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Before & After Photos...


This is day one of a nasty infected oozing hot spot.


This is day two of the hot spot after it was treated with Howlistic K9 Oil for hot spots.


This is day 4 after treating the hot spot with the oil, just 2 drops a day in the morning and in the evening.  As you can see the skin is no longer red and infected.  All is left is some scabbing.  What would take WEEKS upon WEEKS to clear up, its cleared up in less than a week with the Howlistic K9 essential oils for hot spots.  As anyone who has experienced hot spots in their pets, it will get infected really quick and spread like wildfire.  They are very hard to treat.  I find this oil absolutely amazing how quickly it treats and heals.  No more suffering for your pet, those sores are miserable!  


Day 5 hot spot completely gone.  No more scabbing, oozing etc.


This photo was taken on July 08, 2018 BEFORE the dog was treated with the Howlistic K9 Oil. 

This is the same dog AFTER being treated with the Howlistic K9 Oil. 

Photo taken August 10, 2018.  As you can see in comparing both photos the hair has grown back on the legs, back and sides.  The dog remains on the oil and his owner is extremely happy with the results.  More photos are coming soon.

Another AFTER photo.  These photos are amazing considering the condition the dog was in prior to being on the Howlistic K9 Oil.



This is Chaos' chest, photo taken July 20, 2018 as you can see hair was starting to grow back, he still had some weeping/oozing in this pic.  He started the oil therapy on July 09, 2018.  Unfortunately I didn't take "before" pics of him at his worse.

This is Chaos' chest, photo taken August 10, 2018 as you can see his hair looks AMAZING !!!  I thought the July 20th pic looked good as he's been improving daily.  Just comparing these two photos from July 20 to August 10 he looks great and continues to do so.  Chaos LOVES this oil.  He stands for it and can't wait to have it put on because he knows its helping him.  Thank God for this oil !!!

Another photo of Chaos' chest pic taken 8/10/18.  

This is a VERY happy Chaos, he gets so excited when he sees the oil bottle :)

This is a photo of Chaos' back, at one time his entire back was covered in sores, full of dander, and hair loss.  He had bald spots EVERYWHERE, not anymore thanks to using the Howlistic K9 Oil.  The oil literally saved him from being euthanized, he was that bad.  Now he's thriving and extremely happy and so are we !!!



This photo was taken 8/12/18 of a horsefly bite on my left calf.  I was bit by a horsefly on 8/09/18.  It was EXTREMELY red, very painful, HOT to the touch, oozing and most of all the itching would drive me insane !!!  I would wake up in the middle of the night scratching it like mad.  I tried everything OTC to relieve the itch, pain, and swelling, nothing worked.  So last night (8/12/18) I decided to put 2 drops of the Howlistic K9 hot spot oil on it.  I did and went to bed.  Not once did I wake up scratching.  It was on the verge of infection.

This photo was taken 8/13/18 as soon as I woke up.  I applied more (2 drops) of the hot spot oil to it this morning.  I did NOT have any itching ALL day !!!

This photo was taken this evening on 8/13/18.  As you can see the redness is diminishing, it is no longer hot to the touch, and it looks so much better from last night!  No more itching, no more oozing.  This oil has MANY uses. This will be my go to oil from now on for us humans too, not just for dogs!  :)











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