.  Jimbo is 90 pounds!!!  Big GORGEOUS boy indeed!!!  We love and miss you Jimbo!!!!!!


Hi Kathy,

Jimbo posing on my neighbors lawn. The gals just finished bathing and brushing Him. He is such a good sport!

Stan & Jim




Photos and emails received 03/18/13


This is 8 wk old "Abby" a pup from Bella x Ben.  She is playing a game of tug with her new pal "Artie."  Abby was picked up by her new owner on Saturday,

March 16, 2013.  Abby now resides in Texas !!!


Abby playing tug


Abby playing with Artie.


Hi Kathy,

My two sons have decided to name her Abby. Artie was a little jealous at first but no worries he and Abby are going to be best friends. We love her so much and we are blessed to have her join our family. She will be spoiled and loved like all of our dogs. Frank and I have been friends for many years and I am glad he offered to come along. It was nice meeting you and your husband Willy.  

Abby went to see our vet this afternoon. He said Abby is in good health and she is a fine looking German Shepherd.

I have attached some pictures of Artie and Abby playing tug in the back yard.





Photos and emails received 03/16/13


This is Rita and "Abbey."  Abbey is a pup from Ulta x Bo.

Abbey will be 2 in June.  She resides in Wentzville, MO.

Rita and Abbey having fun at the St. Patrick's day parade!


Hi Kathy,

How are you? We are all fine.

Puppies from both litters are So Beautiful. I just love looking at their pictures.

Abbey and I walked at the Cottleville Parade Run for the Helmet today and she was such a good girl.  I received so many compliments about how beautiful and well trained she was, you would have been really proud of her, I sure was. 

She has learned so much and to be at such a large event with so much going
on she was the best she could be and walked with her head held high.

Have a Great Weekend and Hugs to all,





Photos and emails received 03/07/13


This is "Gunner" a pup from Bo x Ulta.

Gunner will be 2 yrs old in June!  He resides in North Dakota.




Photos and emails received 03/02/13


This is "Dexter" and Maher.  Dexter is a pup from Coco x Bo.

Dexter is now 2 yrs old and resides in California.


Dexter and Maher playing.




Dexter and Maher




Hey Kathy,

We wanted to check in an see how you all are doing. We have been checking your website regularly to see how the puppies look. They are beautiful!

I am attaching some photos of Dexter playing with Maher and his jolly ball.

Samar, Maher & Dexter





Photos and Emails received 02/22/13


This is "Bear" almost 5 yrs old (in March) from Calla x Dakota.

Bear resides in Kansas with Melissa. 




Bear the snow angel.  :)




Bear lovin' the snow!




Hey Kathy!!

How have you been? Did you get any snow? We got TONS here! We got about 13" or so where I live, its so much snow! But my big boy Bear LOVES it! He likes to roll, and dig in it LOL I took a few pictures of him today playing in all the snow, its SO hard to believe he's going to be 5 next month! Where does the time go?
Earlier this month he got neutered :( I HATED to do it because I wanted puppies out of him, its one of the hardest things I've done -but it was for the best I suppose.

He did give the nurses a heart attack when he figured out how to open the door to the surgery prep room and escaped right before surgery.. LOL thats my boy! Too smart for his own good! LOL
But we're doing great now, and I'm looking forward to taking him to work with me! I still get compliments everywhere I go with him, he's SUCH an amazing boy!
Hope all is well with you, talk to you soon!




Photos and Emails received 02/06/13


This is Mr. Jim Nabors (aka Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C) and "Jimbo"

"Jimbo" is a pup from Ulta x Bo.  "Jimbo" now resides in Hawaii with Jim Nabors.


Jim Nabors and "Jimbo" in Hawaii. 


Jim Nabors with "Jimbo"  What an impressive boy Jimbo is, alert and guarding.

In beautiful Hawaii.  What a beautiful boy Jimbo is !!!


Hi Kathy,

Jimbo is getting a winter coat.
I told him this cool weather (78 day 68 night) will be over soon.

Jim & Stan




Photos and Emails received 02/03/13


This is "Lucas" a pup from Bo x Ulta

Lucas now resides in Wentzville, MO.


Lucas nose buried in the snow.


Lucas (L) and Abbey (R) both are litter-mates.


Lexi, Lucas, Snowman, and Abbey :)






Photos were taken Feb 03, 2013




Photos and Emails received 01/25/13


This is Max a pup from Ulta x Bo's December 2010 litter of 12 !!!

Max now resides in CT.


Another photo of Max enjoying the ice on a HOT summer day last summer.


Hi Kathy,

We are all doing good!!!.. especially your Boy Max!!!.. He gets smarter by the day..and has just been the most exceptional addition to our family... He has such a system down ...its crazy!!...he knows that when my Dad comes to pick him up..he has to kiss us all goodbye before he leaves...so now my father will say to him...you ready to go...and he runs around giving kisses...and he does the same at my Dad's house before he brings him back home..He listens so intently to everybody's conversation...my sister was telling a story at thanksgiving and in the same tone, she said something about somebody being here...and with that Max went barking at the door...Lori said what is he doing?.. I said,,,you said that somebody was here in your story....she couldn't believe it..as he was laying on the floor with his head down!  Max is one loveable dog...but one hell of an intimidating piece of protection.. You would have to be a fool to challenge him. He has the scariest bark out of any of the dogs we have had. I can't say enough good about him..he absolutely loves the snow..and at times will push his whole head under...he loves chasing the birds under the feeder...his favorite is when there are doves under it...because they make that noise when they fly away...and he will cock his head and watch them. He loves rides in the truck..and wrestling matches..He loves being brushed everyday by my father...Oh..and he loves ROCKS!!!! the bigger the better!!.. he will play with a rock for the longest time..pushing it all over the property with his paws...and I mean some really big rocks!! He likes checking the bathroom to see if someone left a toilet paper cardboard roll out when they replaced the roll.. He helps himself to the old roll and plays with it..When I am working in my shop...he used to steal tools..and bring them by the flag pole...I scolded him a few times...so he takes shop rags now..somedays you go by the pole..and he has lifted a good half dozen rags...Cant say enough about him...Mom, Dad, and my family..spoil him...but he spoils us in return..He's just beautiful!!!





Photos and Emails received 01/23/13


This is Rita and "Lucas" (Abbey in the background) Abbey and Lucas are litter-mate pups from Ulta x Bo's June 2011 litter.  They now reside in Wentzville, MO


Hi Kathy,
Congratulations on the new Bella and Ben girls they are BEAUTIFUL !!!!!

Mike, my husband was playing around and took this picture of Lucas and I. Wanted to share to show how much bigger he has gotten. I am 5`2`and weigh 120lbs. Lucas looks like a giant next to me!!!

Praying for next litter due.
Take Care,





Photos and Emails received 01/19/13


This is "Abby" a female pup from Ulta x Bo's Feb 2012 litter.

Abby now resides in MA !!!


This is "Sheba" a litter-mate to "Abby" pup from Ulta x Bo.




Photos and Emails received 01/18/13


Breakfast with Jimbo...This is Jimbo a pup from Ulta x Bo.  Jimbo is begging for bananas.  He loves them.  Jimbo now resides with Jim Nabors aka "Gomer Pyle" in Hawaii !!!


Jimbo says "Yum its soooo good!"  LOL.




Photos and Emails received 01/06/13


This is Jimbo a pup from Ulta x Bo.  Jimbo was sold to Jim Nabors and now

resides in Hawaii.  This photo was taken right after Jimbo got out of the pool.


Hi Kathy,

Jimbo says He is sorry to hear about the
Cold weather.

He just got out of the pool! And struck a poise for me to take this picture.

I think He is ready to Show!
What do you think!

Glad to hear you will be busy with Pups

All the best !!!

Stan & Jim

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