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This is my "gallery" page dedicated to my customers to show off their puppies.

I want to personally thank each and everyone of you that purchased a pup from me.  ALL puppies went to loving homes.  You all have done a outstanding job with these pups.  I welcome your photos & updates.  I LOVE getting them, it truly makes my day.  There is nothing more rewarding than to see these photos with the smiles on the faces of happy pet owners.  That is why I breed these fine dogs, by doing so, has made many, so happy!  I am very proud of the puppies that my German Shepherds have produced.  God has Blessed me with wonderful dogs that have produced outstanding pups.  He truly Blessed me by sending me loving customers for my puppies.  

Our puppies have been sold through out the United States.  Some are serving as Service K-9's.  Many are loving, family companions as you can see from the photos. Please take your time to view the photos of these past puppies and the emails from happy clients!  It may take awhile to load as there are over 450 photos on this page.  (you may have to refresh this page, if pics do not load.)  

Our clients simply desire a healthy, intelligent, beautiful pup with a sound temperament, that they can completely trust and truly enjoy.  We provided such wonderful pups to our clients, they are truly elated!  Below are testimonials and photos from our clients. Thank you all very much!


  A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words!...



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Photos and email received 12/24/09

Who says dogs can't read?  :)  This is ELVIS a pup from Anji x Chaos !!!

ELVIS being the "cool" dog that he is !!!

Merry Christmas Kathy:

We've been promising you some pics and we just had to hurry and send these.  These were taken over Thanksgiving.  We all went out for Thanksgiving and so did ELVIS!  He was so well behaved. He didn't beg for food and was content just walking back & forth "visiting" with all the family members.

We wanted to send these pics so you can see how AWESOME he is doing and to show you how truly great his temperament is. We KNOW he is a BOY dog but Alyssa and I LOVE to dress him up. And as you can see so does ELVIS. I think his name suits him JUST fine cuz he LOVES to be in the lime light and the center of EVERYONE'S attention. He absolutely loves being fussed over. He's sooooo WELL behaved. We can put almost ANYTHING on him and he takes it all in stride. Again, we can't stress enough how pleased we are with him and these pics show it.

Thanks again,

Maribel, Kevin, Sammy Alyssa


Photos and email received 12/01/09

Suzanne and her K-9 kids.  "Berlin" (right) is a pup from Anji x Chaos

Berlin now lives in Tampa, FL.

The best wake up call...Morning Kisses!!!  :)

Well hello Kathy,

Can you believe my little girl, Berlin just turned a year old. She's all grown up now. lol.  Berlin is just as beautiful as ever and she is the absolute love of my life.  Berlin is so big and healthy!  We did the Tampa Bay Heart Walk last Saturday and she did so good.  We only did the one mile walk but that was plenty of excitement for her.  I had all these firemen and EMTs walk up and tell me how gorgeous she is. Of course they had to give her plenty of kisses and hugs.  Berlin made sure of that. lol.  You should have heard all the compliments I was getting on Berlin!  My co-workers, strangers, firemen, even police officers with their K-9s had to stop and see her.  I LOVED it!  But, all is well here. How have you been doing?  Derrick and I are spending Christmas with his family in Covington, VA again this year.  I am excited for Berlin to go. I got her a brown and pink hiking K9 back-pack for when we go hiking up in the mountains.  She's so hilarious when she wears it. Once I put it on her she struts around like she is somebody important. Almost like she has some big job to do carrying stuff.  Thanks so much for giving me such a wonderful dog.  I will talk to you soon.

Much Love,

Suzanne and Berlin


Photos and email received 11/24/09

This is "Ellie" a pup from Anji x Chaos.

Hi Kathy!

Hope all is well with you. I see you've got 2 litters due coming very soon! How exciting!  Ellie is now a little over 5 months old.  We started taking her to obedience training in KC about an hour away. I found a place that is great and even does certification for therapy dogs!  Ellie is BY FAR the best puppy in the class and is commended by not only the trainers, but by the other people in the class as well!  She is so very smart and fairly calm (especially for a 5 month old puppy!).  She knows most of the basic commands. She loves to go on her walks and absolutely loves playing ball. All in all she is doing amazing. We are so in love with her and she is everything we ever wanted in a pet and companion!  You can just look in her eyes and see her personality...so very sweet and fun. These pictures were taken in the past few days. She always looks so serious in pictures, which is so funny and so opposite of who she is. I think she gets irritated with me trying to take her picture...again!  HA HA!

Take care Kathy!  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Allen and Heather C.


Photos and email received 11/21/09

This is "Elvis" a pup from Anji x Chaos.

Hi Kathy:

Long time since we sent you an email. Here is the latest picture of ELVIS. He's one year old today :)  We can't begin to tell you how wonderful the last year has been. I'm short for time BUT we will send another email detailing how great the last year has been with ELVIS.



Photos and email received 11/21/09

This is "Roxy"  She is one year old!  She is a pup from Anji x Chaos.


Photos and email received 11/17/09

This is "Layla" and her "friend."  Layla is a pup from Anji x Chaos.

Hi Kathy,

This is "Layla" 4 & 8 weeks ago. Layla is the SWEETEST; SMARTEST and most playful dog we ever had!!!  She is so pretty with great coloring. 

We could not be happier.

Tony & Cecilia D. Atlanta, GA


Photos and email received 11/14/09

This is "Misha" and her sister.  Both are pups from Anji x Chaos.

The big girl is Misha at 18 mos old. The other girl is only 5 mos old.

Dear Kathy,

Attached are some photos of the girls. They are GREAT together!  However, they are also partners in crime together as well :)  They will make you laugh no matter what they do. They are just alike, their temperaments and attitudes are great!  Poor Mitch is totally out numbered. :)

Have a Blessed night,



Photos and email received 11/13/09

This is "Meko" a pup from Anji x Chaos.  (5 mos old)

Hi Kathy:

This is Meko at 5 months old. Thanks a million for providing us with a beautiful dog. We just love him so much!

Andrea and Joe A.  New Orleans, LA


Photos and email received 11/08/09

This is "Bear" and his orphaned "kitty" that he helped raise.  "Bear" is over a year  and a half old.  His parents are Calla x Dakota.


Photos and email received October 2009.

This is "Apollo" a young pup from Anji x Chaos.


Photos and email received 10/02/09

This is "Gemma" a 2 yr old dog from Callla x Dakota.

Hi Kathy !!!

How have you been? Can you believe Gemma celebrated her 2nd birthday.  :)

Time flies so quickly. Gemma has gotten so big...she loves running in the yard. She has a giant "stick" which is a pvc pipe that she runs around the yard with...its bigger than her !!!!!  Her and Duke had a great birthday. They got a special meal and some toys. We love little Gemma so much.  Duke and Gemma make every day something to remember :)

Nick, Andrea, Maddie, Dominic, Duke and Gemma


Photos and email received 9/01/09

This is "Maverick" and his new best friend.  "Maverick" is a pup from Anji x Chaos.


Photos and email received 8/30/09

This is "Swag" at 14 wks old, he's a pup from Calla x Chaos' litter.

"Swag" a male pup from Calla x Chaos' litter.  Swag resides in TN.

Hey Kathy,

I just wanted to send you some recent pics of Swag. The first few were taken about 2 weeks ago, at 14 wks old. He LOVES the water and gets a lot of pool time!  His new favorite activity is napping while floating on a raft in the pool!  Rough life!  One of the pictures is of him and our Labradoodle-they love to play until she jumps up onto a piece of furniture to get away from him.  We also took Swag with us on our family's trip to the beach this past week.  He had fun digging in the sand, plowing through the waves, and chasing seagulls nonstop...I don't think he ever got within 100 yards of one, but that didn't stop him.  :)  The last two pictures were just goofy-we think he shares a strong resemblance to E.T. in the last pic!  Swag couldn't be sweeter-he's getting huge but still loves collapsing into our laps whenever he needs a break. Just wanted to update you on our pup-hope you've had a great weekend.

Savannah & Swag


Photos and email received 8/28/09

This is "Bear" a pup from Calla x Dakota's 2008 litter.  After a mother cat was killed a litter of 9 day old kittens were left to fend for themselves.  Fortunately "Bear" came to their rescue.  What an AMAZING temperament!!!  Especially for a male to take on such a task to raise a litter of KITTENS!  Way to go "Bear!"  Bear lives with Melissa in Paola, KS.

"Bear" and "his" litter of kittens!!!


Photos and email received 8/21/09

This is Amy from Alabama and her "new puppy" she just picked up at the airport.  This is 11 wk old "teal-green" collar male pup from Anji x Chaos' June 01 litter. He was the last male from the litter, he was shipped to them on Friday, 8/21/09.

This is Jesse, Amy's husband with their new beautiful puppy after receiving him at the Birmingham airport in Alabama. For a 8 hr flight this puppy looks VERY happy!

Hi Kathy,

We just got home from the airport about 8:30 p.m. and we are in LOVE with our new member of the family...He is BEAUTIFUL, AWESOME!  He is actually more than what we expected...Everything you said about him and his temperament was very true and accurate. He took up with all of us immediately. Thanks so much for all the info, phone calls, updates and most of all for raising some of the most wonderful German Shepherds we have ever seen.  Many updates and videos to come your way.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,

Amy & Jesse B & kids.


Photos and email received 8/20/09

This is "Cesar" a male pup from Anji x Chaos' November 2008 litter.  Cesar now resides in Ohio with Luke.

"Cesar" a 9 mos old pup from Anji x Chaos

"Cesar" and his friend. Cesar is a pup from Anji x Chaos.

Hey Kathy,

How are you? I hope you are doing well.  I am so happy with Cesar!  He is my Gift from God.  I can't believe his temperament.  I never have to walk him on a leash, I run with him every day without a leash.  He is SO smart and listens to every word. He is so pretty. I have more than a 100 video clips of him.  By the way Cesar can "talk" I am not kidding he makes voices like a human and I can understand what he wants.  I would love to have another pup.  I am already a loyal customer.

Hope to hear from You soon,



Photos and email received 8/18/09

This is a male puppy from Anji x Chaos' 6/01/09 litter.  He was sold yesterday to a family in Des Moines, IA.

Hey Kathy!

It was truly a pleasure to meet you and your husband. It is a beautiful thing to see when someone finds their talent and calling. You do an absolutely amazing job.  I will always have that image in my mind, pulling in your driveway with just that wall of beautiful Shepherds.  I have that perfect image in my mind of how a Shepherd should look like, and WOW, that is what yours were--healthy, happy, beautiful, full of joy.  What an amazing amount of dedication, love, and time you provide to them!  It is obvious that each one truly is a part of your family.

We got in about 8:30 p.m. last night.  He did great on the trip.  He whimpered for just a few minutes, then decided "hmm comfey, I think I will take a nap."  He is just a great fit for us.  He loves to play, but is so gentle and doesn't get too wild with the kids.  When we all sit on the floor, he just makes his rounds to each of us with a kiss and then he kind of lays his head on our shoulders like he's giving us a hug.  SO SWEET.  We absolutely LOVE him. 

My husband could not get over how beautiful he is. I really wish he could have made the trip.  Although I don't think he would have ever left!  That sea of Shepherds would have been a dream for him to meet.

We started him on the floor in one of the kids's rooms to go to sleep.  He slept for a little while, then started exploring.  We put him in his crate downstairs because we were afraid he would get into something.  I was exhausted and knew I would be completely OUT last night.  He whimpered for maybe 10 mins, then didn't make a peep until morning.  When we went downstairs around 6:30 a.m. he was just hangin out in his crate.  We took him out right away to his spot, and he went right away.  He had NO accidents.  He nibbled a little on his food this morning maybe 10 bites or so. He stays right by our side when we are outside.  He will chase the kids, and when they stop, he just sits and looks up at them like, "what's next?"  He is so gentle.

He is ready for a nap now. He has been SHOWERED with tons of attention all morning.  Our cats are still trying to figure him out.  Our larger male, not much smaller than the pup, gave him a welcome swat on the snout.  Now Kirby is actually coming around and realizing how gentle and non-threatening he is.  All is GREAT!  I cannot thank you enough for the love and nuturing you have provided him with.  He is a WONDERFUL dog!


Jennifer, Brock, Ethan, Emma, Davis & "Maverick"


Photos and email received 8/14/09

This is "Swag" in driver's seat.  He is a pup (aka red collar) from Calla x Chaos' 5/10/09 litter. Swag now resides in TN.

"Swag" a gorgeous male puppy from Calla x Chaos' 5/10/09 litter.

Hi Kathy!

Hope this email finds everone well up in Missouri!  Just wanted to update you with photos of our sweet pup. He's settled in well.  We spent a lot of time outside with him-he LOVES running through the creek here, and it's really fun watching him as soon as he gets in the water. He is a lot of fun!  He's also spending time riding the boat at the lake, and playing with our other three dogs, he's still trying to figure out if the cats are his friends or not! :)  House training so far has been a breeze. Know that Swag is doing really well and that our family is head-over-heels in love with this boy!  We're really grateful for him. We'll be sure to keep in touch!

Savannah & Swag


Photos and email received 8/04/09

This is "Apollo" male pup from Anji x Chaos' June 01st 2009 litter.  This is Apollo asleep in his new home in Kansas City, MO.

"Apollo" male pup from Anji x Chaos.

WOW! What a wonderful little guy from the 6/01/09 litter from Anji and Chaos' you've Blessed us with!  We've name him Apollo and he has the BEST temperament!  He won't leave 10 feet from our side as a puppy.  He is so alert and aware of sounds-even when he's in his deepest sleep that is amazing.  I can definitely tell he's been a "momma's boy" of how he takes to my Wife. She loves that :).  Just saying thank you for a wonderful puppy and please know he will be spoiled and taken care of like no other.  Apollo went to the vet for his puppy wellness check, and he's doing great and currently into everything :)  We will keep you updated often and more pics to come your way soon. We couldn't be more pleased.

Craig and Charise H.


Photos and email received 7/26/09

This is "Bear" and his special friend.  "Bear" is a pup from Calla x Dakota's March 2008 litter.  (I LOVE this photo)  Bear now resides w/Melissa in Paola, KS.

"Bear" running.


Melissa won "1st place" with this photo. Way to go Melissa!  :)

Hey Kathy!

Thought I'd send you a update, and some new pictures of Bear. All except the first one were taken today.  I took Bear to the county Fair and showed him!  He ended up coming in 4th out of 15 dogs.  But with some training, I have NO doubt he will place 1st next year.  But his picture, the last one I'm attaching won 1st place!!  I was so proud of him for everything!  I also entered him in the obedience competition and WOULD have won but I had treats in my pocket.  (LOL)  I was proud of my boy and took him for his most favorite treat in the world...nilla ice-cream.  LOL.  Anyways, thought I'd send you some pictures of my boy, I just LOVE him so much!

Take care,



Photos and email received 7/26/09

This is "Gunnar" a male pup from Calla x Chaos' May 10th 2009 litter. 

Gunnar now resides in WI with his new owner Dave.

"Gunnar" at 11 wks old.


Photos and email received 7/23/09

This is "Georgia" a female pup from Calla x Chaos' May 10th 2009 litter. Georgia now resides in the Chicago area.

Hi Kathy,

Sorry, its taken us so long to send you a picture of "Georgia" aka "silver collar" female.  She is doing just great!  Our whole family just adores her. 

Thank you for giving us this special member to our family.

Claire and David D.


Photos and email received 6/23/09

This is "Gemma" on left, Maddie and "Duke." 

"Gemma" is 1.5 yrs old she is a pup from Calla x Dakota.

"Gemma" and Maddie.

Hi Kathy,

I just wanted to say "hello."  I had some great pictures to send you.  Our Gemma is doing so well...as always the center of attention !!!  She is such the "mother" to the whole family...even Duke :)  She has added neighborhood watch dog to her list as well. I had a neighbor tell me when she hears Gemma bark she runs to the window because she knows someone is out there...she protects my kids as well as all the neighbor kids !!!  Hope you are well...we love the pictures of the new puppies !!!  I posted your website on my face book page...everyone should be as blessed as we were to find such a great breeder :)

Hugs and dog kisses from our family to yours,

Andrea, Nick, Dominic, Maddie Gemma and Duke :)


Photos and email received 6/01/09

This is 1 yr old "Calypso" a gorgeous pup from Calla x Dakota. 

Calypso resides in Virginia Beach, VA. 

"Calypso" having a blast at the beach.


"Calypso" playing tug o war with her "friend."


Photos and email received 5/31/09

This is 2.5 yr old "Zoey."  "Zoey" is a pup from Calla.  Zoey resides in Oregon.

Dear Kathy,

I have been meaning to drop you a line for the longest time, but the days just slip away.  I reacquainted myself with your website this morning and can't get over all the beautiful puppies you have.  They just keep getting better and better.  I would so love another one; I am still working on my husband and hope someday to get my way.  Zoey gets better every year.  We just had a picnic this past Memorial Day and welcomed kids and their dogs; all were well behaved and had a great time, the kids as well.  Zoey was a great hostess.  She does so love company and a chance to show off. She still has all her energy and is so well behaved.  Hope this finds you well and now that spring is here good weather as well.  We have welcomed our first really warm weather just these past couple of weeks and it feels wonderful.

My best wishes to you and your family,

As ever,

Joyce and Gary D.


Photos and email received 5/27/09

This is "Misha" a pup from Anji x Chaos' 2008 litter.


Here are some updated photos of Misha.  As you can see, she's use to having her picture taken but, if she doesn't want to she will not pose.  She is the most gentle and sweetest girl I have ever seen.  She is always doing things to brighten my day, she loves to lay on the couch and put her head in my lap.  Mitch will turn 6 on the 30th we will be having a birthday party I will send you pictures of those.

Love you and Thank you,



Photos and email received 5/27/09

This is "Bear" giving the kitty a kiss.  :)  Bear is a pup from Calla x Dakota.


Photos and emai received 5/10/09

Happy Mother's Day from Bear.  "Bear" is a pup from Calla x Dakota.


Photos and email received 5/08/09

This is 5 mos old "Elvis" a pup from Anji x Chaos.  Elvis is playing with his Easter egg.  :)  Elvis resides in the Chicago area.

Elvis and his Easter egg.  Elvis is a pup from Anji x Chaos.

5 month old "Elvis" a gorgeous black and red pup from Anji x Chaos.

Hi Kathy:

Just a quick note to say hello and to tell you all is GREAT!!!  We know you are busy-busy with the mom's to be. Elvis is doing AWESOME!!!  At 5 mos he's at 50 pounds.  He has been a great "student."  The trainers can't get over his behavior, temperament, and attentiveness in class.  He's sooo smart and playful and oh so protective.  He's already a great watch dog.  Its so very fun to watch him. Thanks again, we love him so much!  Attached are some pics taken around 5 mos at Easter time.  Yes, even Elvis got an Easter basket.  Take care & good luck with the new puppies.  We'll be watching out for them. 

Love, Elvis & Family


Photos and email received 4/09/09

This is 4 mos old "Berlin" a female pup from Anji x Chaos.

"Berlin" a pup from Anji x Chaos

Hello Kathy,

It has been a while since I shot an email over your way.  How are you doing?  Things are going awesome with Berlin.  She just got spayed a week ago and she is doing fabulous.  She is growing like a weed.  Her last weigh-in was at 42 lbs.  Now she's all done with shots and everything.  Derrick and I are so happy with her.  People just cannot get over how beautiful she is.  I can say that my baby girl is the absolute love of my life.  I've started training with her and she will be going to obedience classes.  She responds to training very well.  Her tracking and protection traits are just too good to pass up, and I would like to do some Schutzhund training with her.  She is such a lover, but at the same time a BIG time protector!  Things are going really well.  I see that people are already lined up for your next litter.  They are making a smart move buying from you :)  Well talk to you soon!



Photos and email received 3/29/09

This is 4 mos old "Roxy" a pup from Anji x Chaos.


Carrie and "Roxy."  "Roxy" 3 mos old in this pic.

Hi Kathy,

How are you?  Just wanted to send you some updated pictures of Roxy at about 4 months old. She's such an amazing puppy!  Everything we could have wanted...she loves everyone and is exceeding in her puppy classes.  Just wanted to let you know how well things are going and how much we LOVE Roxy. 

Enjoy the pics!  Hope all is well!



Photos and email received 3/29/09

This is Gemma, she is from Calla x Dakota.  18 mos old.

"Gemma" at her home in Chesterfield, MO

Muddy but happy Gemma.  :)  LOL.

Here's Gemma trying to shovel the snow...just like her mom!!!

Hi Kathy,

How have you been?  It has been quite awhile since I sent you some pictures of our beautiful girl.  We actually call her "beauty queen" although today she did not look like a beauty queen!!!  She has a mud hole that she dug in the front yard.  After last nights rain/snow she had a blast digging in her hole.  Some of the pictures I sent was her last digging party!!!  She is such a sweetheart.  I have NEVER owned a dog that is as affectionate as her.  She still loves guarding her kids and is so sweet to play with Duke on his terms!!!  She still climbs up in our laps like she is a baby.  Great dog...great breeder...we love our girl :)

Hope all is well with you...I think about you a lot and wish you all the best always...

Andrea, Nick, Dominic, Maddie, "Duke" & "Gemma"


Photos and email received 3/29/09

This is Connie and "Riley."  "Riley" is a 4 mos old pup from Calla x Dakota.

"Riley" lives in Arkansas with Connie and Jason & family.


Hi Kathy,

Here are a few pictures of Riley.  Last week he weighed 58.5 lbs.  He's really getting big.  He's found his favorite spot to sit...on the ottoman.  He started puppy kindegarten last week and he was really excited to see the other dogs. He's really good around new people and children.  More pictures later.

Connie & Jason


Photos and email received 3/29/09

This is 4 mos old "Rausch" from Calla x Dakota.  We kept him back as a future breeder for Olivia and Jetta.  What a fabulous dog he is!


Photos and email received 3/25/09

This is one year old "Bear" from Calla x Dakota.  He lives with Melissa in Paola, KS.  Bear celebrated his first birthday on 3/21/09.

This is "Bear" eating his birthday cake!

Hi Kathy,

Bear had a good birthday.  I went up to "Land of Paws" and got him a doggie b-day cake.  It was so adorable, and then he got a couple of ruff toys, which he loves!  He weighs 85 pounds now, and everyone including his vet LOVES him!  I take him at the vets office when we're out that way, and he just loves everyone there, he's such a ham.  He also got to go to his FAV place--the dog park.  He LOVES going there and meeting other dogs and people.  People always come up to me and compliment me on his good manners.  He successfully completed his obedience classes and now we are pursuing "tracking."  Enjoy the new b-day pics!

Melissa & Bear



Photos and email received 3/23/09

This is "Calypso" a 1 year old female from Calla x Dakota, she is celebrating her first birthday on 3/21/09.

"Calypso" eating her ice~cream. 

Calypso lives with Polly & Mike in Virginia Beach, VA. 


Photos and email received 3/07/09

This is "Delilah" aka "red collar" (Daytona) female pup from Calla x Dakota.  Delilah was sold to Constance of Waynesville, OH and flown on 3/06/09.  She is a gorgeous 17 wk old black and red puppy!  She was on a plane for 9 hours and did extremely well.  This is Delilah in her new home.

Hi Kathy,

Well, you are absolutely amazing!  Trust me, I do believe this is your calling, and you put your heart and soul into producing the most incredible pups I have ever seen!  There is no doubt in my mind that you spend every spare second you have working with your puppies.  Honestly, I have never seen anything like this. I was not expecting it whatsoever.  Talk about top notch temperaments!  She is just the sweetest thing and the most loving pup I have ever had.  She has settled in quite nicely and will be sleeping in our room every night.  Really everyone is awestruck by her.  My daughter absolutely cannot believe the temperament Delilah has.  She keeps saying "Wow, how did we manage to get such an intelligent and beautiful pup that actually seems to understand what we ask it to do."  Yes, I'm asking the same thing!  It really borders on the miraculous!  I'm so fortunate that the other potential owners fell through on Delilah.  I really do think she was meant to be with us; I think it was her destiny.  I feel sorry for those people knowing that they really did miss out on owning an extraordinary German Shepherd.  I know this may sound funny but the way she looks at us and listens is almost human like!  Yes, this seems strange, but I don't know how else to describe her.  Again, we can't thank you enough and how pleased we are with her.  I didn't know a pup like this existed on the face of the earth.  You should be so proud of how your calling is bringing so much joy, companionship, and protection into the lives of so many families.  What a rewarding way to make the world a better place to live in!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!




Photos and email received 2/22/09

"Elvis" a gorgeous blk/red male pup from Anji x Chaos.  13 wks.



Hi Kathy:  Just a quick update. The pictures speak for themselves.  Elvis is just an exceptional dog!  So well behaved, attentive and smart!  Training at home is going great. He starts obedience class on Tuesday, we are positively sure he will do just great. He just loves to learn and perform. Again, he is an exceptional dogs.  Thanks always, "Elvis" and Family.


Photos and email received 2/21/09

Carrie & "Roxy"  "Roxy" is a pup from Anji x Chaos.

Carrie and "Roxy."

"Roxy" relaxin'...

Hi Kathy!  How's life without all those puppies?  Well I just wanted to give you an update on Roxy since I haven't emailed you in awhile.  Roxy is certainly keeping us busy!  She is still doing great and gets bigger everyday!  She is a wonderful puppy. She loves doing her tricks (come, sit, paw, other paw, down, sit up)  and we are working on stay.  She is pretty much house broken. She hasn't had an accident in the house in awhile.  We are teaching her Frisbee.  She absolutely loves it.  Sometimes she gets distracted in the field and forgets to bring the frisbee back, but she sure loves chasing it!  She is such a fun and beautiful girl!  We get compliments on her wherever we go.  We are planning on enrolling Roxy in puppy classes soon. That's all that's new on this end.  I hope all is well on your end!  I am attaching some photos of Roxy taken within the last 2 weeks.  Enjoy!

Talk to you soon,



Photos and email received 2/21/09

"Berlin" getting dressed up.  (LOL)  Berlin is a pup from Anji x Chaos.

"Berlin"  12 wks old.

Hello Kathy, It has been awhile since I emailed you.  I wanted to let you know that Berlin is doing awesome. She is just too cute!  Her face is getting more and more red by the day and she is growing like a weed.  She went to the vet yesterday for her next set of shots and she weighed in at 30 lbs at 12 wks!  As usual everyone went crazy over her.  She is getting so big.  She is my beautiful baby girl and I couldn't love her more.  Everywhere we go people are amazed at how gorgeous she is.  When Derrick and I went into the feed store yesterday with her, the owner stopped in his tracks and said "Oh my God, she is gorgeous!"  I couldn't help but smile.  The other day I had a guy stop me on the trail we were walking on, to tell me how he had 4 German Shepherds and would pay me big money for her.  I laughed and said there wasn't anything in this whole world I would trade her for.  He just smiled and said "I bet."  I told him to check out your website.  I just wanted to give you an update. Talk to you soon!

Again, thanks for everything,




Photos and email received 2/14/09

8  mos old colt and 11 mos old "Bear" a pup from Calla x Dakota.

"Bear" and his "friend."  Bear lives in Paola, KS.

"Bear" running with his ball.

11 mos old "Bear" a gorgeous pup from Calla x Dakota.

"Bear" ready to go for some ice-cream!  Adorable!


Photos and email received 2/01/09

This is "Elvis" a 10 wk old male pup from Anji x Chaos.


"Elvis" doing "high fives"

Hello Kathy:

Elvis is 10 wks old.  We took these pics last nite and this morning.  He is just wonderful and we can't believe how big he is getting. We LOVE him SO much and thank you again for our "baby."

As you can see, he's been practicing "high-fiving" his daddy, getting ready for the Superbowl.  GO Steelers...He's got those ears up and is just so adorable. He's also found his voice.  Ahhh and so the barking begins... :)

He LOVES looking out the patio door. And at 10 wks he's already exhibiting "protection" skills.  He LOVES "furminator" and massage time.  His schedule is down pat!  And no more whinny-whinny.  Sleepy time at 10 pm, wake time 4:30 am, he goes outside and back to sleep til 6 am.  The schedule is perfect as I am up at 4:30 and off to work at 6 am.  We got SOOO VERY lucky that he adapted so quickly.  We have taken over 100 pics...I don't want to bombard you but we

can't help it we send pics to friends and family almost every day...Talk to you soon.

Maribel, Kevin & "Elvis"


Photos and email received 1/27/09

This is "Oso" (light blue collar) male from Anji x Chaos' litter.  Photo taken at 9 wks old.  Oso lives in the Chicago, IL area.

"Oso" male 9 wk old pup from Anji x Chaos.

"Oso" 9 wk old male pup from Anji x Chaos' litter.

Hi Kathy,

I just wanted to write and let you know how everything is going.  Raul has picked a name, its "Oso" which means "bear" in Spanish.  Raul said its because he looks like a little teddy bear.  We have him all registered with AKC and HomeAgain.

His vet check went great.  The vet had many compliments for our breeder!!!!!

He said the shot records are very on point and that the stool sample was absolutely free of any parasites. So, he said whoever our breeder was knows what they are doing and by the looks of the dog takes good care of them.  He was very impressed by how well he was behaving.  So thank you very much for that.

Oso is doing great.  He is definitely a quick learner.  He goes right to his crate when we ask him.  He also knows "sit" "shake" and "lay down."  We are still working on "come."  Sometimes he likes to just stare at us, like he's saying, "no, you come here, I'm comfortable."  HAHA.  This Thursday will be his 1st puppy class, the vet gave him a vaccination for kennel cough so he can be able to enroll in puppy class as its a requirement.

But, everything is very good, its actually better than I expected.  Thanks again for everything and we'll be in touch!

Cristina & Raul


Photos and email received 1/25/09

Suzanne and "Berlin."  "Berlin" is a 9 wk old pup from Anji x Chaos.

"Berlin" outside, she now resides in Tampa, FL.

"Berlin" in the shower.

"Berlin" sleeping

"Berlin" and her friend sleeping.

Hey Kathy,

I wanted to send you a few more photos from yesterday and this morning.  I hope I'm not bombarding you with too many photos, I just can't get enough of her and I love taking her picture.  Berlin had her best night last night so far.  She slept through the whole night and didn't have any accidents.  She is ggetting better day by day at potty training.  She loves her cookies too.  She knows when she goes outside she gets a "cookie" when she comes in.  So as soon as she comes in, she sits and waits for her cookie.  Its so cute.  I just LOVE her so much.  I look at her and just smile.  I am so thankful I came across your website.  For some reason when I looked at your website for the first time, I knew I had to get one of your dogs.  I was just blown away by the color and the quality of all your puppies.  I don't know if you remember when I had first emailed you, but I had looked at some other breeders but couldn't get your website out of my head.  I know its because I was suppose to be Berlin's "mommy" lol.  Thank you so much for bringing us together.  Talk to you soon.


Suzanne and Berlin :)


Photos and email received 1/25/09

This is 9 wk old "Roxy" a female pup from Anji x Chaos.

"Roxy" at 9 wks old, pup from Anji x Chaos.

"Roxy" female 9 wk old pup from Anji x Chaos.

Hi Kathy!  How are you?  Attached are some weekly 'Friday' pictures of Roxy at 9 weeks.  Her ears keep getting bigger and bigger!  Roxy is such a beautiful and friendly puppy and everyone she has met agrees.  Enjoy!

Carrie S.


Photos and email received 1/23/09

This is 8 wk old "Berlin" a female pup from Anji x Chaos. 

"Berlin" was flown to Tampa, FL on Tuesday.

This is Suzanne and "Berlin"~~Suzanne LOVES Berlin!!!!

Good afternoon Kathy,

We just got back from Berlin's first vet visit.  You should have seen all the staff going crazy over Berlin!  They couldn't get over how cute she is.  She did very well.  The vet said she looks very healthy and is excited to see how she grows.  She weighed 18.5 pounds and she is 9 wks old today!  She is a happy girl.  I just wanted to give you a little update.  Her next vet visit is Feb 14th for her next shots.  I LOVE HER SO MUCH!  In fact, I should be at work right now but I called in, (lol) I just couldn't leave her.  Talk to you soon!



Photos and email received 1/23/09

This is Shannon and "Harley."  "Harley" is a 8 mos old female pup from Anji x Chaos. 

Shannon and "Harley"

Hi Kathy!  I hope you had a happy holiday!  I realized its been a few months since I emailed you and I wanted to update you on our life with Harley!

Mark deployed mid Dec.  He wasn't here for Christmas, but Shannon and Harley and I made the best of it!  Shannon got a trampoline from Santa, her and Harley go out and jump on it on the days it warms up here.  Harley is such a great companion.  Shannon has learned to play with Harley.  Its probably the cutest thing EVER.  I am enrolled in 4 college classes this semester, 2 on campus and 2 on line.  Harley comes and lays on the couch with me when I am doing my home work.  She also constantly checks on Shannon for me, she'll go lay in bed with her for awhile then back to see me.  Harley had a vet appointment a few weeks ago and is all UTD on her shots.  Since Mark left, I've really started spoiling her.  She sleeps in bed with me, and gets pampered like a princess.

I wanted to thank you again for the AMAZING privilege to own one of the GREATEST dogs EVER!!!  She brings so much joy to Shannon and my life. 

Hope you and your girls are doing great!



Photo received 1/23/09

Happy Valentines Day from "Bear"~Bear is a 10 month old pup from Calla x Dakota.


Photos taken 1/23/09

This is Allen and "Raven"  "Raven" is a 12 wk old female pup from Ginny x Chaos' litter.  What a stunning girl Raven turned out to be.  We no longer have Ginny she is spayed and now lives with Allen and Raven.  They live close-by so we get to see them regularly.  I am so proud of the pups Chaos has sired, outstanding temperaments, stunning rich red color, and beautiful conformation!  Exceptional pups produced in every litter!

This is "Raven" 12 wk old Chaos pup.  Taken 1/23/09.



Email and photos received 1/21/09

This is "Berlin" a 8 wk old female pup from Anji x Chaos' litter.  She was sold to Suzanne in Tampa, FL.  Photo taken right before she was flown to FL on 1/20/09.

This is "Berlin" and her new "friend" photo taken after she got to her new home after her flight.  All pooped out. 

Subject:  I'm in love...

Oh my goodness Kathy,

Berlin is the most AMAZING girl ever!  Derrick and I LOVE her SO much.  When I got to the airport, she was already at the ticket counter waiting for me.  I could see the crate as I was walking up, but couldn't see her just yet.  This couple was standing in front of the crate sticking their fingers in and talking to her.  When I walked up I leaned in and said "Hi baby girl, I'm taking you home now."  The couple turned around and were asking me where Berlin had just come from so I told them about you.  I about lost it when I took her out of the crate.  She is SO gorgeous.  She did so well on the ride home.  She layed right in my lap and passed out with her head on my arm as I was driving.  I stopped by my parent's house and they couldn't get over how cute she is.  Right now her and "Diesel" are having a blast running around with the tug rope.  I will send you some photos tomorrow.  Thank you so much for everything.  I couldn't have asked for a better breeder or a better puppy.  She is perfect in every way.  I will tell you how it goes the next couple days.

Thanks again,



Photo taken 1/20/09

This is "Lucy" 8 wk old female pup from Anji x Chaos.  This photo was taken 1/20/09 right before going to the airport.  Lucy now resides in Miami, FL.


Email received 1/19/09

Hi Kathy, how are you?  I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful puppy Roxy is!  I am so thoroughly impressed with her and how she has adjusted so well to her new home.  She has already exceeded my expectations and it has only been 3 days!  I keep telling Luke that puppies usually aren't so well behaved and well adjusted.  She does not cry in her crate at night, she has only had a couple of 'number 1' accidents in the house (probably b/c we were too slow in taking her out!) she is not scared of anything, and today she went up and down the open stairs by herself.  The pink bear that you gave her to take home is in her top 3 favorite toys... I think she smells her siblings on it.  Ok, well just wanted to let you know how her first couple of days have been.  Hope all is well!

Carrie S.

Carrie purchased "Roxy" a female pup from Anji x Chaos' litter.


Email and photos received 1/19/09

Photo of 8 wk old "Elvis" a male pup from Anji x Chaos' litter.  Elvis now resides in Chicago.

"Elvis" 8 wk old pup from Anji x Chaos' November litter.

Hi Kathy  Just wanted to say THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH and to give you a quick update.  We are settling in.  Day one was crazy.  The crying & whimpering was bad I didn't know what to do.  :)  We got 2 hrs sleep the first night.  Here we are day 4 and things are MUCH MUCH BETTER.  I think he is settling in really well. 

As you can see, Elvis ABSOLUTELY LOVES the patio dooor.  As of today he knows "POTTY" outside.  He will whimper & go to "HIS" door & tell us he has to go & HE DOES!!!!  He goes to the spot we shoveled out for him & he "goes."  It is just amazing how smart he is at such a young age!  The patio is his for the RUNNING.  Thankfully, the weather has gotten a little better & he has sure taken advantage of it.  Running & trotting along & then falling out into yet another nap...

Thanks again for our "Elvis".


Email received 1/13/09

Hi Kathy,

Thank you so much, I just cannot tell you how much I love Marty already.  She is a beautiful and nicely tempererd girl.  I could not be more happier with her.

Everything at the airport went well, you sent her nicely packaged.  She weathered the plane ride quite well.  American Airlines called me at work, to let me know that they fed, watered, and walked her at the Dallas Airport.  I was thankful and impressed by their kind service.

A gentleman at the airport asked me where I had gotten Marty from so I gave him your website, he loves German Shepherds and was very impressed with Marty.

Marty is adjusting to her new home and is doing very well.  She is going outside on a regular basis like a big girl and I'm very proud of her.  What a wonderful puppy!

Will send you picutures before long.

Again, thank you for my lovely sweetie.

Warm Regards,

Carol D.

"Marty" is a female pup from Calla x Dakota's litter. 

Marty was shipped to Carol via airlines to VA on 1/12/09.


Photos and email received 12/06/08

Santa and "Bear."  "Bear" is a 8 mos old pup from Calla x Dakota.


Photos and email received 11/01/08

This is "Bear" a 7 mos old male pup from Calla x Dakota.

Kathy, Bear is such a joy! I'm so glad Melissa has him. She has grown so much, and is so good with him. He does commands with just hand signals. Melissa loves taking him out to places, he's so social and loves the attention. The manager of our local farm & home makes it a point to come down and visit anytime Melissa & Bear come in. It's his favorite "toy store". Melissa hands out your cards to anyone who may be interested in a beautiful GS. It's so comforting that he's with the girls when they go out. Even though he's playing or exploring....he's constantly checking on Melissa to make sure all is right. We just love him!  He loves to jump up on my king size bed and lay with me, and he always has plenty of kisses for me. Funny thing....he loves to watch "COPS" and "K-9" on tv!  What a hoot!  Take Care!   



Photos and email received 10/28/08

Gemma's First Birthday Bash...

This is "Gemma" a 1 yr old female from Calla x Dakota. 

Gemma was born 9/25/07 and here she is with her family celebrating her first birthday!!!  What a BEAUTIFUL Princess Gemma is!!!!

"Gemma" and "her" kids enjoying her 1st birthday party!!!

"Gemma" sharing her birthday cake with her best pal "Duke."

"Gemma" opening her birthday gifts.

Oh so cute, "Gemma" and Andrea getting a BIG birthday hug!!!

I LOVE this picture the most, "Gemma" and Andrea. One word...priceless.

Hi Kathy !!!!!!     

How are you doing??  I wanted to share Gemma's first birthday pictures with you.  Can you believe she is a year old???  The year flew by.....about a year ago now we were checking out your website (probably 100 times a day !!!!).   Gemma or GiGi for short is the love of our life.  Her training really kicked in within the last month.  I have noticed that as she turned a year she was really able to focus on what I was asking her.  She watches my face for cues on what I want her to do next.  I am SO proud of her.  We take a lot of long walks together......I am the proud parent when she is walking at a heel with me.  She is VERY focused.  She makes me want to walk more just to show her off !!!!!  Her brother Duke is doing better...we think he ruptured a ligament in his knee and he may need surgery.  It breaks my heart because he wants to play with Gemma and he can't run with her.  Gemma being the sweetheart that she is lays on the floor and plays with him while he lays down.  She is still forever guarding the kids....she is so in love with the kids.  Her day begins when they come home.   As always thank you for such a wonderful dog.....you truly produce the most beautiful, intelligent loving German Shepherds I have ever seen.                                

Andrea, Nick, Maddie and Dominic


Email received 10/25/08

Subject:  WOW

That would be the first word I think of when I look at your dogs...WOW. Just wow...I had a gorgeous male GSD when I was around 9 or so, Dad brought him home, and I ADORED that dog, he was AMAZING in temperament, we had foster children that were less than nice to him (which eventually led to Mum giving him away because she feared he'd turn on a child, and he never did, but she wanted him to be treated better) and he was NEVER less than awesome. He slept by my bed every night. I miss him to this day. IF I EVER could buy another one, no matter how long it took me to pay for one, YOU would be my top choice, your dogs are not only gorgeous but SOOOO well bred, you can see it@! I'd definitely be honored! Just wanted to say WOW WOW WOW! :o)   ~~Jen


Photos taken 10/25/08


"Olivia" is a GORGEOUS Black/RED pup from Anji x Chaos.

"Olivia" has a outstanding temperament.  She is a litter-mate sister to "Jetta."

She is a big beautiful girl.  What a personality! Both girls are so lovable.

Loyalty for a Life~Time.


Anji x Chaos' next litter of pups~~ due November 25, 2008.


Photos and email received 10/24/08

Some where over the rainbow...You'll find a GORGEOUS puppy!

"Bear" 7 mos old pup from Calla X Dakota.


Calla x Dakota's pups are due next Thursday (10/30/08)


"Bear" 7 mos old.  Pup from Calla x Dakota. Beautiful!!!

"Bear" a male 6 mos old pup from Calla x Dakota.

"Bear" is wishing everyone a Happy and safe Halloween!!!

This dog has so much personality and what a devine temperament!

"Bear" is proudly owned by Melissa and resides in Paola, KS.

What a GORGEOUS pup!!!


Photos and email received 10/21/08

"Calypso" a 6 mos old female pup from Calla x Dakota.

"Calypso" resides in Virginia Beach, VA.

Beautiful "Calypso" enjoying the beach!  Pup from Calla x Dakota.


Photos and Email received 10/20/08

"Harley" and Melinda. "Harley" is a 4 mos old pup from Anji x Chaos.

Harley resides in Texas.

Kathy-Just giving you a short update on Harley. She's been doing great! Still growing by leaps and bounds. Always at my side protecting me. She is a great protector, guard dog, and loyal friend. I love her so much. I didn't know if I had sent you these pictures or not. I hope you enjoy them :-) How are the soon to be parents doing? New litters should be here soon, right?



Photos and email received 10/18/08

"Bear" a 6 mos old pup from Calla x Dakota. Photo taken 10/17/08.

"Bear" in motion.

"Bear" with his ball. What a GORGEOUS BIG boy of 6 mos !!!

"Bear"  What a beautiful pup!


Photos and email received 10/12/08

This is "Misha" a 4 mos old female pup from Anji x Chaos.

"Misha" and baby Zoey, Maria's grand-baby.  Looks like "Misha" doesn't mind that Zoey is sitting on her tail.  How cute!!!!

This photo is priceless, how many dogs do you see in a baby stoller!

This shows a calm, sound temperament, a baby sits on her tail, she's put in a baby stroller and takes it all in stride!  What a gorgeous girl too!!!

Misha and Zoey photos taken 10-08 as you can see they are very close.

Misha is doing great , she loves to go to Day care and is doing excellent in her training.  Zoey is doing great, but she really doesn't like to share her stroller lol.
Enjoy the pictures.  :)


Photos and email received 10/06/08.

This is "Calypso" a female pup from Calla x Dakota.  6 mos old.

She is a litter-mate sister to "Bear" and now lives in Virginia Beach.

AWWW--Calypso giving kisses. What a beautiful girl!


Photos and email received 10/05/08.

"Bear" a male pup 6 mos old pup from Calla x Dakota.

"Bear" enjoying "fall"

"Bear" and his pumpkin!!!  I love this photo!


Photos taken 10/05/08.

"Olivia" a gorgeous Blk/RED female pup from Anji x Chaos.  4 mos old.


Photos and email received 9/24/08

"Bear" and his new Dodge Super Bee.  Bear is a pup from Calla x Dakota.

Bear is 6 mos old, and lives in Kansas.


Photos taken 9/24/08 & 9/26/08

"Jetta" a gorgeous Blk/RED pup from Anji x Chaos.  4 mos old.


"Jetta" a Black/RED female pup from Anji x Chaos.  4 mos old.


Photos and email received 9/14/08

"Bear" a stunning blk/red male pup from Calla x Dakota's litter.

Reminder:  Calla x Dakota are due to have pups October 30, 2008.

Pups will be ready to go by Christmas 2008.  They won't last long!

(See "Litters Due" link for more details.)

"Bear" a male pup from Calla x Dakota's litter.

"Bear" looking  proud!  Bear is a pup from Calla x Dakota.


Photos and email received 9/04/08

"Gemma" almost a year old, pup from Calla x Dakota.

"Gemma" a pup from Calla x Dakota.

"Gemma" checking out the fish.

"Gemma" a beautiful girl from Calla x Dakota's Sept 2007 litter.

After a hard day's work of watching the kids, protecting the house, its time for some rest.  Gemma what a magnificent dog!!!


Hi Kathy,     

It has been a while since I had a chance to sit down and say "hello."  The dust has settled now that the kids are back in school !!!!!  Our little Gemma....what can I say...she is the love of our life.  She is the sweetest dog ever !!!!!  She is such the superstar at her vet...they adore her.  One of the vet techs brings in treats for her when they know she is coming in.  My vet and all the assistants constantly tell me what an awesome dog she is.  Man....I am PROUD !!!!!  She has excelled in her classes, LOVES kids and other dogs. She still has her protective nature...early morning bark alerts to let any neighbors know she is out.  We still call her "hot stuff."  In one of the pictures I sent you she has her head through the rungs of the deck.  What she is doing is watching Dominic as he is on the dock fishing.  She will not rest if those kids are outside and she is not.  In the evening they like to ride their bikes outside....she will lay in the front yard and watch them until they are ready to come in.  I feel so much better having her out there with them...no one would ever hurt them with her around !!!!!!

Her 1st birthday is coming up and we are going to have a party for her...I'll send you the pics.  Hope all is well with you...I love to look at the other puppies...Bear is really cute and reminds me of Gemma.  I think Gemma's head shot looks a lot like Dakotas....with her personality all Callas. Great Dogs !!!!!! 

Talk to you soon, Andrea & Family.          


Photos and email received 9/03/08

"Misha" a pup from Anji x Chaos' litter.

"Misha" a pup from Anji x Chaos, with her trainer Bonnie.

Misha is a doll and so funny.  I took her to a farmer's market in Edwardsville last Saturday everyone was taken with her and how well she behaved. 

Wanted to send updated pictures of Misha,she is doing great, she can come, sit, stay,wait and heel. She's doing great in training.




Photos and email received 9/02/08

Zoey a pup from Calla 2006 litter, Zoey now 2 yrs old!

Here she is:  Zoey at 2 years old and still just as beautiful as ever, but
still a lazy sitter!  Zoey is 75 lbs now and I really think has reached her max weight but every one of those 75 lbs is almost all muscle. What a strong lassie.  I just love her.  Maybe someday I will be able to get another one and if so you can be sure it will be you I turn to and no one else.




Photos and email received 8/30/08

"Bear" swimming at his home.  Bear is a pup from Calla x Dakota.

"Bear's" head shot.  Gorgeous pup from Calla x Dakota.

"Bear" LOVES to swim!

"Bear" a gorgeous pup from Calla x Dakota

Hey Kathy,

Here's some new photos of Bear.  Barron is very protective over me, he doesn't like it when anything gets near me, which is why I always take him with me while I'm outside, especially at night when I'm turning the horses out, its cute because he doesn't let the horses get too close to me, he stands back to back with me and takes them on head on, and barks very loudly, and if they keep coming he'll lunge and nip at their hooves till they back up, lol hes so cute. (He's displaying his herding instincts.)  After all, he's only 5 months old.

And he's doing VERY well in class, he's very smart, and usually gets what I'm teaching him right off the bat, he's a little angel. I'm so proud of him. I got some new pictures of him yesterday, he wanted to go splash in the pond lol which was adorable, but not so much when it was bath time lol

But all and all, hes doing great, and shaping up to be a well adjusted, protective, beautiful dog, and I wouldn't trade him for the world!

Thanks for bringing us together Kathy!

Take care,



Photos taken evening of 8/29/08

"Jetta" (left) and "Olivia" (right) 14 wk old pups from Anji x Chaos.

We decided to keep both girls back for future breeders.

Both girls display outstanding temperaments, extremely intelligent,

beautiful conformation, and absolutely stunning!!!

"Olivia" x "Jetta" 14 wk old pups from Anji x Chaos, pic taken 8/29/08.


Photos and email received 8/21/08

"Diesel" a male pup, 10 wks old from Anji x Chaos.

Hello Kathy,   I thought I would just give you an update on Diesel.  He is still doing just great.  He never has accidents in the house.  Our old Sheltie just passed away last week and we are thinking of keeping Diesel as a house dog to take her place since he is so good in the house.  I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate him and you for raising such beautiful, intelligent dogs!  The picture I attached is from 2 weeks ago and he has already grown by leaps and bounds since the picture was taken.  We'll keep you updated.  Hope alls well.

Thanks again!!!!  



Photos and email received 8/17/08

"Harley" a 12 wk old female from Anji x Chaos.

Kathy, I finally got a few pictures of Harley today! She is sporting a new collar!!  Harley is a funny one! She's completely potty trained now! Did I tell you? I am VERY proud! Every morning she wakes me up to let me know that she has to go potty, when I lay in bed, she whimpers at me, to get me up so I let her out.
Enjoy the pictures! Hope your weekend was wonderful!


Photos and email received 8/16/08

"Zeus" and Lisa, Zeus is a 10 mos old pup from "Dakota" x "Ginny."

Hi Kathy,  

Been awhile, the puppies look great, makes me ready for another, hopefully soon. Zeus is great, what a wonderful member of the family. He is tracking and what an awesome job he does. Just had him at the Vet, 10 months and 82 pounds. He's the greatest. Lisa wants a girl, too many men in the house. Give us a shout on upcoming litters. Hope to talk to you soon.  

Wes, Lisa, and Zeus


Photos taken 8/15/08

This is "Jetta" a 12 wk old pup from Chaos and Anji.

Jetta is a Blk/VERY RED girl. Her intelligence is truly AMAZING!!!

Her beauty is breath-taking, excellent conformation, outstanding German pedigree!  Her desire and goal is to please!  Her personality and temperament is superb!

"Jetta" 12 wks old--pup from Anji x Chaos.


"Jetta" 12 wk old pup from Anji x Chaos' litter.


Photos and Email received 8/06/08

"Ava" a pup from Anji x Chaos.  Beautiful girl!!!

Dear Kathy,  

Thank You for my new Family and home........I Love it here, I have lots of toys, a grass yard, and a swimming pool. I love the water, when the sprinklers come on I like to run around and roll around, and I have been swimming three times.   Lindy took me to the Vet. a few weeks ago, he is the strong silent type and he said that I was one of the very best German Shepherd's he had ever seen and that someday I should have puppies to pass on the gene pool, I really like my new doctor.   I miss all of you but wanted you to know that I am very happy and am attaching some pictures.......  

Love Ava

Ava is a pup from Anji x Chaos, she now resides in AZ.


Photos and Email received 8/03/08

This is 19 wk old "Bear" a pup from Dakota x Calla.  He's sound asleep

hugging his beloved plastic water bottle.  (LOL)

"Bear" 19 weeks old!!!


Photos and Email received on 8/01/08

This is "Marcus" and AL, Marcus is a pup from Anji x Chaos.

Marcus now lives in Rhode Island. 

Al and Marcus playing tug!!!

Awww so adorable Marcus!!!

"Marcus" pooped out.  : )

AWWWWW Marcus guarding his dishes with one paw in the water!




I apologize for not writing to you sooner but I’ve been so busy getting to know my new puppy Marcus.  Let me start off by saying, HE’S ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!!   Not to mention, I also get so many compliments on how beautiful and well behaved he is.   I did take him to the vet last night for a check up and he did absolutely wonderful.  No problems at all, perfect health!  The Vet said that he’s remarkably well tempered and in great shape.  So as promised, here are some pictures of Marcus…  I hope you enjoy them.  Ken is a great photographer by the way!  A lot of people tell me that I’m very lucky to have a puppy like Marcus.  I’ve only known Marcus a little over a week now, but I can confidently say that I wouldn’t trade him for anything else in the whole world.  He’s absolutely amazing, lovable and someone I can call my own.  I hope all is well with you and the rest of your family!   Thanks so much!  I’ll be sure to keep you posted on how we are doing.



Take Care,


Alan D

Treasury Operations

Business Systems Analyst


Photos and Email received on 7/29/08

"Harley" and Shannon under the sprinkler.  "Harley" is a pup from Anji xChaos.


Hi Kathy, Just thought I'd give you another update. Harley is doing great! I went outside on Saturday to let Harley out for the bathroom and decided to water the yard while I was out there. I go out, set it up, and as I walk back to adjust the hose, I told both Harley and Shannon not to go in the water. I turned around, and BOTH of them had made a run for it and were running through the sprinkler! I was laughing so hard I couldn't even scold them. Here are a few pictures--I was able to snap between giggles. Shannons pants were so wet they were falling off. Harley got tired and laid in the shade, soon after that she rolled in the dirt and had to go back in the sprinkler for a shower. I hope you laugh as hard as I did.



Photos and Email received on 7/28/08

This is "Kaya" a Female pup from CALLA, 2006 litter!

"Kaya" in the lake.

Hi Kathy, how are you?! I know it has been quite some time since I have emailed you and sent some recent pictures of Kaya ~ we have had a very busy past few months...but, we just took Kaya down to the lake, and I have some great pictures that I knew you would love to see. Kaya absolutely loves water and swimming, I don't think she would ever get out if we didn't make her. It is a riot watching her play in the water. She is doing great, healthy as ever and so much fun. I count my blessings every day having her, I couldn't imagine her not being around...she is definitely a huge part of our family. I have seen the recent pictures of the puppies -and they are so cute! It makes me want another one! :) But, I hope you are doing well ~ and are having a great summer. I will be sure to send more updates and pictures.   Hannah (Kaya's sister) is doing great...I saw her a couple of weeks ago. My parents are coming down in a month or two, and will be bringing her along - so I will be sure to take pictures of both of them, and send them your way!   Talk to you soon, Kate


Photos and Email received on 7/26/08

This is "Misha" a female pup from Anji x Chaos.  (AKA orange collar)


Sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner but Misha keeps me pretty busy.
We are working on potty training.  Mitch, our male German Shepherd had been a little reserved with her, but he started playing with her yesterday, of course she and Pepe have been playing ever since I brought her home and Venus well as I told you before she doesn't play with anyone,although thanks to Misha (she kept sniffing her behind and  I wondered why) I checked Venus and she has a small tumor on her rear, she's going to the vet Thursday with Misha. Misha starts out sleeping with us but then she gets down in the middle of the night and sleeps close to Mitch.

I will send you some pictures when I get some good ones, hopefully Thursday.

Have a Blessed day


Maria picked up "Misha" on the 10th of July, 5 days later this pup "Misha" is "sniffing out" a tumor on one of Maria's other dogs.  Amazing!  Anji has a nose on her that's unbelievable, she can track anything!  Way to go Misha!!!  What a beautiful girl!!!  Update:  Thanks to Misha Venus' tumor was caught just in time!


Photos taken on 7/25/08

This is 9 wk old "Marcus" a pup from Anji x Chaos' litter.

"Marcus" left for Rhode Island today!  We were up at 2 a.m.

for his bath, he was ready to go!  see pics below...

"Marcus" getting towel dried before being blow dried.

He is focused on the tv, at 2:14 a.m. !!!

"Marcus" watching tv.

We arrived at the airport at 4:50 A.M.  Marcus drew a crowd, everyone

wanted to see the "beautiful German Shepherd."  Marcus loved the attention!


Photos and Email received 7/25/08

This is 4 mos old "Calypso" AKA "Cally" a pup from Calla x Dakota's March litter.

She now resides in Virginia Beach, VA.  What a BEAUTIFUL girl!


What a swimmer!!!

She's a SWIMMING FOOL!  When I left for work the
other morning at 7:00 in the morning, I heard all kinds of splashing.
She was swimming laps - trying to encourage Titan to do the same.  He
sat on the step and looked at her like she had lost her mind.


Photos and Email received 7/23/08

"Harley" a blk/red female pup from Chaos x Anji's litter, 8 wks old.

Awww look at the BIG baby stole the "babies" pacifier!  Tooo cute!!!

"Caught in the act."  Harley is a cutie!!!

Kathy, I was baby sitting my friends kids earlier today, and Harley got a hold of one of their pacifiers. It was totally a Kodak moment, so I grabbed my camera and snapped a few pictures. I had to send these to you for a laugh. Harley is such a character, and absolutely adorable. Have a great week!



Photos and Email received 7/17/08

"Harley" and Shannon, Shannon has a new puppy!  (How cute!!!)

"Harley" is a 8 wk old pup from Anji x Chaos.  Harley now lives in TX.

"Harley" on her new bed.

"Harley" chewing on a rawhide. 

Hi Kathy,  Just took a few more pictures for you to have. Today was a really good day! Harley seemed right at home, and did very well with potty training, she's a fast learner. Mark came home today from the field for a shower, and absolutely loved her. She rode with me in the truck when I went to go get him, and she slept in his lap the whole way home. She sleeps by our front door, almost like she is protecting us. Its very comforting. We did get her a big bed, which are in the pictures, but she mostly sleeps by the front door or by the couch when we are on it. Shannon loves playing with Harley. She figured out how to squeeze Harley's toys to make them squeak, so her and Harley play for hours. Attached are some pictures of Harley and Shannon playing together and Harley chewing on a rawhide with her favorite squeaky toy.
Thanks again for everything! She is a wonderful puppy! We'll be keeping in touch, Melinda


Photos and Email received 7/16/08

"Harley" Anji x Chaos' 8 week old female pup~she was flown to Texas today!

Kathy,  Harley is everything thing I wanted and more! The first thing she did when I pulled her out of the crate was lick my face! She is so sweet!

I had a 3 hr lay-over in St. Louis and I sat in the bathroom with her for an hour and a half so she could stretch out, get some water and lots of TLC. She did amazingly well on the airplane. She didn't pee in my bag at all!

Once we finally landed in Killeen there was a grass spot that I put her on and she pee'd for like 5 minutes! haha I was very proud that she could hold it that long. When we got in the truck, I put her on the passenger side and climbed into my seat, and within seconds, she was laying in my lap resting her head.

Harley loves my daughter. She was following Shannon around the house and loving and kissing all over her. The cats we are still working on. They aren't too fond of her, but when they hiss at her she barks back like she is showing them who is the boss. She is so intelligent too. We got her a few squeeky toys and tug ropes and she has been entertaining herself with them since we got here. She is already making herself right at home. Mark hasn't gotten to meet her yet because he is out in the field, he won't be back for 2 weeks, unless he gets a shower break. He asked me how she was and all I could say is that she was Amazing and Absolutely wonderful. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. She is perfect in so many ways, and is amazing beyond my expectations. Here is a picture of her asleep at my feet as I type this. I'll try to send a pic of her with the whole family soon!   Thank you a million times again!



Photos/Email received 7/14/08

"Bear" a 16 week old pup from Calla x Dakota's litter.

Hey Kathy! Those pups of Anji and Chaos' are so cute! I hope you keep one back. I'm gonna take Bear to the 4H/fair next week. 

Anyways, Bear is doing great, he has puppy class tonight.  Friday he went to the Veterinarian's office and got the rest of his shots and some wormer etc. He weighed 41.8lbs, the vet couldn't believe how well mannered he was (and how big lol) So he did well, hopped right up on the scale when I told him too etc. But he did good.

And then yesterday I took him his buddy Specky up to the lake, where I got some pictures of them. Bear just loved it, it was cute because he got hot, and went into the lake and laid down in the shallow park of the lake, it was so cute. So I wish I could have gotten some better ones, but there was a horrible sun glare, and my lens wasn't clean. But I think they turned out alright. It was cute because he let his buddy Spec have a turn drinking, totally cute.

Anyways, better go get him ready to go in a couple hours, take care!



Photos taken 7/09/08

This is "Kaitlin" a 12 wk old pup from Ginny x Chaos' April litter.

Jackie brought down Kaitlin for me to see today, as she picked up her new addition to her K9 family, a female pup from Anji x Chaos' litter.

I am so proud of "Kaitlin" what a beautiful girl she turned out to be!

"Kaitlin" a pup from Chaos x Ginny's April litter.

"Kaitlin" a 12 wk old pup from Ginny x Chaos' litter.  GORGEOUS!


Photos and email received 7/01/08

"Cyrus" a 12 wk old pup from Chaos x Ginny's April litter.


"Moxie" 12 wk old pup from Chaos x Ginny's litter.


Photos and email received 6/30/08

"Bear" a 12 wk old pup from Calla x Dakota's litter!  (GORGEOUS)




Bear and the fish!

"Bear" ready to go!


Photos and email received 6/24/08

"Zoey" a Calla pup from 2006 litter.  21 mos old.

Hi Kathy,
Just got home from a visit up North with my boys.  I can't remember if I
sent these but will do it again.  Zoey at 21 months old.  What a sweetheart
she is; everyone loves her and she gives it all back.  She is healthy as can be.  She is 72 pounds. I can remember when I was so worried about her not eating enough now I look back and laugh.  I like the new puppy pictures you sent, are
they all sold?  If not, I'm sure they will be before long.

Take care my friend I am thinking about you. 


Photos and email received 6/23/08

"Kaya" a 12 wk old pup from Calla x Dakota's litter.


Chris and "Kaya"

"Kaya's Place"

"Kaya" loves her pool.



Kaya is doing great and getting HUGE!!  We love it, it is so much fun to watch her grow and love on her.  She absolutely loves her little pool that we bought her, so much in fact that we have to dump it out every night or she goes out in the morning and jumps in first thing :)  She is an absolute blast and incredibly smart. Everyone tells us how beautiful she is.  She is completely spoiled and loves hanging out with me in the bathroom while I get ready in the morning (however she tends to try to sneak off with one of my flip flops). At her 11 week check up she weighed 26.5 pounds (she had gained 10 pounds in 3 weeks).  She loves her kennel and we ordered her new bed, so we can open it up more.  When she gets tired she will just go lay down in it.  She loves playing with other dogs and is very gentle with younger kids.  We absolutely love her and I hope that you enjoy these pictures, they don't even show a good representation of how big she is. The only thing that we regret is that we did not buy 2.  Maybe sometime in the near future :)

Have a great day and take care,
Stacy and Chris


Photos and email received 6/16/08

"Gemma" a female pup from Calla x Dakota 9 mos old.



"Gemma" in the lake

Hi Kathy,

I included some pictures of Gemma in the pool.  She is such a water dog. 

I cannot keep her out.  It is so much fun to have a dog that loves water....she is our first dog to like the water.  She will actually swim when we are at the lake.  But at home in the clear water she only stands on the step.  ???  I can't figure that one out.  She is such a great dog....such a protector of the kids.  She HAS to be near them or she is soooo upset...especially Dominic.  It is like she knows he is the younger one and probably the one who would end up in trouble !!!!  LOL I hope these pictures brighten your day.....Lots of love from our family to yours,


Andrea, Gemma is just breath-taking gorgeous!!!  WOW!

Thanks for the pics and updates. 


Photos and email received 6/15/08

"Bear" a 12 wk old Calla x Dakota pup from March 2008 litter!




"Bear" 12 wks old.

Hey Kathy! How are you doin? Bear's doing just fine, like I'm sure I say all the time 'he's just getting smarter everyday!' lol He went to the vets office Friday, he weighed in at 30lbs. And got his 7way, and his bordatella, which both of them he took like a champ. My vet Shelly just LOVED him, she couldn't believe how sleek and silky his fur was, and she was amazed with how well behaved and sweet natured he was, as he kept looking at me for commands, she said that he had to be the smartest puppy she'd ever seen. ( Which I thought was pretty cool :p )

But he was the life of the party, everyone that worked there, and happened to be in the vet's office at the time just loved him, and I kept getting compliments on how gorgeous he was. So it was a good outing lol Anyways, Bear starts puppy classes tomorrow, which he'll be thrilled about, he loves going for rides in my truck, its like he's wondering what kind of adventures he'll be getting into lol!

Well, enjoy your week!

Melissa :)

Thanks for the photos and updates on Bear, he is just GORGEOUS!!!


Photos and email received 6/15/08

"Kaya" a pup from Ginny x Dakota's October 2007 litter.

"Kaya" and "friend"



Hi Kathy!!

Hope all is well! I just thought I would send you some updated photos of Kaya. She is doing great I love her!!! She is the best dog ever and she is SOOOO smart. I was also wondering if you knew of any Schutzhund training areas in Missouri? I would really love to try that with Kaya. She is my girl, shes so protective.

Thanks again,

Allie W

Hi Allie, what a nice surprise to hear from you.  Thanks for the update and pics!

Kaya is gorgeous!


Photos and email received 6/15/08

"Barron" AKA "Bear" a pup from Calla x Dakota's March 2008 litter.

Hey dad, hows it shakin? I just wanted to wish you a Happy Fathers Day! I'm doin okay, everyone keeps saying how smart and gorgeous I am, not that I mind or anything hehe! I'm just the star of the show everywhere I go. I hope one day I can grow to be as beautiful and strong as you, but until then, I'll just have fun being a pup :)  Well, I gotta go night night now, talk to yuh later ol man!

-Barron ( & Melissa, who helped me type this, I kept messing up because my paws are too big teehee! )

Thanks Bear and Melissa, that's just too cute!


Photos and email received 5/27/08

"Cally" (outside the pool) a pup from Calla x Dakota.  She now

lives in Virginia Beach, VA.

"Cally" taking a snooze.

"Cally" Awww how cute!!!

"Cally" and "Titan"

"Cally" and "Titan" takin' a nap. 

Hi Kathy,

She is feeling right at home!  Here are some recent pics I wanted to share with you!  Titan’s girlfriend and her sister dropped by for a dip in the pool. 

She was quite the little pistol this morning!  A BUNDLE of energy. 


Hope you had a great weekend.


Also, she went to the vet on Saturday and checked out perfectly.

I had a BUNCH more pictures but my setting was off on the camera so they were BLUE. 

I’ll have more to come for sure!



Photos and email received 5/25/08

"Bear" a 9 wk old pup from Calla x Dakota.  Playing with his toys.


"Bear" in his pool.


Hey Kathy!

How are you doing? I'm doing okay. How is Anji's pups doing? I so wish I could get one of them.  Bears doing good, he just LOVES water lol Last time I weighed him, he was about 22lbs. He's getting big.  I've been teaching him a few things, he's a quick learner. So far he's mastered 'Sit' and 'Platz'   I finally got some pictures together, its been pretty busy here, my horse just had her baby, its a bouncing baby boy lol (I'll include some of her/him) But everyones doing good, more pictures in the next few days! Most of these pictures were taken today, but the ones where hes in his pool were taken a few days ago, before both his ears stood up ;)

Take care!


Photos received 5/24/08

"Emmy" a 7 mos old pup from Ginny x Dakota's 2007 litter.

Owners:  Tom & Velda of Myrtle Beach, SC.  Emmy is a beautiful girl!!!

"Emmy" in her room


Email received 5/22/08


Congratulations on your latest litter of pups! I'm sure you remember that we originally wanted a girl from Anji and Dakota but that didn't work out.
In any case Polly and my kids love our new addition "Cally" (AKA Miss Sassy) and from what I've heard Titan has had no problems adjusting.

I wanted to thank you for this experience. I was somewhat hesitant in the beginning...buying a puppy and not being able to actually be there to see the parents or offspring. But you did a fantastic job keeping us updated with emails and pictures. I will definitely contact you for future GS purchases and would absolutely recommend you.

We will keep in touch, sending you pictures so you can watch our baby grow.



Email received 5/21/08

Subject:  I'm So In Love


I have pictures but can’t access them to send right now.  Ashley (my middle daughter) took BUNCHES and I’ll get them to you soon.  She has been such a great help in easing Ms. Cally (AKA Miss Sassy) into life with the us and Titan.  (Titan is our other German Shepherd) We are sitting on the deck, watching the sun set (while I need to get some work done) and I wanted to take a moment just to thank you again for such a dream dog.  She’s dreaming!  The little feet are twitching. 


Titan was a riot tonight.  He went into the house while Cally and I were out back.  He got one of her TOYS and began to taunt her (as he doesn’t like to share his – big brut).  He pranced all around with this tiny toy to get her attention.  She saw him and took charge.  Went right after her toy – with gusto!  They played for at least 30 minutes and she charged him like okay big boy BRING IT ON!  He was gentle but she was relentless!  She kept coming back for more.  Needless to say, dinner followed and now she’s napping! 


Got our package too!  Thanks Kathy.  Ashley took delivery and said she loved the pink “bone”.

I saw the tug rope, the Frisbee and the ball, along with the AKC, paperwork and the food.  We have her set to see our vet on Saturday.


One last note, she has been to the beach twice and LOVES the water and the sand.  It was hysterical to see Titan and her together last night (that was their first time together).  He would start digging intensely and she was fascinated – putting her little head in the line of sand fire! After he got done with one hole, she jumped in to take over.  By that time the hole was bigger than the dog and all you saw was a butt and tail!


Mike comes home tomorrow to meet her for the first time.  I CAN’T wait.  I’m so glad we have a long weekend.  


Thanks again!  



Photos taken 5/17/08

This is "Miss Sassy" now called "CALLY" a 8 wk old pup from Calla x Dakota's litter.  She weighed 19 pounds today--a big gorgeous girl!!!

She is sold to Mike and Polly of Virginia Beach, VA.  She leaves Monday.

All 5 of Calla x Dakota's pups displayed the SWEETEST temperaments!

Well socialized, VERY intelligent, and absolutely ALL beautiful pups!

8 wk old (Miss Sassy) Calla x Dakota's pup.  Beautiful!!!

"Miss Sassy" Calla x Dakota's 8 wk old pup--running around the yard.


Photo taken 5/16/08

"Erzengel" a blk/red male Dakota x Calla 8 week old puppy.  19.5 pounds!

This photo taken 5/16/08 at 2:37 a.m. he was flown to his new home in

Texas!  What big, GORGEOUS, intelligent pups Calla x Dakota produce!


Photos and email received 5/16/08

"Kaya" 8 wk old pup from Calla x Dakota's litter.  Kaya with Police K-9.

"Kaya" in Police K9 Cruiser~8 wk old pup from Calla x Dakota.

"Kaya" playing "peek-a-boo" in the Police K-9 Cruiser.  (how cute)

"Kaya" future Police K9 prospect?  (how adorable!)

"Kaya" wearing the Police K-9 vest proudly! 

Here are a few more.  Every time I take her out we start taking more pictures.  The large dog is a 5-year old sable named "Flash", one of our department K9s.  I think Kaya wore him out today ;)  8 Weeks old and already in training! Gotta love it (LOL)   Chris


Photos and email received 5/16/08

"Bear" asleep in Melissa's lap~~7 wk old pup Calla x Dakota's litter.

"Bear" already crate trained!

"Bear" running

Hey Kathy,

Me and my mom were talking and looking through his files last night (after a busy day with Bear) and we just don't know how you manage 6 full grown GSDs (some being pregnant) who's in heat, who's bred on what dates, taking care of puppies,

and giving them love and attention, shots, keeping up with their files, weights, pictures for the clients, taking them to the vets office etc. We only have one puppy and its a handful lol! So you deserve a medal or something!

Take care,


Answer:  Its called a true labor of love.  I LOVE MY DOGS!  Its a lot of work, but

when I get emails from happy clients, it is all worth the hard work.  I love what I do.  They are so much part of my life.


Photos and email received 5/16/08

"Gretchen Michelle" 8 wk old pup from Calla x Dakota's litter.

Sold to Maria & Bryant of Illinois.  What a GORGEOUS puppy!!!


Photo taken 5/13/08

This is "Cyrus" a 6 wk old puppy from Chaos and Ginny's April litter.

ABSOLUTELY breath-taking!  He is VERY Blk/RED!!!  He is SOLD!

What GORGEOUS puppies Chaos produces!  Pic taken 5/13/08.


Photos and email received 5/13/08

"Barron" (Bear for short) is a 7 wk old 18.4 pound puppy from Calla x Dakota.

This is Melissa's baby boy.  Photos taken 5/12/08.

"Bear" a 7 wk old male puppy from Calla x Dakota's March litter.

Hey Kathy!

Lemme just say, that it was a pleasure meeting you, and seeing everything! Your dogs have such an elegance and beauty to them, I can hardly wait for Bear to be as strong and beautiful as his parents ^_^

With that said, I am pooped! He's definitely wearing me out (lol) So far he's only had an accident in the house once (and that was my fault anyways)  He whined for awhile after leaving, then went to sleep for most of the way back home. He's doing really good, he comes when he's called, which is SO cute ^_^ I'm trying to kennel train him as best I can, just so he wont bug our older dogs, or chew anything he's not supposed too. His appetite seems fine, he's eating and drinking well, he already loves water (lol) he loves to splash around in the water dish in my moms room. I went ahead and added some pictures of him for yuh (until I can go through my collection lol then you'll get swamped)

Everything is going good. I wanna thank you again for all you've done, your such a good person!


Melissa & Bear

Photos and email received 5/11/08

"Gemma" a GORGEOUS female pup from Calla x Dakota's 2007 litter.

"Duke" and "Gemma"  (how cute!!!)

"Gemma" a young female pup from Calla x Dakota's litter.

Happy Mother's day Calla !!!!!!      

You were such a great mommy for my first 7 weeks of life !!!!!  I love my new family and they love me VERY much !!!!  Say hello to all my new brothers and sisters !!!!!                   

Love your little girl Gemma

P.S.  I am growing into those ears !!!! 

I am bigger than when that picture was taken !!!


Photos and email received 5/10/08

"Kaya" and her new "mom" Stacy. 

"Kaya" is a 7 week old pup from Calla x Dakota's litter.

15 pounds at 7 wks old!!!


"Kaya" in her new home.  Kaya left here on 5/10/08.

"Kaya" look at that GORGEOUS face!!!

Hi Kathy,
Well we finally made it home and Kaya is doing great.  She whined for about 10 minutes after we left but then began to investigate us.  We stopped at the Phillips 66/Wendy's and got some gas and lunch.  We put her in the back on the floor on her bed and she was out.  Rode that way until Brookfield where we made a stop, let her take a potty break and have some water.  She was great...no accidents and very comfortable.
We got home and after a little apprehension about going into the garage, she made it and went inside.  She has been having a ball investigating her new home and the cats.  Cats don't want anything to do with her but she sure wants to play with them.  Quite comical (lol).  She hasn't really eaten a whole lot but she seems like she is having a blast.  She is already going in her crate with little coaxing.  You were right, VERY, VERY intelligent.  Even got out and pottied here several time already with no accidents.  We are so happy we can't tell you how much we are enjoying her already...and it's only been a couple of hours.  I enclosed a few pictures of her new home and soon I will send you some more.  Thanks again for everything and we'll talk later.
Chris, Stacy and Kaya


Photos and email received 5/04/08

"Emmy" a red sable pup from Ginny x Dakota's October 2007 litter.



Photos and email received 3/12/08

Dominic and Gemma--Gemma is a pup from Calla x Dakota.

Gemma 5 mos old--a pup from Calla x Dakota~~GORGEOUS!!!

Gemma--a pup from Calla x Dakota.

Gemma--at 5 mos old--Calla x Dakota's pup--getting a bath!

Gemma and her step brother Duke--cuties!!!

Hi Kathy,     

I soooo enjoyed your pictures of Calla.  She looks so healthy...that little chunky monkey !!!!  I cannot wait to see what those puppies look like.  Gemma is so beautiful and I still get so many compliments on her beauty.     

Gemma is weighing in at 56.1 lbs as of 3/11/08....she is the star of the vet with how fast she is growing.  5 lbs in 2 weeks.  

She has passed into level 5 in her training...yeah!!!  5 months old and at a level 5 with only 2 more to go...such a smart dog.  Gemma is an absolute joy to have in our home.  I have NEVER and I mean NEVER had a dog that is as affectionate and loving as Gemma.  She will give so many kisses when you see her.  Sometimes for no reason at all she just comes up for more kisses.  She still thinks she is a lap dog....and sits in my lap.  She is very protective of her domain.  Every morning when I take her out she has to give a couple  "woo...wooo.wooo's" just to let everyone know she is here and this is her house.  Her and Duke have a great realtionship she really loves him.  I hope all is well with you.  If you ever have to come into St. Louis please stop by for a visit you are always welcome.

Kisses & hugs,                                        


Hello Andrea--thank you very much for the BEAUTIFUL photos of Gemma and the update.  She is just stunning--absolutely GORGEOUS!  I am so proud of her!  I just love the pic of her and Dominic asleep that is too precious!  Thank you for providing a loving and wonderful home for Gemma.  The name suits her-she's a gem!  Hugs to you and yours!  : )


Photos received 3/05/08

"Zoey" a pup from Calla's 2006 litter~~she is gorgeous!!!

"Zoey" lives in Oregon.

"Zoey" at 18 months old.


Thanks Joyce for the beautiful photos of Zoey!


Photo and email received 2/26/08

"Jazzy" to the left a pup from Ginny x Dakota's 2006 litter.

"Max" to the right, he is a Calla pup from 2006 litter.

Hi Kathy,  

Sorry we have been out of touch.  We have moved to Southern CA and love it, so do the kids.  Max is about 110 pounds now and Jazzy is 80. 

They are both beautiful.  This picture was taken last summer in August. 

Hope you and your crew are all well.  

Take care!  

Robert and Nancy

Hi Nancy,

What a nice surprise to hear from you!  The kids are just gorgeous!  I can't believe how big they have grown!  WOW!  Their colors are beautiful as well! 

Thanks for the photo and update.  Hugs to you, Robert and the kids!


Photos and email received 1/30/08

"Zoey" a pup from Calla 2006 litter--Zoey lives in Oregon.




"Zoey" and her ball, playing in the snow.


Beautiful landscape in Oregon--Zoey's home.


Zoey's back yard.

Here are our snow pictures for 2008 Zoey just loves it.  Me too!

Thanks Joyce for the gorgeous pics!  Zoey sure is beautiful!


Photo and card received in the mail 1/26/08

This is "Zeus" a pup from Ginny x Dakota's Oct '07 litter--photo at 14 wks!


I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoy Zeus.  He is the most sweetest, well behaved dog I have ever owned.  He weighs 34 1/2 pounds.  The picture I sent is from last week.  He has the biggest feet.  Hope your family had a great holiday!  I'll be ready for another pup soon.  I'm working on my husband. 

Thanks so much!


Hi Lisa, Thanks so much for sending the pretty card and photo of Zeus.  Wow, he sure has grown since the last time I saw him!  What a beautiful big boy!

Hugs to you and Zeus!


Photos and email received 1/17/08

This is "Gemma" a 4 mos old pup from Calla x Dakota's 2007 litter!

"Gemma" a female pup at 4 mos old from Calla x Dakota's 2007 litter!


Hi Kathy,     

I finally have a minute to say "hello" and tell you about Gemma.  She went to the Dr's office on Monday and she weighs 40lbs at almost 4 months.  She is such a great dog.  We started puppy classes in December.  She passed all of the classes three in one day!!!!  *seriously I only worked with her for one day and the next day we went back and she already knew...sit, down and down stay......very impressive.  We are continuing our classes and are still in class 4 we need to pass 1 step and we can go on to class 5.  Hope all is well with you....I see Calla is due in March what a great dog her pups are so beautiful. 

Gemma is going to have her coloring. 

Thanks again for such a wonderful, healthy dog.  

P.S.  Both ears are up!!!                                      


Thanks Andrea for the update & photos!  Gemma is just breath-taking-so beautiful-I am lost for words!  Wow such beauty and intelligence at only 4 mos of age!  Great job Andrea with Gemma's training!  Hugs to you and Gemma!


Photos and email received 1/15/08

"Kaya" at 17 mos old--she is a pup from Calla.  So cute with the snow-ball!

"Kaya" she looks just like her mama-"Calla"--B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L

"Kaya" in her KU Jayhawks "wrap"  What a cutie!!!

Hi Kathy,  

I hope you and your family had a wonderful holidays! Here are some new pictures of Kaya - from Thanksgiving. We spent Thanksgiving in Boulder, CO, Kaya had  a blast playing with my sister's dogs and running around in the snow. As you will see, she is also a fan of the KU Jayhawks, and helped cheer my team on! Everything is great....I was up in Chicago the other weekend, and saw Hannah - she is doing as good as ever.   Have a good evening and we'll talk soon!


"Kaya" is a pup from Calla--September 2006 litter.

What a GORGEOUS girl Kaya is!!!  Thanks so much Kate for the pics and update!


Email received 1/13/08

Hi Kathy,

Thought I would let you know that Emmy is doing great!
She weighs 38 lbs now, (3 mos) I will send you some pics as soon as I can.
She stays with me like my shadow, I love her to death....her color is getting beautiful.  She 'sits' when I tell her and 'stays' when I tell her. 

We love her, thank you so much!


"Emmy" is a pup from Ginny x Dakota's October 2007 litter.


Email received 12/28/07


I hope you and your family had a great Christmas.  We are enjoying Zeus so much. He is so funny.  He's working on his big boy bark, and him and Kona are really bonding.  We take him next week for his last set of shots, I'll let you know how much he weighed.  He's quite the beast.  I have taken alot of pictures, but

have not downloaded them yet.  I promise to get some to you soon.

Thanks for everything!!  


"Zeus" is a puppy from Ginny x Dakota's October 2007 litter.


Email received 12/26/07


Hope all is well.  Just thought I would give you an update.  Kaya is doing well,  growing so fast!   She is so beautiful,  I love her personality.  We are all becoming so attached to her, but for me in particular, it scares me how attached I'm becoming to Kaya.  I didn't expect it.  I certainly do not have that kind of bond with our Lab, she's different.   Kaya's graceful trot is so beautiful.  I have a bond that is similar to my children when they were little.  Anyway, just letting you know I'm glad Allie found your website!!  


Rob W

"Kaya" is a pup from Ginny x Dakota's October 2007 litter.


Email received 12/21/07

Just wanted to let you know we are keeping his name "Tracker." 

Everything has been going very well, he is very well behaved!

Thanks for everything!


"Tracker" is a puppy from Ginny x Dakota's October 2007 litter.


Photos taken 12/15/07

This is Tracker a 9 wk old red sable pup from Ginny x Dakota's Oct 2007 litter!

Tracker has been sold to a police officer in the St. Louis area. 

He's a BIG, GORGEOUS boy!!!

"Tracker" focused on the "tug"                              12/15/07

Tracker--he LOVES the tug!

Tracker, at 9 wks old, a beautiful red sable pup, from Ginny x Dakota.

Look at that red color!  He is gorgeous!


Photos and letter received 12/13/07

This is "Reese" a pup from Ginny x Dakota's March 2007 litter.

Reese now lives in Green Bay, WI.  8 months old.



Reese the "Cookie monster" stealing cookies!  : )


Here are the latest pictures of Reese.  She is stealing cookies as we baked!

She LOVES the snow here!  Chaos is beautiful, have fun with him.

Happy Holidays!

Tina & Reese

Hi Tina, thanks so much for the pictures you sent, I just got them in the mail today, scanned and just posted.  She is GORGEOUS!  What a big girl too!

I love the cookie photo.  How cute!  Reese has multiple talents doesn't she, she's the "kayak queen" and now cookie taster.  : )

Hard to believe she is almost 9 months old.  She is beautiful!

Take care and thanks again!  Hugs to you and Reese!


Email and photos received 12/10/07

This is "Hannah" she is a pup from "Calla" 2006 litter. 



Hannah and her "stick"



Hannah and her "big" stick!



Here are some pictures of our beautiful Hannah and her ever-present “stick”.

She absolutely loves to have her picture taken. I would swear that she even poses for the camera! 

We get so many compliments about her too. And as you know, we’re no experts, but Marie and I think she is the most awesome looking dog of any breed we’ve ever seen…and apparently others agree.


Have a very merry Christmas,


Thanks for the pictures of "Hannah" she is absolutely stunning.  What a big gorgeous girl she is!


Email received 12/10/07


I just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying Zeus.  We have taken some pictures, and I will send them later.  His left ear is up all the time.  He is kennel trained for the night already.  He whines around 3:30 a.m. every morning to go out and that is it. Our other dog, Kona and him are really starting to play together.  They play alot of tug, and of course he is loving the snow and ice.  We will stay in touch!  

Happy Holidays!


"Zeus" is a puppy from Ginny x Dakota's 10/08/07 litter. 

Zeus was picked up on 11/30/07 to go to his new home!


Email received 12/06/07

Hi Kathy,

Makes me want another puppy!! J (I think Gary would skin me alive if I did that.) I was just browsing your website gallery of all the satisfied customers and their beautiful dogs.  I enjoy looking at Zoey’s brother and sisters and how they are doing, and how they resemble one another. (Kaya and Zoey for instance).  I can’t express what Zoey has meant to Gary and me especially after the year that I have had and resulting paralysis of my arm.  She brings such laughter and joy to me and allows me to forget my problems.  Everyone thought I was crazy to drive from Oregon to Missouri to get a “dog” but they have had second thoughts when they see what a wonderful dog she is. I know this is largely due to your love and care of your puppies before the owners get them.  Thanks Kathy for the time, energy and love you put into your breeding of these wonderful animals.

Happy Holidays


Thanks Joyce for such a nice email!


Photos received 11/29/07

Happy Thanksgiving from Zoey!

Zoey is a pup from Calla's Sept 2006 litter, Zoey now lives in Oregon!

I would say Zoey is "King of the Road"  : )

Zoey  (a pup from Calla's 2006 litter)

Thanks Joyce for such a cute picture! 


Photos and email received 11/29/07

Gemma, a Calla x Dakota pup!  (GORGEOUS)

GEMMA, (pup from Calla x Dakota)

Gemma, (a pup from Calla x Dakota) 

Gemma and her best friend and new brother "Duke"

Hi Kathy,     

How are you doing?  I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I wanted to let you know how wonderful Gemma is.  She is such a wonderful dog, she has adjusted VERY well to our home and our schedule.  Gemma  provides hours of entertainment for us!!!!!  All of my "be the pack leader" stuff has worked and she has accepted her place in our pack.  I was afraid she was going to be very dominant but she is not...she is quite a nice balance.  When she needs to be she can be assertive but when it is time to listen to us...she does that very well.  JUST A GREAT DOG.  We could not be happier...everywhere we go everyone tells us how beautiful she is.  When I walk her outside and watch her get low to the ground...I can just see the adult shepherd she will be.  We went ot the Dr. Monday and she is 20.9 lbs!!!!  Nick and I had a bet on her weight and he won!!!!

Gemma loves Maddie and Dominic...I think she thinks Dominic is her "puppy" pal.  It is funny how she treats each family member different.  She probably listens the best to my daughter....I think her horse experience has made her animal relationships better and there is a lot of respect there between Gemma and Maddie.  Duke and Gemma.....I could write a book.  They love each other.  They play ALL day!!!!! It is so much fun to watch them roll around.  Gemma gets under Duke when he is standing up and you can see how much she has grown by how she is not fitting under him as well.  She will give him a run for his money when she is bigger!!!!  We are so happy with her and are so proud of her...thank you for the best dog ever!!!                                                          


Andrea, Nick, Maddie Dominic, Duke & Gemma

Thanks so much Andrea for the GORGEOUS pictures of Gemma and Duke!

WOW she sure has grown!!!  Its hard to believe she left here only 3 wks ago tomorrow.  What a gorgeous girl she is! 


Email received 11/16/07


Thanks so much we appreciate it.  We are so happy we found you and your beautiful dogs...its been a great pleasure dealing with you. 

You and your family also have a great holiday and be safe. 

Thanks again, 



Photos received 11/10/07

"Gemma" a Calla x  Dakota pup with her new family.

On her way to her new home.  Gemma left here on 11/09/07.

Gemma in the back seat~enjoying her ride home!

Gemma at her new home!

Gemma and her new "brother"

Gemma in her new bed!


Email received 11/06/07


Working with you has been a very pleasant experience.  

The diligent communication with pictures, and references on your web site. 

My daughters are so excited.   Everyone is counting the days.  

Thanks again for the updates. 



Photos received 10/29/07

Reese, a red sable pup from Ginny x Dakota's March 2007 litter!

Reese with paint on the top of her head, and right paw.

Helping paint!  How cute!

Reese on the left and her playmate "Roxie"


I just had to send you this beautiful picture of Reese.  (taken 10/25/07) 

She is majestic!  7 months old and knows hand commands now, for "lie down"

and "stay."  Although, she prefers not to be more than 6 ft away from me. 

If I shut my bathroom door to keep the heat in while I shower, she opens the door with her paw and nose.  She is an automatic alarm clock and wakes me with a lick like clock-work every morning at 5:30 a.m.  If I tell her to lie down-she does.  Smart as can be!  Loyal beyond belief.  She has always aimed to please.  Temperament is unbelievable!!!  I am trying to socialize her to others, as we are the same people she sees daily. 

Look at her colors!  Her underside is light and look at the red fan on her hind!

We will be completing 7 weeks of obedience school.  Then and the holidays she will start advanced obedience and agility.  The trainer "shows off" with Reese.  He laughs because she is a mama's baby.  (LOL)

I had a day off work today and she played in the woods with my brother's dog Roxie.  She loves to chew on sticks and often chooses sticks larger than she is!

She still puts both front legs in pails and splashes!  Funny!  She does not splash in the house--too smart! 

I thank you daily for giving me such a gift!  I will keep in touch.  The babies on line are beautiful!  You must be exhausted.  Would love another but need to devote all my time to Reese for now...maybe a blk/tan in a few years.

She loves to be brushed and bathed.  Loves water period.  Lets me brush her teeth.  The dog clearly shows why we love German Shepherds.  Thank you again.

I am a gushing/proud new parent. 

Tina & Reese

Thank you Tina for such a very nice letter and pictures of Reese.
She is just absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am very proud of her.  Thank you for giving her such a wonderful loving home.

Hugs to you and Reese,



Photo received 10/25/07

This is "Gretel" young pup from Ginny x Dakota March 2007 litter!

What a big beautiful girl!


Photos received 10/22/07

Dakota & Lucy pups from Ginny x Dakota's March 2007 litter.

Lucy and Dakota enjoying their pool!!! 

Thanks Joe for the pictures!  They are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!


Email received 9/12/07

Hi Kathy,

Reese decided to help me paint yesterday. She brought the paintstick from the paint can to me! Her tail had a few spots of color. She was hilarious. My God she is so smart that when my Grandma was crying in pain she whimpered and licked her hand and arm. I can not believe that a dog can sense someone crying and then try to comfort. Reese is doing great in obedience class.  She has gained 7 pounds since July!  She's a healthy girl, no problems at all.

Talk later,


Reese is a pup from Ginny x Dakota's March 2007 litter, you can view pics of Reese by scrolling down this page.


Email and photos received 9/11/07

"Kaya" is a pup from Calla.  Kaya is one year old! 

What a beautiful girl!!!

Kaya picking up a BIG stick!  (too cute!)


Kaya relaxin'


Kaya--What a gorgeous girl she is!!!

Hi Kathy,  

I am doing great - so is Kaya! She had a great 1st birthdy - she got a McDonalds cheeseburger - is she spoiled or what?!

Hannah is doing just as good as well...in fact, my parents moved up to Wisconsin, and have said that everyone in the neighborhood just loves her. The same with our neighbors, we have several neighbors that come over and visit Kaya at least  few times a week, bring her frisbee's and tennis balls....so, we are not the only ones that spoil her!  

I know my dad wanted to  get you some pictures of Hannah, but with the move, they have been really busy. But, I m going to be up in Chicago in 2 weeks - and I will make sure to take some pictures of her and send them your way! Attached are some as of September 11th. The one picture cracks me up - the stick Kaya is trying to pick-up is huge - she tried  and tried, and did eventually get it!   But, she is doing so great! We have so much fun with her! 

We have been taking her to the lake, car rides in our jeep...she has been all over the place. Her favorite game lately is hide and seek/tag! I take one of her toys run and hide, and she just has a ball trying to find me and chase me down.   I can't wait to hear about Calla's pups and see the pictures - I know they will be beautiful! In the meantime, enjoy these new pictures....and I will send you some of Hannah in a couple weeks!  

Thanks so much Kathy,  


Hi Kate, Thanks for the photos of Kaya.  She sure is one gorgeous girl, I am impressed!  Yes that stick photo is funny!  She looks like a very happy dog.  Hugs to you and Kaya!


Photo received 9/04/07

This is "Zoey" Calla's pup at 1 yr of age.  Zoey lives in Oregon.

Zoey just came in from outside playing in water.  (LOL)

Thanks Joyce for sending the picture of Zoey she is indeed BEAUTIFUL!

Amazing how much she looks just like her mom, Calla.

Hugs to you and Zoey!  P.S. She looks marvelous even if she's all wet!  : )


Email received 9/02/07

Hi Kathy,

I prayed every night that I would find someone with the same outlooks, and dogs as I was looking for, and after a year of searching, e-mailing people (that were rude, and their dogs didn't even look half as good as yours do) I started to believe that maybe it was not meant for me to have a Shepherd, then I came across your website, and I knew that this is it! And when you e-mailed me right away, I was shocked, all the breeders I had talked too, e-mailed me back a couple weeks later, which made me feel unimportant.  And I was going to pay them $2500 for a pup!! 

I just cant wait to see what happens with Calla's pregnancy.  She looks like she's could pop any day now!  I'm going to be floating around for the next week or so. 

Take care!!


Melissa left a deposit for a male puppy, Calla is due 9/18 and we are all excited to see how many girls and boys Calla has, if only 1 boy is born, Melissa gets to purchase him.

Photos received 9/01/07

This is "Lakota" a male pup from Ginny x Dakota's 2006 litter.

Lakota is 11 mos old in this photo!  He is GORGEOUS!!!!

This photo was taken 1/20/07, 1 month before his year old birthday!

This is "Lakota" and Ron his owner enjoying a treat of yogurt!

Ron reports that "Lakota" is spoiled rotten!  : )

Ya think?

Here is "Lakota" with not one, but THREE toys in his mouth!!!

"Lakota" with his best buddy Ron

The first pic, of Ron letting Lakota eat peanut butter!

The bottom pic of Lakota enjoying the good life.

This dog's got it made!  Awww the good life!  ; )

Thanks Ron for the pics, I received them today, I scanned them,

and will return them to you next week.  Thanks so much for sending.

Lakota is indeed a gorgeous, gorgeous boy! 

The stories you tell us about him, keeps us laughing. 

Thanks for giving Lakota a wonderful home!!!


Photos received 8/14/07

"Kaya" at 11 mos old, she is a pup from Calla.  Kaya resides in Kansas!

She is a gorgeous girl!!!  This pic is too cute!

"Kaya" what a big beautiful girl!!!    11 mos old.

Thanks Kate for the beautiful pics of your girl!


Photos and email received 8/06/07

This is "Reese" a GORGEOUS pup from Dakota x Ginny's March '07 litter.

Reese resides in WI.  Reese at 4 mos old. 



This is what "Reese" does in her 'spare' time...kayaking!  : )

I just LOVE this photo!  I don't see many puppies this age, behave so nicely

especially in a kayak.  Way to go Tina!


Reese starts classes August 16th. I will keep you posted. Reese also likes to lie on the tile in the kitchen and the tile in front of the fireplace. She sleeps on a rug by my bed. She no longer needs to be in a kennel in the bedroom. I have no problems with her chewing or making messes in the house. She is 100% trained to only go to the bathroom outside.

She is very sweet and only barks when someone approaches my house. If she barks for no reason I tell her "no barking" and she looks at me like she knows she is doing wrong. The temperament on this little girl AMAZES me. Once again I thank you and I will keep you posted. Your website is right-your dogs are worth so much more than you sell them for. She is great with both the 12 year old and the 7 year old in my family. One day she played with my cousin's 2 year old and was gentle with him. Amazing for a puppy so young. The kayak was used again this weekend-she knows that she is coming with when I place it in the water.

You would laugh. 


Thanks Tina for the beautiful pictures of Reese, I must say these photos do not do her justice!  She sure sounds like a lot of fun!  Keep me posted on her classes.

Thanks again, you done an excellent job with her!


Photos and email received 8/01/07

This is "Boone" a pup from Ginny x Dakota's March/2007 litter!

He is a litter-mate sister to "Reese."  Boone lives in San Antonio, Tx.

Boone is a GORGEOUS red sable big boy.  Here he is at only 4 mos old!

WOW what a stunning German Shepherd dog!!!

"Boone" a big beautiful boy!!!  He looks like he's got it made!

"Boone" 4 mos old.  What a beauty!


Wanted to give you an update on Boone.  He continues to grow everyday as you can see by the attached photos.  He seems to grow noticeably every time I look at him.  His attitude and disposition is just amazing.  He is calm, alert and always happy.  Whenever he sees me pick up the leash he starts making all kinds of sounds and his tail wags like there is no tomorrow-he is ready to go! 

He is just fantastic.

I know that I have said it before, but I want to again thank you for Boone.  Anyone who wants to get a fantastic puppy needs to get one from you.  

Boone is an example of that! 

Hope your summer is going great.

Take care,

God Bless,

Richard, Gina and Boone.

Thank you Richard for the awesome pictures and update on Boone.  He is sure a beautiful boy!  Thank you for adopting Boone and allowing him to be part of your family.  We are fortunate to have great people like you to give such loving homes to our babies-that's what makes great dogs!  Hugs to Boone!


Photos received 7/27/07

Tina & "Reese"  These pics were taken July 4th weekend, Green Bay, WI.

Reese only 3 mos old!  Reese is a pup from Dakota x Ginny's 3/2007 litter!

Tina says she LOVES kayaking!!!  What a BEAUTIFUL girl!

"Reese" a gorgeous red sable girl from Ginny x Dakota's March '07 litter.

Photo taken 7/04/07.  What beautiful scenery!

Photo taken 6/15/07 of Roxie a 3 yr old GS.  "REESE" 3 mos old.

Having a blast in the water!!!

"Reese" pic taken June 2007. 

She LOVES to play loud music with this shaker!

(too cute!)

Reese LOVES the water!      Pic taken 6/15/07

Reese and Tina enjoying their 4th of July weekend.

"Reese" and Alex in the canoe, 6/15/07

This was "Reese's" first time in the water, Tina says she went right in and swam!

Reese and Tina in the "Kayak" on the Bay of Green Bay.  7/04/07

Content in the Kayak 7/04/07

"Reese" photo taken 7/24/07 at 4 mos old.  A GORGEOUS girl!!!!!!

Thanks Tina for sending the photos I rec'd them in the mail this morning!  This truly made my day!  How cool is it to take your puppy "kayaking!" 

Thanks so much for adopting Reese I can surely see she is part of the family!

Hugs to you and Reese!


Email/photos received 7/23/07

Photos of "Dakota" and "Lucy" (Lucy under the chair)

These 2 are litter-mates from Dakota x Ginny's litter from March 2007. 

Both are beautiful dogs!


Lucy is a pup from Ginny x Dakota's litter at 4 mos old.

She looks just like her dad when he was at this age.


Lucy is a pup from Ginny x Dakota at 4 mos old, lives in KS.



Dakota is 52 pounds, Lucy 43.  But Lucy gets the better of Dakota in most arguments – she is a little meaner.  Dakota is kind of a lover – likes to curl up at your feet.  Lucy likes to bite your feet.


They are both great pups though.  Still working on a few things like jumping, but at least the biting is down to a manageable amount : )


I promise to send a few more over the next few months.  These are not the best, but I wanted to actually send some this time.


Talk to you later - Joe


Email and photos received 7/04/07

This is Nixie she is a pup from Dakota x Ginny's Feb. 2006 litter.

Nixie lives near Springfield, IL.  What a treat to see pics of her!!!

These photos were taken in Feb 2007 at one year of age.

Nixie is a litter-mate sister to Jazzy and Lakota.

What a big, beautiful girl Nixie turned out to be!


Nixie at 1 year of age.


Nixie--too cute!!!



Nixie is doing really well.  We took her through a couple of classes of training and she did well with my 14 year old son as the handler.  Gehrig and her have become best friends and I don't know what one would do without the other at this point. 

The one main thing about Nixie is she is very high energy and loves to be outside as much as possible.  I have taken up running and walking with her about an hour at a time and around 5 miles, but that doesn't seem to even wear her out a bit.  As I said she loves the outdoors.  I have attached some pictures taken of her a little after her 1 year birthday, which was Feb. 20, 2007.  



Thanks Mike for the photos and email, a nice surprise! 

Nixie is sure a beautiful girl!


Email and photos received 7/02/07

Zoey is a pup from Calla at 10 months old.

Zoey lives in Oregon.  What a absolute BEAUTY!!!

Zoey looks so much like her mom.  Breath-taking!

Thanks Joyce for these pictures I feel like the proud mom looking

at her kids' school pics.  I just want to reach out and hug her!


The beautiful gazebo that Zoey supervised.  ;)


Zoey has a beautiful yard to play in, every dog's dream!

Joyce would you consider adopting me?  : )


Zoey's beautiful home in Oregon


Zoey's home sweet home


Hi Kathy,
I've just been looking at the news on the internet and hope and pray that
you and the dogs are safe from all that rain.  I don't know where some of
these towns are in relation to you so just hope all is well.  If you get
time drop me a line so I can rest easy.  Have enclosed Zoey's 10 month
picture.  She looks good I think and is doing well.  She is so smart that
you see the flower boxes on the gazebo, which by the way was a kit and two
of my sons and one of their friends helped with it, we keep her balls in
there and if she can't find one for me to throw she goes there and stands up
and gets one out of there and brings it to me.  She is also eating much
better.  There for awhile she just wasn't interested in eating.  I also
enclosed some pictures of Zoey play yard so you can see what her space is
like.  I think all in all she's a happy dog and I am forever grateful that
we took the time to get her.
Stay safe and dry if you can



Thanks Joyce for the BEAUTIFUL pictures, what a treat!  We are high and dry here, we are on top of a BIG bluff that over looks the Mississippi River, even the flood of '93 didn't get us.  (No rain to speak of here)  Zoey is absolutely breath-taking.  I am so proud of all my dogs.  Thank you for keeping me updated, it is so much appreciated, and always welcomed.  As you know deep down I still consider these my babies.  : )  Thank you so much for giving Zoey a loving, beautiful home!  When you are ready to adopt me just let me know.  : ) 

Hugs to you and Zoey! 


Email and photos received 7/01/07

This is Boone he is a pup from Dakota x Ginny's 3/15/07 litter.

Boone lives in San Antonio, Texas.  He's a red sable.

What a GORGEOUS dog he is, absolutely breath-taking!!!

Photos taken 7/01/07 @ 3 mos old.


Here are some shots of Boone I just took this afternoon.  As you can see he loves to sleep in his spot on our Bed.  South Texas gets really hot during June, July and August, so Boone is on his best behavior so he can stay inside with A/C. 

He has learned how French Door handles work today.  He will calmly open the door and walk in-no problem. 

What a dog-he is great! 

Take Care,


Richard, thanks so much for sending the gorgeous pictures of Boone, I feel like a kid at Christmas when I see pictures of my babies, each email update and photos really makes my day.  They change so much from when they leave here at 8 wks and then seeing them as they grow up into beauties just makes me so happy!

Thanks again!  Hugs to Boone!


Email and photos received 7/01/07

This is Kaya she is a Calla pup from 2006 litter.

Kaya lives in Kansas City.  Kaya is a big, beautiful girl

just like her mother, Calla.


Kaya enjoying her pool!!!!


This pic cracks me up, take a look at that frisbee!

Frisbee and a pool, Kaya you are spoiled!  ;)


Too funny!!!!


Kaya loves her pool!!!


Hi Kathy,  

I know it has been awhile - we have been very busy...especially since we are leaving for our wedding in Mexico in a week and half!   We got Kaya a baby pool - she absolutely LOVES it! In fact, she loves water in general. Down at the dog park, they always have a big bucket of water for the dogs - and Kaya literally dunks her entire head in the bucket - everyone laughs, because I don't think they have ever seen a dog do that!   As soon as I get more pictures I will send them - but I thought these were kind of cute! 


Thanks Kate for the beautiful pictures of Kaya, she looks like a lot of fun.

Her pictures sure had me laughing.  Best of luck to you and yours, many thanks!


Email and photos received 6/28/07

Zoey is a pup from Calla's 2006 litter. 

Zoey now lives in Oregon.

In this photo she is supervising the construction of a gazebo. ;)


Zoey supervises great work!

Zoey is gorgeous and so is that gazebo! 

Send Zoey back I want one just like it!  : )

Thanks Joyce for the pics and email, she is gorgeous!

Hi Kathy:

I was stunned to see Max and how big he’s gotten what a beautiful dog, I doubt Zoey will achieve that weight.  She’s 65 – 70 pounds.  I had to laugh at Max and Jazzy because the same thing is happening with Zoey and Otis.  She will bark at the least little thing and poor ol’ Otis has to get up and go around to see if it’s a false alarm (it usually is, I think she likes the sound of her own voice).


I have enclosed a picture of her helping Gary put together our gazebo, she assumes her usual role that of project director, we just have to laugh she has such a sense of humor and loves to play all the time.


Hope your days are full and happy and thank you again for your kindness.


Joyce, Gary, & Zoey


Email and picture received 6/25/07

Jazzy on the left a pup from Dakota x Ginny's 2006 litter.

Max on the right is a Calla pup from 2006 at 9 months old!!!

Big-Beautiful-Babies!  Thanks Nancy for the pic and email.

We will certainly miss you!!!!!!  Hugs to you and the kids.

Hi Kathy,  

How are things with you?  Sounds busy as usual.  We have also been very busy.  We are moving to Southern CA on the 12th of July.  The kids should love it, large fenced back yard.  They love to play chase.  Max is huge, I have not weighed him in a few weeks, but last check he was 95 pounds, I am guessing he is close to 100.  He is the sweetest, best natured guy ever!  He loves hugs!  Jazzy is the best patrol dog I have ever seen.  It is too funny.  Maximus will lay on the floor and give a little bark.  Then Jazzy will run around and check every door and window in the place.  I think he is messing with her!  LOL.  Here is a photo I took last week of the kids.  

Take care,



Email received 6/22/07

Hi -
I just wanted to say that I love your website!  It provides everything you
need to know and I think it's great how new owners can update you and
everyone else that has purchased from you can see updates from others.

I am very interested in buying a German Shepherd from you possibly in late
winter or early spring. I am unable to currently have a dog in the house
that I live now. I know that probably sounds like a long ways away but I'm
sure it will go by fast. I've had German Shepherds in my family and my mom
has as well since she was little.

I am from Washington state by the way. Also have relatives who live in
Kansas City, MO. I don't know that area but I'm guessing it's somewhat close
to you.

After looking at all the pictures which have been posted, I am interested in
one that looks similar to Zoey, Hannah, Kaya, or Maya (Zoey is probably my
favorite). If I read correctly, they came from Calla. Will she be breeding
again early next year or summer? Don't feel like you have to get back to me
right away, but I thought I would make an inquiry.



Email received 6/07/07

Hi Kathy,

Reese is so sweet! It has been 20 years since I have had a puppy and she is amazing! She only cried for 45 minutes the first night. She tries so hard to please. I am lucky to have her as my pet. My cousin is staying with me for a week and the kid loves her already-as I do also. I can not believe for as beautiful she is and how mellow her temperament that she was the last puppy to find a home. I will

send you pictures when I have them developed. Her vet appointment is June 15th. I will keep you posted. Thank you for all your hard work with her. I will be sure to tell everyone about your website. I will keep in touch.



Photos of Reese taken 6/06/07

"Reese" a gorgeous red sable of Dakota x Ginny.

Photo at 11 wks old on her way to Wisconsin!

Thanks Tina!  She is precious!!!


"Reese" at 11 wks old.



Email and photos received 6/04/07

"Boone" a beautiful red sable pup from Dakota and Ginny.

He now lives in Texas!

Thanks Richard for the update and the pics!


"Boone" a big BEAUTIFUL red sable boy!


Well as you can see Mr. Boone has grown like a weed.  He loves it as he is spoiled each and every day.  He and I have started Puppy Training.  While all the other owners and puppies are struggling to keep each other from tangling themselves on the leashes Boone falls asleep in my lap.  People ask "What did you do to get your dog to be so calm".  I tell them that Boone is Boone and he doesn't get excited

about much-except Breakfast and Dinner.  He already sits on command and comes to me whenever I call him.  He loves sleeping in our bed.  He does not really care much to be crowded when he sleeps.  He prefers to lay at the foot of the bed and lays flat on his side.  Once asleep I can grab him and pull him in any direction without him even opening one eye.  He just sleeps through it.  He is something else.  These pictures do not really show how big he has gotten.  I have not weighed him but he is long and heavy.  He is such a fantastic puppy. Well that is all for now-

Take Care, God Bless.

Richard & Gina



Email received 5/21/07

"Boone" is a gorgeous red sable male pup from Ginny x Dakota's litter. 

He was sold to Richard Z of San Antonio, Tx. at 8 wks of age on 5/14/07.

The email below is from Richard after having "Boone" for 1 week...


Boone has taken over our household.  He is growing right before our eyes.  He has settled in nicely and is very talkative.  He will make all kinds of sounds whenever he is on my lap and I talk to him.  He loves to be rubbed all over his shoulders and neck.  He will just stretch out and lay on his side, back, stomach and not move while I rub my hands all over his shoulders, back and neck.  Gina just rolls her eyes and laughs about the way he is spoiled.  He is so so smart.  Boone, Gina and I were in the front of our house when one of our neighbors was taking a walk and stopped to talk to us.  When the neighbors saw Boone they were calling him to

come to them and Boone just sat there and would not move.  He would turn his

head from side to side trying to figure out what to do but would not come to the neighbors.  I called him once and he ran to me and sat by my side-I of course was very proud of his actions.  He loves to sleep on our leather sofa in our Master Bedroom as the air conditioning is something he loves.  He will lay there go to sleep and I can move him around and he will not wake up.  It is hilarious. 

Well this is all for now.  I will send some shots of him in the next couple of weeks.  He is growing into his paws!!!!

Take care,

God Bless,




Email & photos received 5/14/07

She does love her pool!
Happy Mothers Day

Zoey is a 8 month old pup from Calla's 2006 litter!

Zoey is gorgeous!!!  Thanks Joyce for the pics!



Email received May 07, 2007

2 beautiful puppies, litter-mates from Ginny x Dakota's litter born 3/15/07. 

Email received 2 days after owner picked up. 

Both pups went to Kansas on 5/04/07.

Hi There,


The little fellas slept almost the whole way home.  BTW – girl dog is named Lucy (Lara’s choice – not mine) and boy is named Dakota (Sorry for plagiarizing – but we really liked that

name.)  Lucy already responds to her name – cocks her head a little.  Dakota – pretty much

clueless so far in regards to his new name.  : )


Dakota is the first one to fall in to the swimming pool – but he popped right above water and paddled before he got yanked out.  He was not scared or anything – actually seemed to like it. 

They are great together – get along very well.  My little girl (3 years old) loves them until they jump on her.  She has not figured out that running away from them makes them chase her.

She will catch on pretty soon.


I’ll send some pictures when we get some decent ones.  Its rained almost 8 inches here since

Saturday afternoon – so not a lot of flocking in the grass time just yet.


Talk to you later,




Email received May 07, 2007


These 2 beautiful females are from Ginny x Dakota's litter born 3/15/07.

Both girls were sold to one family and are living in Columbia, MO.

Email received 1 day after purchase.


Thanks for the email.  The puppies are doing wonderful, just getting
used to the new home!  I think that the Sable will be named Gretchen,
the black puppy doesnt have a name yet.  They still wimper a bit from
missing their family, but it is only sometimes.  They spent last night
by my bed in a crate and did wonderfully, but after about 6 hours they
needed out to potty.  They are just about housebroken, and Gretchen has
already started going to the door when she wants outside.  1 had a
accident in the house yesterday because I wasnt quick enough but none

I'll get some pics out to you as they grow up!



Email & photos received 4/19/07

Hi Kathy,  

I cannot even begin to tell you how absolutely crazy everything has been the last month!   But, my parents - along with Hannah were in last weekend...here are the most recent photos of both  - as of last week!   They are both beautiful! They had so much fun spending the weekend together...as you will see...the last pictures are from Sunday, they had worn each other out!!!!!!!!!!!!!   And your new girl (Anji) is gorgeous. Also, I go to look at the newest puppies every week - God, they are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks Kate for sending the BEAUTIFUL pics of the girls, they are so big and so GORGEOUS!  WOW indeed!!!!!

"Kaya" & "Hannah" are litter-mate sisters (Calla's pups from 9/06)

"Hannah" (Calla's pup) 7 months old


"Hannah" and "Kaya" 7 months old


"Kaya" 7 months old


"Kaya" and "Hannah"  7 months old


"Kaya" 7 months old


"Hannah" 7 months old

"Kaya" 7 months old

"Kaya" and "Hannah"   7 months old

"Hannah" and "Kaya" chillin'   (7 months old)



Email & Photos received 4/12/07


I just love them!  Max is huge and growing every day!   And Jazz is a prim proper, but strong girl!  She patrols constantly.   Our thanks to you for the great babies!


Nancy and "Max" at 7 mos & 80 pounds!  (Calla's pup)

Absolutely GORGEOUS!

"Jazzy" and Robert.  Jazzy @ 1 yr old, (Dakota/Ginny pup)

What an elegant beautiful girl Jazzy has become!

Thanks Nancy for sending me the photos!


Email and photos received 4/08/07

Happy Easter, Kathy.
Here is our Zany Zoey at 7 months.  She is doing great and having lots of
fun.  She has started Agility Training and her first class was great.  Maybe
we'll be able to use up some of her abundant energy.  The puppies are
beautiful.  Hope your holiday is great.
Love Joyce

Zoey, (Calla's pup)  She is beautiful!!!  4/08/07

Zoey (Calla's pup) 7 months old. Gorgeous girl

Thanks Joyce for sending these photos!


Email and photos received 3/11/07

We took Zoey to the lake today as it got into the seventy's today and I
snapped some more pictures hope you like them, I especially like the one
with the goose trying to back Zoey down.

Gary & "Zoey" in Oregon~pic taken 3/11/07

"Zoey" is one of Calla's pups~Zoey is BEAUTIFUL!

"Zoey"                                           3/11/07 


You can barely see "Zoey" watching the geese

Zoey                                              3/11/07

Zoey a gorgeous "Calla" pup               3/11/07



Photos received 3/08/07

Zoey, living in Oregon, 6 mos old.  (Calla's pup)

Zoey is GORGEOUS!!!


Zoey, very beautiful girl!  Zoey is one of Calla's pups.


Email and photos received 2/19/07

Good Morning Kathy,

I hope this message finds you well.  I’ve attached some recent photos of the kids and upon review I can see some further captioning would be in order.  As I’ve mentioned in previous emails Nancy and I are continually amazed by the GSD breed description and how a boy GSD should look like a boy and girl like a girl.  As you can see these two GSD’s are perfect examples of that description.  At the time of these photos 5 month old Max weighed in at 64 pounds and one year old Jazzy at 72 pounds.  Max “being a boy in the snow” photo shows off his big broad chest, stocky legs and overall strong muscular build.   Jazzy “girl pose” really

shows her delicate almost ballerina like quality.  This pose I’ve come to recognize as an alert posture as she evaluates all the information from those finely tuned senses.  The last picture is of the two together to show a size comparison.  They are looking next door where our neighbors recently got a small breed terrier mix of all white fur.  Of course several instincts kick in and they being curious about anything new wanted to go and check it out.  Unfortunately the terrier was a little spooked by their size and tucked tail under our neighbor’s legs. 

We continue to train them and increase their vocabulary of commands ~ both verbal and hand signals.  Max already came with a “shake”, so we decided to teach Jazzy that behavior.  Two to three approximations led to the desired behavior and in one short session she now knows how to shake! Amazing intelligence!  Take care and thanks again. 

Robert and Nancy

Jazzy and Max                                2/17/07



Max   (Calla pup)  BEAUTIFUL BIG BOY!   2/17/07


"Jazzy"    (Ginny & Dakota pup)          2/17/07



Email and photos received 2/13/07

Hi Kathy,  

As for as Calla, the news article was so great to read, how neat!   And finally, here are the most recent pictures of Kaya - 5 1/2 months, I think she must weigh in somewhere in the 40-45# range. Like I have said before, she is growing like a weed! She just loves, loves loves the snow - and playing around in it....it is fun to watch her.   These pictures are from yesterday and tonight! She is aboslutely gorgeous! Enjoy!  

"Kaya" (Calla's pup) WOW!  absolutely stunning!


Kaya  5 1/2 months old

Kaya in the snow


Thanks Kate for sending the pics of "Kaya", she is gorgeous!


Email & photo received 2/01/07

Hi Kathy,  

I thought you would like this pic of the kids.  Jazzy now weighs 73# and Max, not even 5 months in this photo, taken 1/26/07 weighed in at 56#.  They are so special!  Take care.   Nancy

What beautiful dogs!  Jazzy and Max


Email received 2/01/07 from Kate, from KC, "Kaya's" owner.

Kate's first paragraph, is in regards to Calla's (Kaya's mom) photos, of her visit to the MO nursing home being used as a therapy dog.


Wow Kathy,   she is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is great, it had to be an absolutely wonderful experience!   I just took some photos of Kaya, so I will try and get you those soon. Kaya is just growing like a weed...and her personality cracks me up!

She is so protective of me, I can't even tell you! Wayland travels a lot on business, and Kaya I believe feels she needs to step up and be the protector of the both the house and me. She will lay in front of the door and at the end of the bed every night while he is gone. Kaya is very sweet and loving, but she is also

very wary of strangers and let's everyone know it!   It's interesting, because my parents said Hannah just loves people, loves everyone - and wants to run up and play with everyone that passes by ~ where Kaya, is not as open to strangers, and takes a little time to feel people out. But once she is comfortable with strangers, she is great........

At least once a day I get a compliment on how beautiful a dog she is, and people want to know where I got her.   She is losing teeth like crazy ~ and like I have said before, could play with a frisbee or ball for hours on end.   I love her to death, like I said, her personality cracks me up - she is definitely our little princess. If she is not getting the attention she wants, she will find a way to get it! She waits at the side of the bed every morning until I get up.....and has no problem jumping up and giving me kisses to get me out of bed as well. Wayland and I have said we no longer need our alarm clocks, because Kaya makes us get out of bed around 6:30 every morning - because she is ready to start her day!!!!!  

She is also so smart.....we can lay a treat down a couple feet in front of her, and she will wait until she has permission to get it - which I think is great restraint for a 5 month old puppy.   I will get you those new pics soon!  

Thanks Kathy,




Email received 1/26/07

Christmas '06 photos of Kaya & Hannah 3 mos old

"Kaya" on left, and "Hannah" on the right (Christmas 2006 pics)

BEAUTIFUL pups!  Only 3 mos old!  (Calla's pups)

Kaya and Hannah are sisters, Kaya lives in Kansas City and Hannah

lives in Chicago. Thanks Kate for the pictures the girls are beautiful!

They have grown so big and only 3 mos old in this pic.

They look very happy!

Kaya and Hannah

Kaya and Hannah


"Kaya" having fun in the mud!

"Hannah" looks like she was in the mud too

"Kaya" getting cleaned up

Hannah and Kaya waiting patiently

The girls and their "K9 cousin"

After a hard day's work!  Kaya, Hannah on red blanket


Hannah and Kaya

My favorite pic~~Kaya and Hannah~~Adorable!


Email received 1/24/07

"Zoey"  (Calla's pup living in Oregon) 4 mos. old.

Thanks Joyce for submitting Zoey's photo, she is beautiful!


Photos taken 1/20/07 This is "Lakota" a male blk/red pup from Dakota & Ginny's litter of 2006.  Ginny & Dakota's next litter is due 3/15/07.  Ron & Nancy are the owners of Lakota they are more than completely happy with him.  Lakota is being raised inside their home.  Lakota is spoiled rotten.  Ron said this is his 4th Geman Shepherd he's owned and by far, the best dog he's ever owned.  I asked Ron if he would sell Lakota, and his reply to that was "I wouldn't take $100,000 for him."  You can see the strong bond between the two.  Lakota is treated like their child, he gets to go for rides in the morning prior to Ron leaving for work, Ron is a business owner in Quincy, IL.  Lakota is treated on occasion to a "Happy Meal"  (lol)  Lakota is a big, beautiful, dog, I had the privlege to see him today, and to interact with him, he is GORGEOUS!  I was very impressed with Lakota.  Perfect temperament, nice masculine head, beautiful structure and beautiful color!  Very protective of his family and property.  He is an Awesome dog!  Here he is at 11 mos old.  I am very proud of the puppies my dogs produce.

Lakota a pup from Ginny x Dakota, what a GORGEOUS pup!!!!

Lakota                                           1/20/07


"Lakota" BEAUTIFUL blk/red pup!!!    


Lakota says:  "how 'bout that 'happy meal?"


"Lakota" ready to go for a "happy meal run"  : )


Proud owner Ron and his best pal, "Lakota"



Ron with his best buddy "Lakota"        1/20/07

Ron and Lakota playing on the ice  


I love these pics, there is nothing more rewarding than to see

true love and happiness between dog and owner.


"Lakota" LOVES a game of tug                       
















Absolutely beautiful, Lakota!!!!!!


Photo received 1/12/07 of "Maya" Calla's pup

"Maya" Calla's pup 4 mos old and what a beauty!


Email and photo received, January 11, 2007

"Zoey"  (Calla's pup)  Zoey lives in Oregon, she is beautiful!

Hi Kathy,
Thought you'd enjoy this shot of Zoey with our first snow.  She loves it as
you can tell.  Isn't she pretty?
Hope all is well with you.
Take care



Email received 1/11/07

Hey Kathy!

You may have received a partial e-mail, I started it
and lost power, we are ok now.  Congrats on all the
new litters, yes you will need a clone!  You are going
to be very busy!  I will be happy to recommend your
pups to anyone, especially Dakota and Ginny's,  Jazz
is awesome, she increases her patrol when Robert is
out of town to at least double, she knows!  She checks
every door and window every 15 to 30 minutes, 24/7.  I
feel very secure,  no worries here.   Jazz weighs in
at 71 pounds now, she is filling out, all muscle,

Max is awesome, Jan, 3rd he went to the vet for his
shots weighing in at 45 pounds at 4 months old and the
vet could not believe his disposition, wonderful.
Today he weighed in at 49 pounds,  wow is he a big
guy!  He is so easy to train, he learns alot from
Jazz, but loves  his individual training. 

I will be happy to spread the word of the upcoming
litters and will do so confidently.

Take care Kath!



Email and photos received January 11, 2007

Good Morning Kathy,

As I often do, and in addition to regular walks I take Jazzy and Max to a fenced in park to do

training off the leash.  The attached photos are from a recent park session.  During our walks and training I am finding out just how much Jazzy and Max are different.

Jazzy is an athlete in every sense of the word.  Her keen intelligence, high prey drive and personality make her an amazing companion.  As young as she is I believe that she could run a marathon without any problem.  Quite simply, the more we challenge her, the more challenges she wants.  She takes the protection of the house very, very seriously.  No bumps in the night go by without her immediate investigation.  Should that “bump” be more then she likes, she issues low warning growls to let us know.  I am fully confident that should any intruder try to gain entry into our home, Jazzy will stop them cold and I would hate to be the poor fool getting stopped!  This behavior is a product of her breeding in that we never trained her

to be a watch dog, or do those watch dog things she does.  When we have guest over she’s all about making new friends and gracious welcomes. When you get down to it, what this means is a feeling of security & safety, and I can’t describe how safe that makes my wife feel during those times when I’m not home. Because of Jazzy’s type “A” personality, she requires a lot of attention, training and love.  She definitely gives back much, much more.

In our home we also have two cats.  Jazzy and the smaller cat Onyx have become good friends.  Peepers, the larger cat doesn’t want to have anything to do with such large and energetic dogs, he will however enjoy filling his fat cat tummy on their dog food!  When we brought Max home he was naturally curious about the cats.  Jazzy considers Onyx “her cat” and because of that whenever Max tries to get close to Onyx Jazzy herds him away. 

That is a hoot to watch in action.

Max is a total boy GSD. When he jumps into something its with all four paws!   Also his personality is very laid back.  He has the same keen intelligence and high prey drive that Jazzy possess however when it comes to expressing those traits he prefers to take a watch and see approach.  His attention span right now is short, but he also loves to train.  The little guy does have a temper, but that only comes out when he gets frustrated and that frustration comes from Jazzy when the two are playing and Max wants a break.  Which Jazzy gives him after he lets her know. 

Both of them have bonded to the point that if we take one out, the other then vocalizes their displeasure in being separated.  Quite the team this pair of GSDs!!  We refer to them as

the “Swat Team”. 


I hope you enjoy the photos.  I’ll keep the updates coming as long as you handle receiving them!


Robert P

"Max"  Calla's pup


Jazzy off the ground...in motion!

"Jazzy"  Dakota and Ginny's pup from Feb '06 litter

Both are BEAUTIFUL dogs!


Email and photos received January 10, 2007

"Kaya"  (Calla's pup)   What a beauty!  Big girl!



Hi Kathy,  

I hope you had a wonderful new years. I apologize I haven't sent you any updated photos, things have been crazy lately. But, both Kaya and Hannah are doing great...growing so fast.  My dad has pictures from Christmas with both girls...and I recently just took some of Kaya, I will have my dad send his over and then send a whole bunch to you!  Kaya amazes me more and  more every day. She is so smart, and loving and protective. I feel like the proud mother in her obedience class because she is so far ahead of where a lot of the other puppies aren't. We are able to walk her without a leash, and she stays right by us. We have brought her down to the dog park ~ she loves playing with the other dogs, and it is fun for us to watch as well. And, who knows what we would do without a frisbee....she would fetch it all day long if she could!   She had her last round of shots and rabies on Dec 29th - at that time she weighed about 33 pounds. I am sure she has gained a few more by now.  Working with you was terrific, and I would love someone else to have as good as an experience as I did. We have had a lot of people ask us where we got Kaya....so..who knows, maybe one of those people in the future will get a puppy from you!  I can't wait to see what all these new puppies look like (Shelly's and Calla's).  

Talk to you soon,  



Photo received January 06, 2007

Brandon and "Sophie" of Troy, MO

Sophie was a pup of Falko's and Kiara's  Dec '05 litter.


Email received January 01, 2007

Hi I saw your upcoming litters on your website. I just wanted to tell you that your

dogs are absolutely gorgeous!~ We've only ever had shepherds and each one has lived a wonderful, full,long life. Our current, Rebel, is about 13 and his legs are getting bad. We are considering another pup and if we do decide, I would like to check back with you because I like the idea that you spend so much time and love in preparing them to leave home. I am not quite ready yet for a pup because then of course we have to face the fact that Rebels time is soon up. But I just wanted you to know what a wonderful job you are doing and breeders such as yourself are a true rareity! 

Terri L


Email and photos received 12/31/06

Hi Kathy,

Hope you had a fun birthday.  I’m sitting here looking at all the pictures of the puppies on your website and just remembering Zoey when she was that size.  Seems like only yesterday and now she’s almost as big as Otis, I am enclosing a few pictures we took recently.  She is such a joy to have.  Today she has all her toys out and trying to play with all at the same time.

Hope you have a fun and successful new year.


Zoey in Oregon--Calla's pup--Zoey is a BEAUTY!!!

Zoey--tough choice...bone or ball???  : )






Email & photo received 12/28/06

Jazzy and Max  12/28/06

Good afternoon Kathy: 

Here is a picture of the kids hard at work training.  Max is topping out at 40 pounds now!  He is very good with children and has just the most laid back disposition imaginable.  Jazzy is most definitely the type a personality and the guard dog extraordinaire.  They complement each other as much as they have bonded.  Max can’t stand to see Jazzy go out on her own (but the girl does need some alone time every now and again).  The same holds true when we take Max out.  As Max grows like a weed and Jazzy fills out they are quite the impressive pair! 

Have a happy new year!  More pictures to follow.




Email received Dec. 24, 2006 11:34 a.m.

Hi Kathy:  We purchased Hexe. Wanted to let you know she is adjusting very well and obeying obedience commands. She is very loving and wants to please. She loves praise. She stays in the house most of the time except for exercise. She had a bath in the shower and did very well. We all love her. Thanks.  



Hexe was sold to a MO Police K9 officer.


Photos received 12/18/06 from John in Fairbanks, Alaska.

The 2 photos are of "Anna" she was sold to John in 2003.

She is a pup of "Dakota's" and "Daisy" (we no longer have Daisy)

John is a retired Alaskan State Trooper.  He plans on buying another pup from us this spring, this will make the 3rd puppy purchase, thanks John for your confidence in me as a breeder.  What a big beautiful girl Anna is!!!  Wow!!

"Anna" lives in Fairbanks, Alaska  (she is a pup of Dakota's)

"Anna"' is a pup that Dakota sired in 2003.

"Anna" is the family house dog/protector in Fairbanks, Alaska!

She is gorgeous!!!!


Email received 12/15/06 

Hi Kathy,  

I hope you are doing well....Hope Shelly is doing well so far with her soon to be liter!!!   Here are some updated photos of Kaya as of today 12/15/2006!   She is doing great... I can't believe how much she has grown.  

We started obedience class this past Wednesday night, and Kaya did great ~ she is the smartest dog in the class! ( I am sure everyone says that about their dog!)

Kaya knows how to sit, shake, lay, stay...and fetch! She LOVES to play fetch with her frisbee and tennis balls. We are able to take her on walks without a leash and she stays right by us...its pretty amazing how smart and good she is.   We are having a blast, she has brought a lot of fun to the house that is for sure. Everyone in our neighborhood comes over to visit her.....she has lots of "fans" around here.   Kaya will be having another exciting holiday....we will be back up in Chicago with Hannah, and my sister's dog and her boyfriends dog for Christmas!   I will be sure to take pictures and send them on to you.  

I'll have to get my dad to send some updated pictures of Hannah as well.  

I hope you and your family have a wonderful holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Talk soon,  


"Kaya" (Calla's pup)  HOW CUTE!!!       

"Kaya" what a BIG, BEAUTIFUL GIRL!!!!!!! 


Photos received 12/15/06...

"Maya" Calla's pup--she is absolutely GORGEOUS!

"Maya" and baby Shelby--HOW CUTE!!!

Maya looking after baby Shelby  

Baby Shelby and Maya                 

Shelby is trying to kiss Maya               

Looks like Maya is keeping a very watchful eye out for

the baby!  How sweet!!!


Update 12/08/06:  MAX AND JAZZY

Max weighed in at 31 pounds!  What a BIG boy!

What absolutely BEAUTIFUL dogs they are!!!!

Max is a pup from Calla.

Max and Jazzy taken 12/08/06


Email rec'd from Max and Jazzy's parents on 11/16/06

Hi Kathy,

We made it home safely, no problems, only one little
wimper out of little Max.  He is so awesome.  Jazzy is
thrilled with him.  They are both exhausted, they have
been playing since we got home.  I was apprehensive of
course, but they are sharing toys and romping big
time.  They are sharing the water and food bowl too!
We are crazy about him and so is Jazz.  I think we
will all be happy when bed time rolls around tonight.
They are both so tired, but having to much fun to
rest.   He walked right in and made himself at home.
We feel so fortunate to have both of them and thank
you so much for the love and care you obviously
bestoyed on all of your babies.  Right now Robert is
laying on the floor, little Max is laying by my feet,
well on them and Jazz has finally layed down by
Robert, but keeps checking on Max.  Max is laying on
my feet and when I talk to him, he responds with
kisses,  I love his stuffins!  I will send you some
pics, I took a couple tonight and will try to get some
tomorrow too.

Thank you again for the beautiful babies.  Keep up the
good work.  Not just anyone can raise dogs with such
love and care.  I am so happy we found you. We will
refer anyone we can to you with the utmost confidence.
If anyone ask for a reference please feel free to use

I will keep you posted and send pics when I get them.
Take care and thanks again Kath, dont worry we will
take excellent care of the babies.

Hope your Holidays are the best!

Robert & Nancy


Marie (left) holding "Hannah" on the right is her daughter Kate, and Kate is holding "Kaya".  These are Calla's puppies.

Marie & "Hannah"   Kate and "Kaya"

"Just the girls"

"Kaya" in the snow

uh-oh one of the girls into something...Kaya or Hannah??

one of the girls in the snow

baby's first snow in Chicago

Hannah winter napping

Email from Kate 11/29/06:

Hi Kathy,   I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving ~ we had a great time....the 2 puppies together was hysterical!!!!   So much fun, and even better ~ the weather was beautiful, so they had nothing but fun outside as well as in!!!!   Here are some pictures of both Hannah (in the deep red collar) and Kaya (in the pinkish collar) from Chicago.  

My parents wanted me to pass on " they love Hannah, she is so sweet and such a great dog".   We all loved watching the two play together. In fact, I guess Hannah stood at the door crying the night we left Chicago....looking for Kaya. My mom said, Monday morning, she ran to the door again looking for Kaya.



"Hannah"  (Calla's pup)

"Hannah" napping (Calla's pup)


Zoey  (Calla's pup) Zoey lives in Oregon. 

Joyce and Gary drove over 2000 miles one way to pick up Zoey personally.

Beautiful Zoey!   (Calla's pup)

12/02/06  "ZOEY" what a gorgeous baby!!!

12/02/06  Gorgeous Zoey in Oregon!


"Kaya" & "Hannah" thanksgiving 2006

Calla's puppies...what BIG beautiful girls!!!

"Hannah" & "Kaya" (Kaya is chewing on her bone)

"Kaya" and "Hannah"

"Hannah" guarding her "thanksgiving dinner"  :)

"Kaya" in the snow 2006


"Kaya" and "Hannah" what GORGEOUS puppies they are!!!

Thanksgiving 2006




11/20/06 Good Morning Kathy,

Here is a picture of Max and Jazzy, or should I say two best buds!  Jazzy alternates between being a puppy (as in all about playing with her new friend) and a concerned mother (she brought Max toys the first night because he was a little over active and didn’t’ want to go to sleep).  Max is all puppy and all man GSD.   He has a wonderful temperament and is both very laid back & cuddly, while being not the least bit afraid of anything – such confidence!  Play time is an adventure in laughter!  The two get along really well with a pull toy between them and a good game of tug of war to keep them occupied.  This and other play behaviors keep them going for a long time!   Also, Max watches Jazzy and has figured out basic training such as sit, down & hold (a short hold anyway); which is a hoot to see them both go through the paces!  Nancy and I can’t thank you enough!  In the short couple of days Max has been part of our family he has let us know what a totally unique and awesome GSD he is and will become!


Robert & Nancy.




Zoey--she is gorgeous!!!!

Zoey and her "brother" Otis in Oregon. 


"Maya" and baby Shelby.  The girls are getting so big!

"Maya" and Shelby


"Jazzy" owned by Nancy and Robert of LaDue, MO.

They are the proud owners of "Jazz" & "Max"

She is absolutely GORGEOUS!  Jazz is a pup from Ginny and Dakota.

Jazz is 8 months old in this photo.




Maya at 9 wks old  what a beauty!

Maya 9 wks old!  Look at that face!


This is "Kaya" (Calla & Marco's pup) she now resides in Kansas City! 

Thanks Kate and Wayland for giving "Kaya" a loving home!


"Kaya" in Kansas City


Zoey and her puppy parents made it back home to Oregon.

Joyce and Gary drove over 2000 miles to pick up their precious puppy! 

Thanks Joyce and Gary for giving Zoey a loving home!

Zoey now resides in Oregon!


Maya at 8 wks old.


All puppies from Calla's litter have been sold.  All new puppy owners report that pups are doing great and everyone is happy with their new addition to their family!





"Jazzy" she is a pup from Ginny and Dakota

Email received:  9/07/06

Hello Kathy,

Sorry its been so long since the last update.  Here is a picture of our little lady at 6 ½ months old and right at 60 pounds.  I was doing some off leash training and as you can see she has “hold” down pat.  Also, she is a very active guard dog that patrols and patrols.   The slightest

sound that’s out of place, or if she sees something that’s not to her liking then she’s off to investigate!  Her “big girl” bark is an attention getter too.  With all that there is the loving side of her nature.  When you look into those big brown eyes you can see it’s all about what she can do to please you.  Thanks again, Jazzy is an amazing GSD!


"Jazzy" at 5 months old

Update:  7/26/06  "JAZZY"

Good Morning Kathy, Well it has been a hectic couple of weeks!  Jazzy was spayed on the 17th and had her stitches removed this Monday.  At 5 months she is 50 pounds.  Also, she continues on with her formal training and is now in intermediate puppy class where the trainier

is teaching the more advance behaviors.  This training is hard for most puppies, but easy for a dog as smart as she is. When we go on our walks I’m constantly getting comments about her from both people who know the breed and those who just see her as a very striking GSD.  Most of the remarks can be summarized by:  “Wow, what a beautiful dog!!”  She definitely has the GSD characteristic of a “Nobel Appearance”. I’ll conclude the update with that, have a great


"Jazzy" @ 4 mos old.  What a "BEAUTY".  Her owner says:

Good Morning Kathy,

I know you are very busy so I’ll keep this brief, attached is a photo of Jazzy doing what she does best, Training!  Her final week of puppy class is the 10th of July.  She’s the biggest pup in the class and the smartest too!  Have a great day!

R.P. of Ladue, MO



          Jazzy at 11 wks              

"Jazzy" at 3 mos (Dakota & Ginny's)


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