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Email and photos received 12/31/06


Hi Kathy,

Hope you had a fun birthday.  I’m sitting here looking at all the pictures of the puppies on your website and just remembering Zoey when she was that size.  Seems like only yesterday and now she’s almost as big as Otis, I am enclosing a few pictures we took recently.  She is such a joy to have.  Today she has all her toys out and trying to play with all at the same time.

Hope you have a fun and successful new year.



Zoey in Oregon--Calla's pup--Zoey is a BEAUTY!!!


Zoey--tough choice...bone or ball???  : )








Email & photo received 12/28/06


Jazzy and Max  12/28/06


Good afternoon Kathy: 

Here is a picture of the kids hard at work training.  Max is topping out at 40 pounds now!  He is very good with children and has just the most laid back disposition imaginable.  Jazzy is most definitely the type a personality and the guard dog extraordinaire.  They complement each other as much as they have bonded.  Max can’t stand to see Jazzy go out on her own (but the girl does need some alone time every now and again).  The same holds true when we take Max out.  As Max grows like a weed and Jazzy fills out they are quite the impressive pair! 

Have a happy new year!  More pictures to follow.




Email received Dec. 24, 2006 11:34 a.m.

Hi Kathy:  We purchased Hexe. Wanted to let you know she is adjusting very well and obeying obedience commands. She is very loving and wants to please. She loves praise. She stays in the house most of the time except for exercise. She had a bath in the shower and did very well. We all love her. Thanks.  



Hexe was sold to a MO Police K9 officer.



Photos received 12/18/06 from John Shover in Fairbanks, Alaska.

The 2 photos are of "Anna" she was sold to John in 2003.

She is a pup of "Dakota and "Daisy" (we no longer have Daisy)

John is a retired Alaskan State Trooper.  He plans on buying another pup from us this spring, this will make the 3rd puppy purchase, thanks John for your confidence in me as a breeder.  What a big beautiful girl Anna is!!!  Wow!!

"Anna" lives in Fairbanks, Alaska  (she is a pup of Dakota's)


"Anna"' is a pup that Dakota sired in 2003.

"Anna" is the family house dog/protector in Fairbanks, Alaska!

She is gorgeous!!!!




Email received 12/15/06 


Hi Kathy,  

I hope you are doing well....Hope Shelly is doing well so far with her soon to be liter!!!   Here are some updated photos of Kaya as of today 12/15/2006!   She is doing great... I can't believe how much she has grown.  

We started obedience class this past Wednesday night, and Kaya did great ~ she is the smartest dog in the class! ( I am sure everyone says that about their dog!)

Kaya knows how to sit, shake, lay, stay...and fetch! She LOVES to play fetch with her frisbee and tennis balls. We are able to take her on walks without a leash and she stays right by us...its pretty amazing how smart and good she is.   We are having a blast, she has brought a lot of fun to the house that is for sure. Everyone in our neighborhood comes over to visit her.....she has lots of "fans" around here.   Kaya will be having another exciting holiday....we will be back up in Chicago with Hannah, and my sister's dog and her boyfriends dog for Christmas!   I will be sure to take pictures and send them on to you.  

I'll have to get my dad to send some updated pictures of Hannah as well.  

I hope you and your family have a wonderful holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Talk soon,  



"Kaya" (Calla x Marco's pup)  HOW CUTE!!!  


"Kaya" what a BIG, BEAUTIFUL GIRL!!!!!!! 




Photos received 12/15/06


"Maya" a female pup from Calla x Marco's Sept 2006 litter.


"Maya" and baby Shelby--HOW CUTE!!!


Maya looking after baby Shelby  


Baby Shelby and Maya                 

Shelby is trying to kiss Maya               

Looks like Maya is keeping a very watchful eye out for

the baby!  How sweet!!!




Update 12/08/06:  MAX AND JAZZY


Max weighed in at 31 pounds!  What a BIG boy!

What absolutely BEAUTIFUL dogs they are!!!!

Max is a pup from Calla.


Max and Jazzy taken 12/08/06




Email rec'd from Max and Jazzy's parents on 11/16/06


Hi Kathy,

We made it home safely, no problems, only one little
wimper out of little Max.  He is so awesome.  Jazzy is
thrilled with him.  They are both exhausted, they have
been playing since we got home.  I was apprehensive of
course, but they are sharing toys and romping big
time.  They are sharing the water and food bowl too!
We are crazy about him and so is Jazz.  I think we
will all be happy when bed time rolls around tonight.
They are both so tired, but having to much fun to
rest.   He walked right in and made himself at home.
We feel so fortunate to have both of them and thank
you so much for the love and care you obviously
bestoyed on all of your babies.  Right now Robert is
laying on the floor, little Max is laying by my feet,
well on them and Jazz has finally layed down by
Robert, but keeps checking on Max.  Max is laying on
my feet and when I talk to him, he responds with
kisses,  I love his stuffins!  I will send you some
pics, I took a couple tonight and will try to get some
tomorrow too.

Thank you again for the beautiful babies.  Keep up the
good work.  Not just anyone can raise dogs with such
love and care.  I am so happy we found you. We will
refer anyone we can to you with the utmost confidence.
If anyone ask for a reference please feel free to use

I will keep you posted and send pics when I get them.
Take care and thanks again Kath, dont worry we will
take excellent care of the babies.

Hope your Holidays are the best!

Robert & Nancy




Marie (left) holding "Hannah" on the right is her daughter Kate, and Kate is holding "Kaya".  These are Calla's puppies.


Marie & "Hannah"   Kate and "Kaya"


"Just the girls"


"Kaya" in the snow


uh-oh one of the girls into something...Kaya or Hannah??


one of the girls in the snow


baby's first snow in Chicago


Hannah winter napping


Email from Kate 11/29/06:

Hi Kathy,  

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving ~ we had a great time....the 2 puppies together was hysterical!!!!   So much fun, and even better ~ the weather was beautiful, so they had nothing but fun outside as well as in!!!! Here are some pictures of both Hannah (in the deep red collar) and Kaya (in the pinkish collar) from Chicago.


My parents wanted me to pass on " they love Hannah, she is so sweet and such a great dog".   We all loved watching the two play together. In fact, I guess Hannah stood at the door crying the night we left Chicago....looking for Kaya. My mom said, Monday morning, she ran to the door again looking for Kaya.



"Hannah"  (Calla's pup)


"Hannah" napping (Calla's pup)




Zoey  (Calla's pup) Zoey lives in Oregon. 

Joyce and Gary drove over 2000 miles one way to pick up Zoey personally.


Beautiful Zoey!   (Calla's pup)


12/02/06  "ZOEY" what a gorgeous baby!!!


12/02/06  Gorgeous Zoey in Oregon!




"Kaya" & "Hannah" thanksgiving 2006

Calla's puppies...what BIG beautiful girls!!!


"Hannah" & "Kaya" (Kaya is chewing on her bone)


"Kaya" and "Hannah"


"Hannah" guarding her "thanksgiving dinner"  :)


"Kaya" in the snow 2006




"Kaya" and "Hannah" what GORGEOUS puppies they are!!!

Thanksgiving 2006





Photos and emails received 11/20/06


Good Morning Kathy,

Here is a picture of Max and Jazzy, or should I say two best buds!  Jazzy alternates between being a puppy (as in all about playing with her new friend) and a concerned mother (she brought Max toys the first night because he was a little over active and didn’t’ want to go to sleep).  Max is all puppy and all man GSD.   He has a wonderful temperament and is both very laid back & cuddly, while being not the least bit afraid of anything – such confidence!  Play time is an adventure in laughter!  The two get along really well with a pull toy between them and a good game of tug of war to keep them occupied.  This and other play behaviors keep them going for a long time!   Also, Max watches Jazzy and has figured out basic training such as sit, down & hold (a short hold anyway); which is a hoot to see them both go through the paces!  Nancy and I can’t thank you enough!  In the short couple of days Max has been part of our family he has let us know what a totally unique and awesome GSD he is and will become!


Robert & Nancy P.





Zoey--she is gorgeous!!!!


Zoey and her "brother" Otis in Oregon. 




"Maya" and baby Shelby.  The girls are getting so big!


"Maya" and Shelby




"Jazzy" owned by Nancy and Robert of LaDue, MO.

They are the proud owners of "Jazz" & "Max"

She is absolutely GORGEOUS!  Jazz is a pup from Ginny and Dakota.

Jazz is 8 months old in this photo.






Maya at 9 wks old  what a beauty!


Maya 9 wks old!  Look at that face!




This is "Kaya" (Calla & Marco's pup) she now resides in Kansas City! 

Thanks Kate and Wayland for giving "Kaya" a loving home!




"Kaya" in Kansas City




Zoey and her puppy parents made it back home to Oregon.

Joyce and Gary drove over 2000 miles to pick up their precious puppy! 

Thanks Joyce and Gary for giving Zoey a loving home!


Zoey now resides in Oregon!




Maya at 8 wks old. Sold to Brad & Sue.


All puppies from Calla's 9/2006 litter have been sold.  All new puppy owners report that pups are doing great and everyone is happy with their new addition to their family!


"Jazzy" she is a pup from Ginny and Dakota


Email received:  9/07/06

Hello Kathy,

Sorry its been so long since the last update.  Here is a picture of our little lady at 6 ½ months old and right at 60 pounds.  I was doing some off leash training and as you can see she has “hold” down pat.  Also, she is a very active guard dog that patrols and patrols.   The slightest

sound that’s out of place, or if she sees something that’s not to her liking then she’s off to investigate!  Her “big girl” bark is an attention getter too.  With all that there is the loving side of her nature.  When you look into those big brown eyes you can see it’s all about what she can do to please you.  Thanks again, Jazzy is an amazing GSD!


"Jazzy" at 5 months old


Update:  7/26/06  "JAZZY"

Good Morning Kathy, Well it has been a hectic couple of weeks!  Jazzy was spayed on the 17th and had her stitches removed this Monday.  At 5 months she is 50 pounds.  Also, she continues on with her formal training and is now in intermediate puppy class where the trainier

is teaching the more advance behaviors.  This training is hard for most puppies, but easy for a dog as smart as she is. When we go on our walks I’m constantly getting comments about her from both people who know the breed and those who just see her as a very striking GSD.  Most of the remarks can be summarized by:  “Wow, what a beautiful dog!!”  She definitely has the GSD characteristic of a “Nobel Appearance”. I’ll conclude the update with that, have a great



"Jazzy" @ 4 mos old.  What a "BEAUTY".  Her owner says:

Good Morning Kathy,

I know you are very busy so I’ll keep this brief, attached is a photo of Jazzy doing what she does best, Training!  Her final week of puppy class is the 10th of July.  She’s the biggest pup in the class and the smartest too!  Have a great day!

R.P. of Ladue, MO







"Jazzy" at 3 mos (Dakota & Ginny's)


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