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Photos and emails received 01/06/20


This is Koa, a male pup from Ava x Ruger's April 2016 litter.  Koa resides in MO with Glenn & family.


Koa Dec 2019


Koa Dec 2019



Hi Kathy, its been quite a while since we checked in!


Your new German Shepherds, Una and Palo look like awesome German Shepherd dogs! I am sure they will make an awesome litter just as Ava and Ruger have done with their litters.


Attached are three photos of Koa-Ruger from Ruger and Ava's April 2016 litter.  He was the blue collar male in the April 2016 puppy pictures.


I wanted to attached a pic of Koa-Ruger taken on the day that we picked him up from you and also the most recent pics that we have from a couple of weeks ago. As you and others can see he has turned out to be a great looking GSD and one that we often get compliments on when he is out in public with us!


He has turned out to be such a healthy and well mannered GSD and is fully trained. He absolutely loves our Grandkids, family and just loves people in general. As you can see he loves being out in the snow as well! He is such a joy to have around!


I'm sure you will be giving the new puppies, due in the February 2020 Una and Palo litter, all the loving care that you do with all your litters!


Take care and I hope that the February 2020 litter is a big litter with several great looking GSD puppies!




Glenn and Koa-Ruger




Photos and emails received 01/03/20


This is Chaos aka yellow collar female (left) a pup from Ruger x Carys May 2019 litter.  Chaos resides in GA with Tony & family.



Hi Kathy,

Here is current picture of Chaos, with my son's 2 dogs.  Both Shepherd's have really grown!





Photos and emails received 01/03/20


This is Brenley a female pup from Ava x Ruger's April 2018 litter.  Brenley resides in NY with Kim, Mike, "Red" & family.


Hi Kathy,

Brenley is having a rest :)  Red is upstairs keeping my son company.  Una x Palo's babies coming !!!  Yeah!!!






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