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Photos and email received 12/31/10

This is "Zoey" from Calla's 2006 litter.  Zoey is now 4 years old and resides in WA.



Photos and email received 12/30/10

This is "Zoey" a female pup from Calla's 2006 litter.  Zoey is now 4 years old and resides in Cle Elum, WA.

Hi Kathy,
I realized after I sent your Christmas card I neglected to send my
email address so I took these pictures of Zoey in our Cle Elum home
and thought you would get a kick out of it.  Zoey doesn't miss a
second of what's going on. Hope you had a great Christmas.

Love Joyce and Zoey


Photos and email received 12/29/10

This is "Steve" a male pup from Coco x Bo's June 2010 litter @ 6 mos old.

"Steve" now lives in Illinois.

This is "Steve" the way he looked at 3 weeks old.


Hi!  Great to hear from you.  Steve is doing great!! He is getting huge.  He is a beautiful, outgoing, and well-tempered dog.  We love him so much.  Whenever we take him anywhere, people always want to meet him and comment on what a gorgeous dog he is.  He is a gem.  I can’t believe how big he is for 6 months—about the size of our lab/shepherd mix.  We have been doing basic obedience class and he is beyond his counterparts.  We are thinking about taking some agility class this summer, I think he will do great.

I have attached a recent photo of Steve for your gallery.

Best Wishes for the new year!




Photos and email received 12/28/10

This is "Bogey" a male pup from Coco x Bo's 12/28/09 litter.  Bogey just turned 1 year old today!!!  Happy Birthday Bogey!!!  Bogey now resides in California.

This is "Bogey" at 8 wks old right before his flight from STL to CA.


Hi Kathy:

Attached is Bogey's birthday photo (1 year old today). 

He's a wonderful companion, loves everyone and loves all dogs.




Photos and email received 12/27/10

This is "Lucy" with her family in New York, "Lucy" is a 6 mos old pup from Coco x Bo's June litter. 

This is "Minos" a 6 mos old male pup from Coco x Bo's litter, he is a litter-mate to "Lucy" they both reside in New York.

This is "Minos" and Hannah.

This is "Lucy" and Hannah.  Who's giving who kisses?  :)

"Lucy" on left and "Minos" on the right.  "sleeping heavenly peace."

"Lucy" in the snow

"Lucy" on left, "Minos" on right~~having a blast in the snow!

"Minos" and "Lucy" lovin' the snow.

Dashing through the snow....


Hi Kathy,

Hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas.  We certainly did here and now we are digging out from some snow.

Minos and Lucy are great!!  As you can see from the pictures they love the snow.  Lucy tries to bury herself, then spring out at Minos.  Quite fun to watch!!

Glad to hear Ulta and Coco are doing fine.  I am sure so many puppies keep you very busy.  Have a Happy New year from all of us!!



Photos and email received 12/18/10

This is Justin and "Makita."  "Makita" is a 6 mos old female pup from Coco x Bo's June litter.  "Makita" was the only "plush" coat in the litter.  "Makita" resides in Arkansas.


Santa Claus and "Makita"


This is Justin and "Makita"


Santa's reindeer?  No..its "Makita" !!!


Justin and "Makita"





Hello Kathy:

Congratulations!  I know they will be beautiful puppies.  Makes me wish I was ready to get a male.  I hope to get one in the future I just am not ready yet. 

I look forward to seeing more pictures as they grow!

The great thing about your dogs is not only are they beautiful but they have great temperaments!  I searched a long time before I found you, for someone who bred dogs with with good dispositions and I have not been disappointed. 

Makita is great!   It doesn't seem to matter whether the vet is poking around on her, or the groomer or our customers at our business she loves everyone even the kids and Santa at Pet Smart.  She loves to go there.  We try to take her at least once a week.  I am going  to try to send you some pictures of her with Santa and in his sleigh full of presents. 

Thanks again for breeding great dogs! 



Photos and email received 12/10/10

This is "Georgia" a female pup from Calla x Chaos' May 2009 litter. 

"Georgia" is now 19 months old and lives in the Chicago area. 

This is "Georgia" a female pup from Calla x Chaos' May 2009 litter.

This is "Georgia" AKA "Silver collar puppy" at 6 wks age.

Hi, Kathy. 

Just was visiting your website and thought I'd drop you a line. 

We so love Georiga and she has become such a wonderful part of our family. 

I just thought you might wonder about your former pups...she's doing just great.  I take her to training 2/3 times a week.  We BOTH love it and she's really
becoming great at running the agility courses and following commands.  We found
that putting her in daycare while we work, is great for us all. She gets to
socialize with other dogs and comes home tired. Really, I love her tons and just
thought I'd share a couple pictures with you.

I wish you a very Merry Christmas and lots of peace in the New Year!






A Nativity Scene was erected in a church yard.

During the night the folks came across this scene.

An abandoned dog was looking for a comfortable, protected place to sleep.

He chose baby Jesus as his comfort. 

No one had the heart to send him away, so he was there all night.

Notice the dog breed is a "Shepherd."

This was sent to me via email by many of my friends and too cute not to pass along. 


Photos and email received 12/07/10


Hi Kathy...

We love this dog sooo much its NOT even FUNNY!  I play so rough with him...I throw stuffed animals at him, I crawl into his crate.... I even stick my hand in his mouth and pull his tongue... all this “abuse” & all he does is take a deep breath as if to say... "this lady is crazy" LOL  He knows us sooo well. 

People come here and their first impression is fear!  But after they spend time here they can't believe how docile he is. I call him my cat!  He purrs when I rub him. 

His facial expressions are to die for!  I swear he is part human, Kathy!  I talk to him and he just sits there attentively as if to say “yes mom I hear ya”.  

Everywhere we go,,, people literally stop and make a comment of how pretty he is.  EVEN the Officer/K-9 unit in our town, stopped me one afternoon to come meet Elvis.  He commented on his coat, his walk, even the way he looked at him as he was approaching me.  Elvis crossed infront of me, instead of to my left when I gave him the command to sit.  It’s the strangest thing...cuz I would never think that he has an aggressive bone in his body--but OH IS HE A GUARD DOG!  His natural instiincts kick in immediately.  He even knows boys vs girls.  When my 14 yr old daughter has friends over the boys are always stuck sittng in the corner cuz Elvis just paces back and forth.  Its HILARIOUS.  The girls pet him, rub him, even DRESS him up.  But when the boys come over to talk to him, his ears perk up and you can just tell he postures.   GOD I don’t know what I would do if something happened to my ELVIS!!!  OMG he is one of my kids!  I love him soo much its crazy!  CRAZY!  I never had a pet in my life.  Elvis is my only pet ever and I can't imagine not having him--HE IS PERFECT!    

We are SERIOUSLY considering getting another dog from you.  We talked about it when Elvis first came home.  We were just waiting for him to get a little older and to clear it with his “sitter”.  That would mean she would have 2 babies to take care of for us. hehehe   So we will be getting in touch with you 2011 about another doggie.   I'll send the pic of Santa Dog shortly.  Its in my phone camera_along with 1000x more heheh.  

Maribel (Elvis' mom :))

Elvis is a pup from Anji x Chaos' 2008 litter, he now resides in the Chicago area.


Photos and email received 12/05/10

This is "Elvis" a pup from Anji x Chaos' litter.  "Elvis" is now 2 yrs old and resides in the Chicago, IL area.

Merry Christmas from Elvis !!!

Hi Kathy:
Happy Holidays! Hope all is well. Sorry we haven’t written sooner. Elvis has been very busy napping, playing and growing. I've attached his latest pics. I can't tell you enough how thankful we are for him. He just turned 2 last week he gets smarter and smarter as he gets older He's almost human like. He "expresses" himself quite well. I really think his name was fate. He ABSOLUTELY loves attention and wants to "perform". He loves to be pine over, which is why I think he loves the camera. I took over 50 pictures of him wrapped in Christmas lights, Santa outfits and all shots were great. He’s very "business" like when I take my camera out. I give him commands to stay, look up, look over, look down, etc. and he reacts to all of them. He's my own personal model. LOL. WE LOVE HIM SO MUCH. “Merry -Wuf-mas”:
Love Elvis
(Maribel, Kevin & kids)


Photos and email received 11/28/10

This is "Minos" (L) and "Lucy" on (R) both are litter-mate pups from Coco x Bo's litter.  They are both 5 months old and now reside in New York.

These pups are absolutely breath-taking GORGEOUS !!!!  WOW!!!

This is "Lucy" female pup from Coco x Bo's June litter.

This is 5 month old "Lucy" from Coco x Bo's litter.

This is 5 month old "Minos" from Coco x Bo's litter.

This is 5 month old "Minos" from Coco x Bo's June litter.

Lucy and Minos pups from Coco x Bo's June litter.

Minos licking his chops...ready for thanksgiving feast?  :)

"Lucy" on left and "Minos" on right...enjoying their first snow!

"Lucy" and "Minos" having fun in the snow!


Hi Kathy,

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!  We did here, but of course ate too much:)

Becky signed a letter of intent to swim with Lindenwood.  She is very excited.  They have a swim team comprised of 7 different countries with some former Olympians.  She can't wait to get started next year.

Minos and Lucy are doing great.  They are continuing their training and are so very social.  Minos is now 60 lbs and Lucy is 52 lbs.  I think the pictures really show the size difference between them.  Minos is incredibly red and has that beautiful black "bandit" face.  Lucy is also red, but much softer with a bit more brown.

We had our first snow of the year and lucky for Hannah (who can play outside all day in the snow) the pups loved it.  Chasing snow flakes and diving into piles!
Hope all is well.  Talk soon.



Photos and email received 11/25/10

This is "Jett" a 4 mos old male pup from Calla x Bo's July litter.  He is a litter-mate to "Lucy" (below photos)


Hi Kathy,

Happy thanksgiving from me and Jett! Here is a recent picture of him, he's getting so big and smart!


Photos and email received 11/22/10

This is "Lucy" a 4 mos old pup from Bo x Calla's July litter.

Lucy now resides in Green Bay, WI with Tina.  Tina has 3 of my dogs, "Reese" from Ginny x Dakota's 2007 litter, "Carlie" from Anji x Chaos 2008 litter, and now "Lucy" from Bo x Calla's 2010 litter !!!  One big happy family!

"Lucy" and Brian~~what a big beautiful girl Lucy is!

"Lucy" and "Carlie" dog tired!


Photos and email received 11/17/10

This is Calypso a female pup from Dakota x Calla's litter.  Now 2 yrs old.

Calypso now resides in Virginia Beach, VA.

Beautiful photo !!! 


Hi Kathy

Just wanted to drop you a quick note and send a couple of updated pics of Calypso.  She is doing fantastic. She especially loves this time of the year when the beach is all hers and the tourist are all gone. As you can see she loves running on the beach and playing in the water.

Hope all is well,


Photos and email received 11/15/10

This is "Berlin" a female pup from Anji x Chaos' 2008 litter, Berlin resides in FL.

"Trick or Treat"


Hey Kathy,  Just wanted to send a couple photos over your way of Berlin. I can't believe she is going to be 2 years old soon. My baby is all grown up but she will always be my little girl :)  

Enjoy, Suzanne and Berlin


Photos and email received 11/06/10

This is "Lucy" and "Minos" litter-mates from Coco x Bo's litter. 

They are 4.5 mos old in these photos.  They now reside in NY.

"Lucy" is trying to give her brother, "Minos" kisses!


Lucy and Minos


Hi Kathy,
Hope that everything is going well.  Minos and Lucy are doing great!!  They are

both just a bit over 50 lbs. now and are a perfect addition to the family.  Minos is the protector, barking at anything he doesn't like and making sure that he is always between the kids and a stranger.  Lucy is the cuddler who falls asleep in Becky's lap.  We have been working on spot training with them when someone rings the front door.  How imposing is it to a stranger to see 2 large GSD's sitting by the door when it opens!!  They pick up on things so quickly.

Be well and talk soon.



Photos and email received 10/18/10

This is "Makita" a female pup from Bo x Coco's June litter.  Makita was the only plush coat puppy out of 6 pups.  Makita now lives in Arkansas.

Dear Kathy,

I thought you might like to see a picture of Makita.  I just took this picture today

so she is almost 4 months old in it.  We think she is beautiful.  We are so happy with her.  I keep meaning to mail you pictures.  I have taken a lot but they are on my regular camera and I don't know how to get them to you by email so I will try to mail them to you soon.  

The vet has been real impressed with her as well as everyone else.  She loves to go to the creek and play in the water.

About a month ago we were driving in a neighborhood that I didn't like and I was so surprised but as soon as I turned down that street she sat up and started

growling lowly and as soon as we left that neighborhood she quit and laid back down.  Evidently she sensed something too.  I was really surprised as she was so young.

Thanks for such a great dog!  I have really enjoyed seeing pictures of the other puppies from her litter.  They are all beautiful dogs!  You do a great job.     Connie C.
Sent from my Verizon Wireless Phone


Photos and email received 10/10/10

This is Lucy and Minos young pups from Coco x Bo's litter.  They now reside in NY.

Lucy and Hannah playing.

Lucy and Hannah

Lucy, Becky, Chalice, and Minos having a great day!

Becky and John (dad) and the K-9 kids, Lucy and Minos.


Can not believe they are 16 weeks old!!  To us it seems like yesterday that we picked them up.  You can see just how beautiful they are.
My wife has already started planting the seed for a third.  I will keep resisting, but boy it's hard with dogs as good as these two.  In 2 months they enter their first Jr. obedience trial.  Should be a lot of fun.  They can do sit, down and heel with visual commands only. 

Hope all is well!!



Photos and email received 9/27/10

This is "Laci" she is a 3 mos old pup from Bo x Coco.  Laci now resides in IL.

This is "Laci" from Bo x Coco's litter.  Now resides w/Don & Kay in IL.

Hi Kathy,

Thought we would send you a couple more pictures of Laci. She weighs 28 lbs. today and her ears are up. She is quite a girl. We could not be happier. She and her big sister are getting along really well. They bring a lot of fun to our lives.                                                                                     


Don & Kay


Photos and email received 9/25/10

This is "Minos" & "Lucy" 3 mos old pups from Coco x Bo.  They now reside in NY.

"Lucy" and "Minos"

Minos at a Balloon Fest

Having fun at a Balloon fest.

Lucy and Minos just chillin'.

Hi Kathy,

Just thought we would pass along a few more photos.  They change so quickly!!  These were taken yesterday and this morning.  We took them to a big balloon festival last night and they were show stoppers!!  So well behaved, even with the little kids who came up to pet them.  Many positive compliments on their temperaments.  Hope you guys are well and having fun with Ulta!!

All the Best,



Photos and email received 9/22/10

This is Apollo from Anji x Chaos June 2009 litter.  Apollo now resides in KC MO.


Hi Kathy!

I know it’s been awhile, but I just wanted to give you an update on Apollo from Anji & Chaos 06/01/09 litter.  He’s doing so fine and very healthy @ 15 months.  His temperament is like no other. Below are a few pictures.  Hope all is well with you. 

Craig & Charise



Photos and email received 09/17/10

This is "Aerial" on left, "Mitch" in the middle and "Misha" on right.

Aerial and Misha are female pups from Anji x Chaos.  Apprx a year a part.

Attached is a photo of the babies, as you can see they are doing great .  The girls are little monkeys when posing.  Hope you enjoy this.


Photos and email received 09/17/10

This is "Minos" a male pup from Coco x Bo.  Minos lives in NY.

"Minos" :)

This is "Lucy" a female pup from Coco x Bo. 



Hi Kathy,
Great news.  We already looked on line at your new addition.  Absolutely beautiful!!  As for what is meant to be, you are right.  It is amazing how things just have a way of working out.  So glad to see pics of pink collar.  What a beautiful dog.  Minos and Lucy are great.  Had there vet visit on Wednesday and had their next round of shots.  Very well behaved!!  Minos is teaching Lucy to always go to the potty spot.   I'm attaching a few photos I took with my phone today and will send a few more tomorrow.  These were taken today.  Check out Minos' angry face:)
We couldn't be happier!!
All the best,


Photos and email received 09/17/10

This is 10 wk old "Jett" male pup from Calla x Bo.  "Jett" now resides in Michigan.

Hi Kathy, I just wanted to send you a pic of Jett, he is growing fast. He is doing really good, he is a very smart pup. He is already house broken. My brother came over with my niece and he licked her right on the nose. I am very happy with him. Thanks for everything,
Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry


Photos and email received 09/14/10

This is "Laci" (left) a female pup from Coco x Bo.  In the middle is Kay and to the right is "Zoie"  "Laci" now resides in Illinois.

Zoie on left, Don in the middle and Laci on the right.

"Laci" a pup from Coco x Bo's June 2010 litter.

Hi Kathy,

Sorry it took us a while to get back to you.  We have been having a great time with our puppies.  Zoie and Laci have become great friends.  They do everything together.  Laci is growing like crazy, she still has one ear that isn't straight up yet, but it's close.  She is very, very sweet!  We're sending some pictures so you so you can see how she is progressing.  Thanks for everything, she's a great puppy!


Don & Kay


Photos and email received 09/14/10

This is Roxy (almost 2 yrs old) a pup from Anji x Chaos.

Hi Kathy, how are you?  How is your breeding going these days?  We haven't sent you pictures of Roxy in awhile (I'm horrible about downloading pics from my camera to my computer), so attached is a picture I took from my phone.   Just wanted to say 'hi' and to let you know that Roxy is doing wonderful.  It's hard to believe that she is almost two years old!  She still has a lot of puppy in her though.  She loves, loves, loves being outside and playing with sticks.  We have  bought her numerous toys from the pet stores but she always goes back to playing with a stick that fell out of the tree.  If she loses her stick or if we accidentally throw it over the fence she tries to climb a tree and get another one.  Funny dog!  We have been taking her to the dog park a lot since it has cooled down and everyone is so impressed with how she listens to us and how good she is with all the dogs.  Anyways, just wanted to let you know how Roxy is doing.  Hope all is well with you.


Photos and email received 09/09/10

Minos (left) and Lucy (right) puppies from Coco x Bo.  Minos and Lucy now reside in New York.

Minos and Lucy

The kids at play

Minos skate-boarding :)

Hi Kathy,

Hope all is well.  Hope you got some alone time for the labor day weekend.  I imagine you have no pups now, but are very busy with your new addition.  I know I sent pics on the 4th, but I couldn't resist sending a few more.  Will do so in my next email.  When you can send photos of your new addition.  Would love to see her.  I'm sure its a lot of work!!

Pups are excellent.  Getting big so fast.  Weigh in now over 25 lb and growing.  Found a great food called Merrick with a lot of choices (canned) and they love to try the different flavors.  They have stomaches of iron!!!

Anyway, take care and good luck with everything.



Photos and email received 09/05/10

This is "Bear" a 2 yr old son of Calla x Dakota.  "Bear" resides in KS.



Hey Kathy! How is everything?  I wanted to send you some new pictures of Bear I took a few mins ago, he's such a beautiful strong boy. 

Anyways, enjoy the new pictures!!


Melissa & Bear


Photos and email received 8/26/10

These are 2 pups from Calla x Bo at 7 wks old, next week they will be going to their new homes!  Pics taken 8/26/10 @ 7 wks old.  Gorgeous black/red pups from Bo !!!

This is a male pup sired by V-1 Champion Bo.  7 wks old.

female on (left) and male on the right, 7 wk old pups from Calla x Bo.


Photos and email received 8/26/10

(Connie from Rogers, Arkansas purchased a female pup from Coco x Bo)

Just wanted to let you know what a great puppy she is.  We named her Makita.  She is great!  She was practically house-broke when she got here.  It was so easy.  She has a super disposition- real laid back.  She learns really fast.
My husband said that is the best dog we have ever had!  She goes everywhere with us except church.  She just lays under my desk or chair while I work.  It is very evident you spend lots of time with the dogs and puppies .  We really appreciate it.  We just love our puppy!!!  Thanks for all you did!  She is great!!



Photos and email received 8/26/10

Becky and "Minos" an 8 wk old pup from Coco x Bo.

"Minos" taking Becky for a walk. 

"Minos" and "Lucy" pups from Coco x Bo in their new home all tired out.

"Minos" at 9 wks old.

"Lucy" at 9 wks old.

Hi Kathy

Just a quick update from us to let you know that everything is going well.  We had our second training session today and even our trainer is amazed how disciplined these pups are.  Have not had an accident in the house in 3 days and Minos seems to now grasp that ringing the bell means potty time.  Minos is up to 15.5 lb and Lucy is 14.8 so eating A LOT!!

New pics on the web site, but here are a few for you to enjoy.

Take care and talk soon,

John & Family


Photos and email received 8/26/10

This is "Gemma" she is from Dakota x Calla's 2007 litter.

"Gemma" and her family.  Gemma resides in the St. Louis area.

"Gemma" and Dominick enjoying the pool.


Photos and email received 8/23/10

This is "Max" and Robert.  Max is a pup from Calla's 2006 litter.  Max is a big boy of 110 pounds!  Max now resides in California.

Photo shown of "Max" and Robert, and "Jazzy" laying on the floor.  "Jazzy" is a pup from Ginny x Dakota's 2006 litter. 

Hi Kathy,

Jasmine has turned into such a wonderful dog, the best protector and friend, she is very sweet and must have gotten that from Dakota.  I have attached a pic of she and Max and one of Max at 110 pounds.  Jazmine weighed in at 90 pounds!   Big hugs for you. Nancy and Robert


Photos and email received 8/22/10

This is "Chief" a 7 mos old male pup from Coco x Bo's litter.  "Chief" now resides in Princeton, IL.  Photos taken 8/22/10.

Another photo of "Chief" a 7 mos old male pup from Coco x Bo.


Photos and email received 8/20/10

These are 2 pups (female on left) male on the right.  6 wks old from Calla x Bo's litter. Photos taken 8/20/10 @ 6 wks old.

Calla x Bo's 6 wk old puppies.  (Girl on the left) (Male on the right)

Calla x Bo's puppies at 6 wks old.

Calla x Bo's puppies at 6 wks old.


Photos and email received 8/19/10

Hannah and her new puppy.  (puppy out of Coco x Bo's litter)

This is "Minos" an 8 wk old pup from Coco x Bo.


Another picture of "Minos"

Minos and Lucy 8 wk old pups from Coco x Bo.  Both at their new home in NY.


Photos and email received 8/19/10

This is a hand made "thank you" card from Hannah a precious little girl from NY who came down with her family all the way to Missouri to purchase two puppies.  I will treasure this card from Hannah ALWAYS!  Thank You Hannah & Family :)


Photos and email received 8/18/10

This is "Minos" a 8 wk old male pup from Coco x Bo.  Minos now resides in NY.

This is Minos (right) and Lucy (left), 8 wk old pups from Coco x Bo.

This is Hannah picking out a puppy from Coco x Bo's litter.

John and Family drove from NY to get two puppies from Coco x Bo's litter.


Photos and email received 8/15/10

This is "Steve" a 8 wk old pup from Coco x Bo, laying next to his new friend, "Jack."  "Steve" left today, 8/15/10 and is now in his new home in O'Fallon, IL.

This is "Steve" a 8 wk old puppy from Coco x Bo in his new home.


Just wanted to let you know that Steve is settling-in his new home. He was great on the drive home—barely a whimper.   Steve is an AWESOME puppy—we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE him!  Already—what a great temperament.

Just wanted to send you a few pics of him in his new home—one with our dog Jack and another with our 2 year old Sydney.

Thanks for giving us a beautiful pup!



Photos and email received 7/19/10

This is Maverick a young pup from Anji x Chaos.

Maverick playing tug.

Maverick posing.


Photos and email received 7/10/10

This is "Bear" a 2 yr old dog from Calla x Dakota.  "Bear" now resides in Paola, KS with Melissa. 



Hey Kathy!

Hope all is well.  I got these taken of Bear right before the 4th of July and they turned out AWESOME!!  He's such a STUD!!  Enjoy the pictures!  Talk to you soon.




Photos and email received 6/29/10

This is "Bogey" a male pup from Coco x Bo.  Photo taken at 5 mos old.  Bogey now resides with Ed and Robin in California !!!


Hi Kathy, Here is a photo of Bogey at almost 6 months. ....taken last week at the beach. He's a sweetheart.


Photos and email received 6/02/10

This is "Chief" a 5 mos old male pup from Coco x Bo.

This is "Chief" a 5 month old pup from Coco x Bo

Chief resides in Princeton, IL. 

Chief, 5 month old male pup from Champion parents V-1 Bo, and SG-1 Coco.


Chief enjoying a run

Chief at 5 months old, parents Champion V-1 Bosse vom Century and SG-1 Coco.

This is what "Chief" looked like at 8 wks old and look at him now !!!  WOW !!!

6/02/10 Chief and his family came by to see us this evening and what a surprise!  What a treat it was to see him!!!  He is absolutely GORGEOUS to say the least and I was so impressed with him!  He has beautiful expression, nice big blocky head, large bone, beautiful bone structure.  Nice gait, very obedient (as he is enrolled in obedience classes) Above all he has an OUTSTANDING temperament.  What beautiful big boned puppies Coco and Bo produce.  We couldn't be more pleased!


Photos and email received 5/28/10

This is Kaya, a 4 yr old female she is a pup from Calla x Marco 2006 litter.  Kaya now resides in Kansas City.


Hi Kathy,   it has been a long time!   I wanted to send you some pictures of Kaya - I can't believe she will be 4 in September!   Looking at pictures of your puppies - I can't believe how fast the time has gone!   Anyway, Kaya is doing great! She LOVES swimming, and taking rides in our jeep! She is definitely spoiled, but she deserves it! She is still very protective of myself and our house, but everywhere we bring her - people just love her.   Hope all is well with you!   Kate V.  KC, Missouri


Photos and email received 5/17/10

This is "Bear" a male pup from Calla x Dakota.  Bear is the life of the party, he's wanting to have fun by popping some balloons!!!  Looks like Bear had a little too much to drink?!  (lol)

Bear LOVES those balloons doesn't he?  :)  Bear resides in Kansas.

Bear says..."Got balloons?"


Hey Kathy! How are you? Bears doing great, he's my big baby. I snapped a few comical pictures of Bear helping to 'clean up' after a graduation party we hosted. He LOVED to pop the balloons, he was flying around like super-man! LOL He was definitely the life of the party lol!

Take care!



Photos and email received 5/17/10

This is "Berlin" a female pup from Anji x Chaos.  Berlin now resides in FL.

Berlin on her way to the Beach, resting her head on her K-9 pal.

Berlin says "Are we there yet?" 

Hi Kathy,

Here's some pics of Berlin on our way to the beach.  She is such a big and pretty girl.  We LOVE her so much!!!!! 

Talk to you later,



Photos and email received 5/11/10

Wesley and "Zeus."  Zeus is a male dog from Ginny x Dakota's October 2007 litter.  Zeus resides in Hannibal, Mo.

Hi Kathy,  

Been awhile since I talked to you. How are things? I wanted you to know Zeus is doing awesome. I have been training him to track and actually started a K9 search and rescue group. We are doing an interview on the 12th featuring our group and Zeus on KHQA, so watch for us. You should be proud, he is an awesome part of our family. We'll talk soon.  

Wesley N.


Photos and email received 4/27/10

This is "Bear" a male pup now 2 yrs old from Calla x Dakota.  Bear resides in Paola, KS.


Hey Kathy! Just sending your a picture I took of Bear while I was fishing.. he's so gorgeous!!

Take care!



Photos and email received 4/25/10

This is "Chief" a male pup from Champion parents, Coco x Bo.

This is "Chief" on the right, his first encounter with "Lakota" (left)

After their meeting, Lakota and Chief are chasing each other in the snow.


Hi!  My parents and Travis asked me to send you guys some pictures of Chief. 

He is such a sweetie!!


Photos and email received 4/24/10

This is "Judge" a 3 mos old male pup from Champion parents Coco x Bo.

"Judge" resides in the St. Louis area.

Hi Kathy,

This is Judge-what a lover!! He is doing very well and such a joy to have.  

Shelly and Keith


Photos and email received 4/20/10

This is "Lexi" a female pup from Champion parents, Bo x Coco.

Lexi now resides in Marion, IL.

This is "Lexi" (on left) a female pup from Bo x Coco.  Pics taken in March.

Hi Kathy!  I am sorry it has taken me so long to get a note to you.  I've been rather busy with a new baby!   We named her Lexi and she is a gem!  Our older dog, Kylie, loves her and is very tolerable of her energy!  She has been going to work with us and walking the trail at lunch!  We have been spending most of our waking hours with her.  She has a mat covered with toys and balls as well as her crate in the kitchen.  She loves her ball, sticks, and the lake!  She has been on boat rides and is exhibiting wonderful social skills with people and other dogs.  She is also busy chasing a goose out of our yard that has taken up residence.  She has been a wonderful addition to our family!  The cat is not so sure about her, but they are warming up a bit!  I have attached a couple of pictures.  I have not downloaded my camera in a couple of weeks so she has certainly grown as you well know!  I just wanted you to know that your baby is well cared for and is thriving in her new home!  Thanks for everything!!!  Sincerely,  Dr. Connie



Photos and email received 4/18/10

This is "Bogey" and Ed.  Bogey is a pup from Champion parents Bo x Coco.

Bogey is 3 mos old, he just graduated from Puppy 1 class! 

Congratulations Bogey!!!

Bogey and Ed.  Bogey lives in California.




Photos and email received 4/18/10

This is "Kaiser" a male pup from Calla x Chaos.

"Kaiser" resides in St. Louis.  He is 4 mos old.

Hi Kathy, Hope you are well. Kaiser is doing great, and we're really enjoying him. I've attached a picture of him in my garden. I'll try to send more pictures of him later. Sincerely, Mary


Photos and email received 4/16/10

This is "Bogie" a pup from Champion parents, Bo x Coco.

Bogie just graduated "Puppy 1" class.  Congratulations Robin & "Bogie."

"Bogie" resides in California.

Hi Kathy,

Hard to get him to stay still..... But this was Bogie's graduation from puppy 1!


Photos and email received 4/12/10

This is Mike and "Calypso."  Calypso is a pup from Calla x Dakota.

She now resides in Virginia.  Calypso just turned 2 in March !!!

"Calypso's" first snow...

"Calypso" enjoying her birthday bone...she looks just like her mom, Calla!!!



Wanted to drop you a quick note and provide some new pictures of Calypso.
We can't believe she just celebrated her second birthday. She is such an outstanding pup...the most loving but also the most protective dog that we have ever had. As you can see by the pics she had lots of fun this past winter playing in snow. And of course she received lots of gifts for her birthday.

Take care,


Photos and email received 4/10/10

"Misha" & "Ariel."  Misha was born in May 2008 & Ariel was born in June of 2009.  Both girls are from Anji x Chaos.


Dear Kathy,   Just wanted to drop you a line /pictures and update you on the girls. We really made the right choice to get Ariel,she and Misha are tied together all the time and they are great with Zoey. They run the show around here that's for sure. Mitch doesn't like to travel like they do, they go with us on the weekends and out with us for hrs and loves it-everyone tells us how beautiful and well behaved that they are, of course at home that is different, but they make us laugh all the time.They are always bugging Mitch and Pepe.   Hugs,   Maria and the girls.


Photos and email received 3/31/10

This is "Apollo" from Anji x Chaos' June 2009 litter. 

This is Apollo a male pup from Anji x Chaos.

"Apollo" at 9 mos old.  Beautiful Boy!!!


Hi Kathy!  Apollo is 10 months old tomorrow, so I wanted to send you a few picks of how he’s grown into a big handsome feller.  He’s currently doing great and has the best temperament. Can’t wait to get him into the water this spring.

Take care and send you more pics soon,

Craig H.

Kansas City, MO


Photos and email received 3/26/10

This is "Zarah" a female pup from Calla x Chaos' Dec. 2009 litter.

"Zarah" resides in the Los Angeles, CA area.

Dear Ms. Roberts,
I hope all is well!  I finally uploaded some pictures that I took over the last couple days to send to you.  Zarah is AMAZING; my family and I love her.  She is just a blast and there is never a dull moment with her. Right now she weighs 35 pounds but the number grows every week.  I did not realize that she would have so much power at such a young age; whenever I walk her around a lake at the local park, she pulls me along if I am walking too slow!  :)  Anyways, thank you so much!
Sincerely, Michelle R.


Photos and email received 3/24/10

This is "Bronzon" a male pup from Calla x Chaos' Dec. 2009 litter.

"Bronzon" resides in the Kansas City area.


Photos and email received 3/23/10

This is "Noey" short for "Noel" she is a pup from Calla x Chaos' Dec 2009 litter.

She was sold to John and Jane O in Maine. 

Thanks for the referral Theresa!

Dear Kathy,

Your website is a trip to heaven and back! I will be visiting you often online now that I have found you! The fact that you are selling such magnificent dogs at reasonable prices (and I have searched wide and far online) makes you in my estimation not only a professional, but a person with heart. This way, people can afford to own a priceless pet and companion, or a breeding dog, but the best of the best --- God bless you for that policy of yours! I am a long-time German Shepherd enthusiast and for seven years, I had been a nun at New Skete where I learned a lot about this fabulous breed.

My dear good friends John and Jane from Maine, will be contacting you soon regarding the possible purchase of one of your wonderful puppies. I have printed out to send them whatever information I can find and I entrust them to your profound respect for the breed and your excellence as a breeder. I know you will send them a wonderful special puppy and I have assured Jane that I deeply believe since she did so much good herself when she was breeding German Shepherds and gave to me many years ago a dog named Abby, the best Shepherd I ever had. And I have had many including those I raised and trained in the monastery. Jane is not breeding dogs any more and just lost her most beloved male, Eros. I know your heart will go out to her as mine does. She is a very wonderful person.

I know that Jane deserves your special attention and for that reason, with a full heart and much love for your dogs, (I hope I will own one myself in the future; right now I have a five year old working stock male from Connie in Michigan. I adore him, Gandalf by name. In the future, I will have one last and final German Shepherd since my age will not allow me to predict more! I have rescued 8 cats plus one British Shorthair so my home is full. Otherwise, having found your website and studied it with great care, I would be lining up with others to have a "classy K-9", too.

God bless your fine work and give you much success in what you are trying to do.

Sincerely yours,

Theresa M.



Photos and email received 3/21/10

This is "Bear" celebrating his 2nd birthday.  "Bear" is a pup from Calla x Dakota.

"Bear" resides in Paola, KS.

Hey Kathy! Here's some pictures of the birthday boy lol! He LOVED his peanut butter cake! And his new toy, he's actually sleeping on it now LOL Cant believe he's 2! He's always gonna be my big baby no matter how old he is lol

Enjoy the pictures!



Photos and email received 3/20/10

This is "Bogie" a male pup from Coco x Bo's Dec 2009 litter. 

Bogie resides in Berkely, CA.

Hi Kathy,
I thought you'd like to see a photo of Bogie taken a few days ago. He's growing rapidly. He can no longer squeeze through the gate we have closing off our breakfast room! He is so smart...very few "accidents". He responds to "sit" almost all the time and is learning "down". It took several days for him to be able to walk around our block, now we can walk for about 1/2 an hour going up and down at least 4 or  5 square blocks in our neighborhood. Bogie loves people, especially kids. He wants to play with everyone he meets. He's been to a puppy class twice already and loves romping with the other puppies.
Thanks for a great little puppy,



Photos and email received 3/18/10

This is "Bear" from Calla x Dakota, now 2 yrs old.  He resides in Paola, KS.

Hey Kathy! Glad to hear from you! We just got back yesterday from a 2 1/2wk trip to Memphis Tn. My uncle passed away suddenly, and we needed to go be with everyone. And of course... I took my Bear lol and I cannot tell you how very proud I am of him, we didn't take his kennel, so he was free roaming around the hotel room etc. He was soooooo good, ever watchful and protective of everyone, but gentle with us, he even slept with me, and occasionally my mom lol! He didn't make any accidents etc. was so good, a dream to have! Can you believe hes going to be 2 in a couple days?? Doesn't seem like it at all! I'm gonna go get his cake this week, and I'll be sure to send over some pictures. take care and talk to you later.  Melissa.



Photos and email received 3/17/10

This is "Elvis" from Anji x Chaos' November 2008 litter. 

Elvis is ready for St. Patrick's Day!  "Elvis" resides in the Chicago area.

Hola Kathy:

Thought you'd enjoy this picture of Elvis. He's enjoying the holiday & tonite we will be out searching for our


Photos and email received 3/10/10

This is a male pup "Kaiser" from Calla x Chaos' 12/09/09 litter.

"Kaiser" resides in the St. Louis area.

Hi Kathy, I just wanted to let you know that the puppy is doing great! We've named him Kaiser. We took him to the vet, our vet was so impressed with Kaiser, he said that he wished that more of the gsd's he saw had such good temperaments. Kaiser hasn't had even one accident in the house or his crate, he's amazing! My gsd Bella has gotten more used to him and seems willing to be friends; I'm sure she'll adjust given a few more days. Will send pictures and progress reports as he grows. Hope you are well. Sincerely, Mary E.

Email from 3/20/10...

Hi Kathy, I wanted to write and give you an update on Kaiser, (often called Kie). He's amazing and is by far the easiest trained animal I have ever owned. He hasn't had any accidents in the house or in his crate. Bella and he are becoming fast friends and love playing and wrestling. He is full of curiosity and is very spunky, yet he is sweet and loving as well. I'll send you pictures as soon as the weather gets better. Thanks again, I can't emphasize enough how impressed we are with him. Sincerely, Mary E.


Photos and email recieved 2/01/10

This is "Apollo" at 7 mos of age, a pup from Anji x Chaos.

"Apollo" is from Anji x Chaos' June 2009 litter.  He resides in Kansas City area.


Hi Kathy!

Just thought I’d send you a few more pictures of Apollo at 7 months. I can’t believe how huge he’s gotten.  Sure is a handsome feller. 

Craig & Charise



Photos and email received 1/23/10

Photo of "Maverick" a pup from Anji x Chaos' summer 2009 litter.

Hi Kathy!! A much overdue update...I hope this finds you and your family well.  From your site, it looks like some more puppies have arrived recently!!  We may be sending a friend your way soon.  :-)  We get so many compliments on our pretty boy.  Attached are some pictures from September on through Christmas. Maverick is just fantastic.  He truly just fits in as one of the family.  He is such a friendly dog...loves all people and animals.  He is definitely the fourth of our "litter".  We all just adore him.   He goes on 2 mile jogs with me every other day...my perfect running buddy.  What a comfort to have my protector in the dark morning hours!  He LOVES it.  We will be cruising along and he'll get sassy and grab the leash in his mouth and get all proud...looks JUST like that pic of Chaos walking you.  What a goof!  On the other days we take him on walks and he has to make his visits with about 4 neighbor dogs on our route.  He's such a sweetie.  I have been taking him to obedience and he is doing so well.  We recently did an agility type class, and he had a ball!  He loved trying to figure out what he was supposed to do.  I am going to continue with that.  He really loves the mental stimulation and of course being around the other dogs.  There was another shepherd in one of the classes, and it was so funny.  They had this instant connection like they knew each other and during play time it was like there were no other dogs in the room.  Maverick's favorite things are playing with the kids, walks and jogs, playing with other dogs, tug of war, playing in the water hose and bath, and SNOW!!  He loves romping in the snow.  It is hilarious.  When we got our first snow, we could not get him to come inside!!  And he has become the BIGGEST cuddle baby.  The bigger he gets, the more of a lap dog he thinks he is.  :-)  Well, enjoy the pics and have fun with your new litter!

Brock, Jennifer, Ethan, Emma, Davis and Maverick


Photos and email received 1/18/10

This is "Apollo" a pup from Anji x Chaos' summer 2009 litter.


HI Kathy!

Just letting you know that one of your little babies is growing up fast. Apollo currently weighs 70lbs. and is doing just fine.  He has just the best temperament. He will not leave your side for a second and we love that.  He’s currently mastered catching the tennis ball and returning it.  He’s getting pretty good at finding the hidden ball too.  I can’t wait ‘till spring to get him into the water. 

Anyway, we couldn’t be more pleased with one of your dogs.  I’ll send videos your way soon.  

Craig & Charise H.

Kansas City, MO













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