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Welcome Labo Kenola (Palo) our newest Import...

Palo has been SOLD !!!


Photo of Palo taken 04/06/21 with my 6 yr old granddaughter.


Please READ thoroughly BEFORE you inquire !!!

Palo is the Son of the World Champion in Germany VA Optimus vom Pendler.  Palo's grandfather is World Sieger, VA Fulz Di Zenevredo (see pedigree below)

Palo is the most striking dog you'll ever see.  He is a large substantial masculine male, with outstanding black and RED color.  He has a big head, broad chest, thick bone, and that boxy chisled muzzle.  Palo is sound!  Palo is drop dead GORGEOUS! To sum it up..Palo is a RARE find!!! He is a jaw dropping beauty !!! He looks like a big ole teddy bear !!!  He is built !!!

We have been looking for a replacement (stud dog) like Palo and frankly what we have found were shocking!  Nothing even close compares to Palo.  Every male dog that I have looked at looks more feminine than masculine, they had "Collie type" muzzles (long and pointy), long skinny body and personality issues and priced more than Palo!  Dogs similar to Palo were in the $10,000 - $15,000 price range !!!

Palo just turned 4 years old, (12/11/16) a Big Boned (95 pounds)dark red mahogany RED and black GSD, he is my dream dog!  I waited over 40 years for this dog !!!  

Palo went to the vet on 1/13/21 for a complete exam, and he is in great health.  We had a buyer for him, (reason for exam) but turned out she was not the right home that we wanted for him.  We received a Vet health certificate on him.  He is current on his rabies and DAPP.  He is microchipped.  He weighed in at 94.4 pounds.  He's current on Heartgard Plus that he receives every month the 1st day of each month (heartworm preventative).  Given year round.

As with ANY adult dog that we sell Palo is being sold with NO guarantees. 

Reason for selling:  We had 3 A.I.'s (artificial inseminations) done with Palo x Carys in August and NO pregnancy (due 10/26/20).  His semen was tested by 4 different vets.  His semen is excellent, millions of sperm, excellent mobility but he cannot "penetrate" he gets VERY close but for whatever reason he can't/won't insert.  (ugh!)  He knows how to "perform" and he has the drive but I think he gets too excited.  After having the A.I.'s done which didn't work, we are now offering him for sale.  (the reason they didn't work is because it was done at a "general" vet office not at a reproduction clinic and they were not experienced with the procedure). 

About Palo:  Palo is a MAGNIFICENT dog !!! 

VERY well trained, VERY loving, loyal, protective.  He LOVES kids, He is a family member !!!  He is the envy of the neighborhood!  Everyone ADORES him, I could have easily sold 200 puppies from him, I had dozens of deposits for over a year as EVERYONE wanted one of his pups.  Dogs such as Palo are VERY rare !!!

Palo has excellent ball and food drive. He LOVES his ball !!!  He aims to please !!!

I purchased him labor day weekend 2019.  The prior family that owned him imported him when he was a year old, they took him everywhere, on vacations, on their boat, car, truck, SUV he LOVES to travel !!!  He slept with their kids in their bed!  He jogged every morning with them.  He is very obedient, eager to please, not high drive nor hyper.  Very well mannered.  On/off leash, knows commands in German/English, crate trained, obedience trained, very protective of his home, family and property!  Palo was a member of their family and now our family member.  The family got transferred to another state to a "gated" community where no dogs allowed, thus the reason I purchased him.

Dogs of this calibur are being sold for double the amount that I am asking, you will not find another dog like him with his look, color, personality, training, temperament, or pedigree.  If you can..please do so, please don't waste your time nor mine.  I will NEVER find another dog like him!  As a breeder of 39 plus years he was a rare find !!!  I have invested a tremendous amount of $ in him.

We will be selective with whom we place Palo with.  The price is CASH firm.  You must pick him up in person.  If you are unable to pick him up I do know of a dog delivery service that will deliver to your door or meet you part way for a fee. He will NOT be shipped. 

A non refundable deposit ($1000) to secure the sale, and balance due in CASH at pick up.  If you need the delivery service for transportation, (as mentioned above) the entire amount must be wired prior to him leaving. We will NOT hold him for ANYONE without a deposit !!! 


Serious buyer ONLY need to reply !!! 

More info below, if you are serious about purchasing Palo email me or call.


Current pic of Palo on 4/06/21

95 pounds of pure beauty !!!  Deep mahogany red color !!!  He has a heart of gold !!!

He is built like a tank...solid !!! BIG BEAUTIFUL Black and DEEP RICH RED German Shepherd !!!


Olivia and Palo pic taken 04/06/21


Olivia and Palo 04/06/21


Olivia and Palo 04/06/21


This is Palo photo taken 04/08/2020.  Magnificent deep RED mahogany Black and RED German Shepherd !!! The MOST BEAUTIFUL dog in the World !!!  :)

We are SOOO proud to welcome Palo to our family !!!  What a drop dead GORGEOUS, absolutely STUNNING deep RED and black German Shepherd he is !!!  Palo's father is World Champion in Germany VA Optimus vom Pendler and Palo's grandfather is World Sieger, VA FULZ DI ZENEVREDO.  His pedigree is generations of World Class Champion German Shepherds !!! 

Palo looks EXACTLY like his dad, VA Optimus vom Pendler. Palo is the dog I have ALWAYS dreamed of owning!!!  He is just absolutely AMAZING !!!

We just got him home August 31, 2019.  He is the MOST Gorgeous German Shepherd I have ever seen!  He has a BIG blocky head, thick heavy bone, deep thick chest, beautiful conformation, a temperament to die for!!!  He is the real deal !!!  More pics and info to follow...photos do NOT do this dog justice he is just the most absolutely awesomest RED and Black German Shepherd !!!

Introductory PRICE:  Puppies out of Palo will be $3500 each.  First pick male or first pick female will be held back for us.

ALL Future litters (after his first litter) price will be $3500 each.

First pick male or first pick female add an additional $200


All puppies sold on AKC limited registration. 

A non-refundable deposit of $500 required to reserve. 

His puppies won't last long !!!

Visit the contact link for info in regards to deposits etc.

Check back for more details...

Palo 4/08/20


Palo 4/08/20


Palo head shot 04/08/20


Palo 04/08/20


Palo 4/08/20



Our beautiful boy Palo pic taken 09/02/19



Palo's dad VA Optimus vom Pendler, Palo looks just like him!


VA Optimus vom Pendler


VA Optimus vom Pendler


Palo's mom, Britt von der Wannsee, she is the daughter to World Sieger,

VA FULZ DI ZENEVREDO.  Britt is the grand-daughter to VA FURBO DEGLI ACHEI.


Our BEAUTIFUL boy Palo !!!  8/31/19


Palo standing 09/01/19


Palo head shot 09/02/19


Palo played a good game of tug today man is he tough !!!!!  09/04/19


Palo sitting 9/04/19


BIG GORGEOUS Palo 09/04/19


Palo with his tug rope.  09/04/19


Palo very happy.  9/04/19


Palo head shot 09/04/19


Palo 9/04/19


Palo 9/04/19


Palo sitting--I can't get enough of this dog !!!  9/04/19


Palo sitting 09/04/19


He's got it !!!  9/04/19


He won't let go !!!  :)


He's ready to ride...jumped in on his own and was like..come on what are you waiting for LOL.


Palo standing by the truck wanting to go...


Palo enjoying the outdoors on a beautiful day in our back yard.  9/04/19


Palo running after the ball



Palo  9/02/19


Palo sit 09/02/19


Palo sit 9/02/19


Palo 09/02/19


This is our 4 year old grand-daughter, Olivia with Palo this morning, 09/02/19.  Palo and I walked up the street this morning to go see Olivia, he doesn't even know her, yet allows her to love all over him without batting an eye.  His temperament is awesome!!!  One of my friends, Linda made the observation after seeing this photo, that his head is bigger than Olivia's.  He has one of the biggest heads I have ever saw on a German Shepherd and that rich mahogany RED color OMG he just leaves me breathless.  He is awesome in every way.  I couldn't be more pleased!  He exceeds my expectations!  I can't wait to have puppies from him, I will want to keep them all :)  Olivia's already asking if she can keep Palo..the answer to that was NO!  Lol.














Palo 09/01/19


Palo run


Palo running in our back yard.  09/01/19


Palo sitting 8/31/19











Palo standing, BIG blocky head, thick heavy boned, deep chest, DEEP RED and black German Shepherd !!!



Palo arrived :)


Very tired after his long trip.













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